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  1. B-Murda

    Will you idiots decide on date and location already! lol I've got to try to come again, been too long since my visits.
  2. B-Murda

    ? He was a good man. I'm glad to have been one of the lucky ones to meet him in person at previous XI Fest. Some great memories playing with him also! Definitely another one that will be missed.
  3. B-Murda

    Think I'll be coming again too this year.
  4. B-Murda

    I think I heard sometime in Sept now as June and July are too close but nothing official still. I hope to be able to go to US and this one and have a football game in middle of month lol so hopefully the dates work out.
  5. B-Murda

    Yea I think we need some requirements around the hotel too. It def needs to have a bar either in it or next door type thing. Every year a lot of us spend a decent amount of time hanging at it. And not even in a get shit face drunk type situation, it just becomes the nice spot we wind down at the end of a night with a few more drinks and socializing or while waiting for some to get ready for whatever we're doing that day. Breakfast I think is an iffy one. So far every year I've seen some people do the hotel one and others go wonder to local places. I don't think it would be bad to have breakfast as an option but doesn't necessarily have to be included IF some decent places are walkable nearby unless the hotel one is really good somehow and not over priced. Just my 2 cents. We also should start looking at some events or things we think we'd do too because that can help decide which hotels location wise within the city and if a few bucks more for one over another is worth it. From my looking though I am in agreement with Edd. The one place did win by votes a little but cost does always impact who goes and how many folks can show. I think had it been a 50% difference in votes it would be one thing but we are talking under 10% which when you consider how many realistically go will prob be 1 or 2 people difference. The money we save can be used for bail money or hospital money for idiots that like to jump off buildings... Not gonna say any names lol... Now just hurry up on the damn dates!! lol
  6. B-Murda

    I have the longest flight of all you bastards and I've came to the last few across the pond so no complaining. This next one I'd love to go to also assuming work things don't change. I don't personally care where it is because I go for the experience of hanging with lots of idiots. I've never been to any of the places so for me it's all new either way. Yes some will be more expensive vs. others but such is life. Got months to save up and it comes every year so if you can't make this year now start saving so you can next year! No perfect place will make everyone happy. It's just like playing a game. We all hate some maps or people over others, yet we keep playing haha. And as some have said, we can have mini fests at other places always!
  7. By the time I have a home to play games from again no one will be left gaming stupid EA...
  8. B-Murda

    And if you just don't like @Roxy! for some reason I can add you too so feel free to PM me, assuming Irma doesn't knock my cell service out :/
  9. B-Murda

    Be safe all in FL with me! This MoFo is massive vs. past ones. I'm more worried about how long we will have no power, water and fuel Some years it's weeks... and it's sooo damn hot. I can't wait to move lol
  10. B-Murda

    Hans, what would ever make you think such a thing?!?
  11. B-Murda

    Odd I just check and it was working, in fact it had 2 random? people on it. I seemed to have chased them away by spawning as an infected creature and beating them to death not knowing wth I was doing. Maybe try again?
  12. B-Murda

    Well it's that same key but without holding down shift
  13. B-Murda

    So we kind of have a server. Go to Options -> Keyboard and mouse -> enable developer console. Go back to main screen and press ` (left of number 1) and in that type "connect" and hit enter. I have it set to 20 players. TBH I've never played this game before this so am fairly clueless. It seems to have some sort of vote map option even but I can only figure out how to do it as an admin not a user lol. The plugins for this game are overly complicated to do things IMO. If any of you have ever played with plugins for this or know more let me know or if you see something I need to change. I've went in it alone and got 3 bots and murdered a bunch of things but not sure at what point a map will end and a next load, if more mobs will scale with players or what. It makes me have a whole knew feeling for being an Idiot!
  14. B-Murda

    You should have said you have the right to face your accuser and they need to come up and positively ID your Hoo Hoo.
  15. B-Murda

    You can get Arma 2 and the Arma 2 OA for a grand total of $4.64USD on g2a. Heck the complete collection is under $7 and these are Global Keys but still cheaper to buy them stand alone on it. That said I got the complete collection and Arma 3 for like 15 bucks on humble bundle when they had it a month ago. Great deal, arma 3 alone was worth more and it included ALL Arma 2 stuff and even the original Arma.
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