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  1. Sweatnbullets

    I doubt its the manufactures gouging us, its goverment control in the beginning phases.
  2. Sweatnbullets

    Been in Printing for 42 years, Have to do it another 5 or more due to inflation. Poor life choice is the main reason why I will have to work till Im nearly dead to retire. Start your own business if you dont have a doctorate. I now run this thing.
  3. Sweatnbullets

    I like Electric Music to relax too sometimes.. I got hooked cause of these extremely hot women in the Dj's play mix. Check it out.
  4. Sweatnbullets

    Glad your Alright, that is not a fun wait for those results, I had lypoma crap removed also, Its probably from our proximity to the Nuke plant, some real homers work there.
  5. Sweatnbullets

    Man I would like to get together, Miss Bf4 group, I have company tonight or I would be there forsure.
  6. Sweatnbullets

    Great Show, glad to seeing your being constructive, Hope next year goes better for America.
  7. Sweatnbullets

    well I want to buy a game and hang out on Teamspeak with a Crowd of XI peeps.. Is there gonna be one, or should I kepp playing Pubg G, getting good at that... its free also.
  8. Sweatnbullets

    Printer for 40 years, need to work another 10 to retire... So kids, get a job with the city or suburb you live in and don't work eternally in HELL.
  9. Sweatnbullets

    do you just set that on the hood of your Truck to grill it?
  10. Sweatnbullets

    Ill go If Rugger has it at his Compound in Minnesota
  11. Sweatnbullets

    Ya coulda sold us a bunch of legal canadian weed and shippped it and made enough to just hire someone... Now your back hurts like HELL.
  12. Sweatnbullets

    you always want a nvidia card from EVGA, they treat there customers great.
  13. Sweatnbullets

    16 is mapbe correct, Hi Mazda and Angel!
  14. Sweatnbullets

  15. Sweatnbullets

    g1 matey
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