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  1. Sweatnbullets

    g1 matey
  2. Sweatnbullets

    we have the same problem in Minnesota with all the Somalis, so sorry..
  3. Sweatnbullets

    love the shot of my big Forehead!
  4. Sweatnbullets

    cold temps hot fishin
  5. Sweatnbullets

    thats a fun Gal there ! Cute too!
  6. Sweatnbullets

    Love this park! Please dont pet any Buffalo fellow idiot.. Jk some people do.. they are Tourons, watch out for them.. do not miss Beartooth pass.
  7. Sweatnbullets

    So Glad she did not turn out like you! You should be proud! jk
  8. Sweatnbullets

  9. Sweatnbullets

    Happy Birthday! Ya all are easy to get along with and alot of fun! Have a super day.
  10. They just banned 30,000 players for spot hacking with a side program spotting other players on maps. so called Pro players were busted also. https://kotaku.com/pubg-bans-pro-players-30-000-others-for-cheating-1831623073
  11. Sweatnbullets

    Looks fun, is it worth 30 bucks?
  12. Sweatnbullets

    Even worse here in Minnesota they promote recent immigrants to police long before they are ready, 1 particicular case the Mohhammed Noor shot a woman dead for calling in a report of a woman screaming nextdoor. shot right in front of his partners face in the squad car.
  13. Sweatnbullets

    These Tips are great, and so far I really like the Gameplay. But really want to play in a XI squad. Can ya all get in ts or are some on Discord? The gameplay is better than ever, and dont let someone tell you its like bf1 its not.
  14. Sweatnbullets

    Thats Funny you Posted this, Last night I made the same thing with Chicken for the first time. But I started making parmessan baked Crappie years ago, minus the mayo, used egg wash. On Fish i like to hit broil the last 2 minutes to brown the shredded parm for a great crunch and added flavor.
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