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  1. danger

    sup all just dropped in to say hi
  2. danger

    when u have seen the history nosleep then you can comment untill then shhhhhh......you were in the server when i was bieng tked by zonk so maybe you should try doing your job correctly as for lieing wtf have i lied about i was contuasly tked by them so i was returning the favour end off anything else you have to say plz say to my face or in ts and we can sort it out like adults your about 45 mins from me maybe we can meet up and talk about it
  3. danger

    lol u little prick grown up you only tk when admins arnt there then say its me all you do i disrupt the server ,,,,think you own it like its yours as fo rthe cheats ect you will be caught one day hence why you dont have your own server nobody would play there like your clan is banned from so many servers thats why you can only play in XI server yes thats right XI server not yours you tk me i tk you simple such a great game when your lame as clan isnt in the server theres none of this going on so do me a favour and go and destroy somebody elses server
  4. danger

    unbelievable all was warned about tks then i had c4 put on me by drlabaski nothing done then tked again and admins present nothing done again wtf guys is it the zonk server now
  5. danger

    just downloading then will update post
  6. danger

    lol u banned me for my name zonK-HACKS
  7. danger

    its ok ill sort it ty cya all been fun but you really want to try looking after your members as this wasnt the 1st occation its happened and still nothing done like XI members not playing in the server when zonk are present i thought the server was for members to play in together and have fun but no zonk still here our members not playing because of this and abuse to XI members by M1sta and nothing gets done so cya all
  8. danger

    ahh i see im gonna get nowere posting about M1sta or zonk for that reason gg thnz for your reply jay
  9. hi all im sick of the constant abuse and teamkills from M1sta_M1sta plz take appropiate action against this silly imature little boy ty in advance
  10. danger

    anyone else having trouble connecting to battle log
  11. danger


    sorry been away for little while been playing shite game ARK evolved but now bored with it already sooooooo immmmm backkkkkkkk ,,,arnt you all pleased
  12. danger

    ahhh k cool thnx for that
  13. danger

    Anyone one interested in a fishing page to post your photos ,talk fishing ect im sure lots of you fish
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