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  1. If we would take the size of corridor 1 foundation wide, total structures needed to create this maze will be: - triangle foundations: 1350 - triangle ceilings: 1326 - walls: 2232** ** - the value may change, planned structure was 3 walls high and number of walls was taken approximately by multiplying number of walls from one sector by 6.
  2. I was thinking about building it in open sea, since it will not bother anyone with its presence there, I ll check amounts of structures to create that.
  3. Valirian

    Great that we have designated places!
  4. Whenever I try to achieve something in ARK: https://img-9gag-fun.9cache.com/photo/aNzVVAv_460sv.mp4
  5. Valirian

  6. It is just another DLC, most of the devs require you to pay for additional content... It is not that bad, since we get some of the expansions that started as mods becoming official DLCs for free. You do not need to pay to play.
  7. 4 more days and I'll get it <!!> Also @WSMFreak are we going to have new server with ARK: Aberration on it?
  8. Valirian

  9. Valirian

    I have no clue... Chief just wanted some watah near his house
  10. Valirian

    @WSMFreak; @Purrlicious; @ChiefBSr
  11. Valirian

    @VHS2 good stuff <3
  12. Valirian

    I like to boost myself up before work :S
  13. Valirian

    I am smoking about 2/3 of a pack per day. Tried experimentning with e-cigs and I must say I love the taste and smell of some fruit oils. Still they do not get close to self made cigs with good (and pricey as fk) flavoured tabacco. So cigs for me.
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