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  1. Roody

  2. Roody

    Hope we'll see tomorow! On freeztag of course! And i have to know which side? Cause that'll be the only chance to knife you Take care of yourself!
  3. RIP Corpse! Very sad to read this.
  4. Roody

    If i had to choose one LP for a lonely island, than this:
  5. Roody

    I'm very proud! Thanks to all supporters!
  6. Roody

    I was the first one on the server this morning. No one to spec
  7. Roody

    Stopping the game and reconnect does it. Thank you! Thought, that there was something in my drink last night
  8. Roody

    Everything is wrong this morning! Look at my Screenshot! Pressing button "w" makes me move back, "s" makes me move forward. Never saw this before
  9. Roody

    @KitsuneYou might like that too!?
  10. Roody

    Hoffentlich ist der Schwiegersohn dem Papa auch genehm!?! Ich denke aber schon. Alles Gute zur Familienerweiterung und viel Spaß bei der (bestimmt viel zu kleinen) Feier! Gruß aus'm Spessart PS: Eben habe ich erst die Bilder von derm sehr hübschen Paar gesehen. Chapeau! Was für eine wunderhübsche Braut und der Schwiegersohn sieht auf jeden Fall nicht wie der typische Camper in COD4 aus .
  11. Roody

    Good morning with this one:
  12. Roody

    At last i got a working solution: Put an old GPU driver on my system. One of the first Win10 NVIDIA drivers. Found some guys on another Forum. They had the same problem. Actual driver was packed in this exe: 461.40-desktop-win10-64bit-international-dch-whql.exe Working driver found in the deep internet: 376.19-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql.exe No freezes for nearly two days now. Thanks to all idiots for your great help!
  13. Roody

    One of the best drummers ever:
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