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  1. Sgt_Hindsight

    Thinking of starting playing it again, like 3 years since last time.. alooot has happened apparently.=)
  2. Sgt_Hindsight

    I shall return, with a BF1 key in hand.. and shoot Jay.. exclusively.
  3. Sgt_Hindsight

    You are last one i thought would react on that. ))
  4. Sgt_Hindsight

    I'm dissapointed.. why do they do this..
  5. Sgt_Hindsight

    Edd, you forgot dead ex girlfriend saved in the wardrobe for "a rainy day".
  6. Sgt_Hindsight

    @ I guess i don't find them that disruptive then. I don't really care if i win or loose. Been playing battlefield for so long that i find my own ways of making it amusing i guess. They don't break the rules, they play as well coordinated team. When they are 1 or 2 in a squad they suck worse than my grandma. Don't really think they are that overpowering actually. Maybe a nuisance but not really disruptive. If you don't wanna make em suffer, well good then more for me couldn't really care less. I know we have lost more of my friends playing in the server due to the constant nagging in the chat about other players rather than due to the specific nag about zonk, the internal drama, the constant "bullshit" comments and whining about cheating is what drives people away not well coordinated resistance. Heck, why play hardcore at all if you don't like resistance. Do realize i started to play this server with this community due to M1sta and no one else, and he has to take a lot of this type of bullshit on a personal basis as much as this clan has to. And if this attitude towards other players and groups continues and are allowed even enforced. I think we are on really thin ice. But i throw my hat in with Shoey, put it up for a clan vote. It's probably the only way to deal with this once and for all. And i don't agree with that it should be for the people playing the servers, it's an XI internal matter to deal with. Are we gonna allow other clans to play on our servers and play as they see fit or ban them / enforce stupid rules on a no rules server. (that is what makes people join in the first place). I do think this vote will prob. lead to more dropped players than any other thing. Remember the people we accuse has friends, that play as well and they have friends... How do you people think a server gets popular?!
  7. Sgt_Hindsight

    I have found that they best way of counteracting the Zonk guys is just go after them, drop objectives and let the other players hunt the flags. It's not banning them, but it balances the game out to kill the squad off actively. It's many times i have 5-7-10 kill streaks against specific zonk players just because i wanna interfere with them. I don't think that's bad form. They don't complain about it - and sometimes i get overrun by doing so. But the fact is when you start to target the "supreme" squads like that, and it's easy to single them out in game. Just don't rush in head first (or do) and stop worrying about your own k/d ratio or some other bullshit. Most of those rounds they loose. They are in their team top. But they loose the game. Because that interference make it hard for them to keep together as a squad. Same goes for S0nic and Racer squad ups, they are prob. more fucking annoying than Zonk are when they play as a squad.. especially camping in a tank, and racking up 70/3 in K/D. No one in XI is complaining then. But others do, but nobody is really caring then.. The stigma is surrounding zonk gotta stop.. Take the Vask guys for examples, they are equally annoying if not more so. the PARA guys.. holy crap.. Not to mention CULT.. KittyGalore, Setsoru and Vesslan - those three is prob. more disruptive than any other clan playing the server when they are all in together.. But nobody is complaing about them.. Considering that we are in general 8-12 XI members on the server every night, regulary.. We could disrupt them back by actually using the TS for tactical instead of recipes and heckling Maveric for his russian tv.
  8. Sgt_Hindsight

    Well if you pack it, and bring it in as cargo, the WH collapses on you, and you are stuck in a Occator with a packed carrier.. and you need someone setting up a POS for you. Or have one there already.
  9. Sgt_Hindsight

    yeah well that is not a good way is it now.
  10. Sgt_Hindsight

    Ah didnt realize i could haul a carrier through actually. Well it was an adventure for sure.
  11. Sgt_Hindsight

    So yesterday i decided, to jump a wormhole. a good idea i thought.. But to my utter disappointment, the damn entry point collapsed on me. So anyone that have been playing Eve know.. this is a case of "not that good". In wormspace you are stranded, and will need to scan your way out of here.. So i broke out the probes and started to working my way out. This took 5 hours.. and traversed a series of wormholes, with different corps.. Finally i fell out in J-space, around 66 jumps from where i started.. i thought fuck no.. so back in to the wormhole and kept going.. After 2 more hours i dropped out in a low sec system , not that to much traffic and start jumping the 20 jumps home.. Eve can sometime be interesting in just the way you explore.. Add o the fact i had ass hats allover trying to kill me, .. maybe they were a bit jumpy with a cloaked bomber in their system i dont know.
  12. Of course the training serv.. US server is full. we got alot of noobs that need training. =)
  13. Sgt_Hindsight

    Oh nooooe!.. oh wait.. *cough* welcome welcome.