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  1. Mr.Quiggles

    You're saying you have 6 SSD drives in the computer, but Windows is only on one drive? You'd have to reinstall the OS after creating a RAID-0/1/5/10, etc if you wanted to utilize them all (wipes all existing data).
  2. Mr.Quiggles

    I'll add COD5 to my wishlist! Thanks for the tip, I'll remember that and that does explain a lot. Sometimes I play on different computers, do system restores, etc.
  3. Mr.Quiggles

    OK, I guess I'll start playing more when I can when the server isn't full if that's the best solution. Thanks.
  4. Mr.Quiggles

    Is that done manually or automatically? Because I played regularly for a while a while ago and never got that privilege.
  5. Hello XI, I've played on and off on this server for years, and I think one of the reasons I'm not a more regular player and I play elsewhere is because I'm constantly being kicked for not being an XI member. It always kicks me to an empty server. Is there any way to be whitelisted to be allowed to stay? The server is always at 29/31 and I don't understand why I have to be kicked for that. Whenever I'm being kicked I always see at least a third of the other players without >XI< tags, why am I kicked and they are not? Thanks & Happy New Year -Mr.Quiggles
  6. Mr.Quiggles

    NIC is your Network Interface Card, are you using WiFi or Ethernet to your computer?
  7. Mr.Quiggles

    Hmm, this is an odd issue. What exactly is the problem? You're using an Ethernet connection to the router, and when you play you get a bad connection? Have you looked at your ping? What about your FPS? You could try resetting your router.
  8. Mr.Quiggles

    Hello everyone, I've been a longtime player of COD4, about 6 years, although I've only recently returned from a 3 year break. Feel free to learn more about me here,, or feel free to add me. My qualifications to join the XI Community here are my experiences with System Building, Home & Commercial Networking, and interests in the IT world, as well the world of Law Enforcement. I've forgotten to get around to it, and people joke about it, but I'd like to join the >XI< community in COD4 to obtain the member privileges so I don't have to set up my script to constantly reconnect until I can connect to a server on a busy day. Everyone I've talked to on the server is outstandingly friendly, and helpful, especially the administrators. Thanks for reading, hope to play with you all soon! -Mr.Quiggles