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  1. In a week I am going to Colorado to see my family. I as most of you know have some depression issues that I used CBD to help control them. I am taking a flight and need to have this on me. I am very respectful as to where and when I use it but I still need to know what may happen if it take it on my person? It is totally legal here in Washington and Colorado where I am going so anyone????
  2. https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwinnf_81N33AhXkA30KHUc1D3cYABAEGgJwdg&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAESWOD2w539SmShd96iwT65y17DZGtsfzo87myzWe5Ky3digz2V8_AeGexqQ2tP4pxjG1RFzI6r-CLIQ9b2AU9zAUf4WfgscYVvjAdWFQoQzJc5X-RmSw_Amj0&sig=AOD64_0Bi1ufr7oHV8TD49ErJF3Ejqxmug&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwiL2Pb81N33AhUiIzQIHc9cCdYQ9aACKAB6BAgBEEA&adurl= I have several wireless attachments but I keep loosing the plugs for them if this works I am seriously thinking about getting one.
  3. BigPapaDean

    The Ease of Access the scroll works there. and on my regular keyboard it works without the alt button pushed. I should be busy early afternoon on Sunday but later in the evening say around 8-9 pm PDST I should be here.
  4. BigPapaDean

    I have the correct Logitech version. I am no longer using dongle at the present time. I will try these other options you listed and see what I find out.
  5. BigPapaDean

    I just went into the game I play and checked the settings there. They are as set them back when. It says that in game I can roll scroll but rolling backward or forward. I am wandering if this might just be the mouse that the scroll part to roll scroll is broken.
  6. BigPapaDean

    I still can't scroll by simply rolling the scroll button. I have always seen this but I also have always been able to scroll by rolling forward or backward. I need this to set the distance my camera is from my char.I change that distance constantly due to where the game is taking place say as inside or outside or under trees etc. I have no way to change that now.
  7. BigPapaDean

    Right is what I set it to but it didn't make any dif
  8. BigPapaDean

    When did Logitech change their mice from roll to scroll to click to scroll? That is the problem I am having there is no option for roll to scroll in their programing Just 2 days ago that was how it worked then over nite it changed.
  9. BigPapaDean

    Kapt I looked and thats how it was set. I messed with it to see if that would loosen it up but so far nothing, Thanks. This is something I used to know but my brain just randomly looses things these days. If you come up with anything else please feel free to tell me. TYVM
  10. The other day it started acting weird but I found it had come unplugged and it started working again. With one exception and this one is one I rely on what with the probs I face with my hands. It will no longer scroll but if I click it auto scrolls depending if my cursor is above or below the item I want to scroll. I looked in the programming and all it offers there is a click option. Now if I push it side ways I am supposed to be able to scroll then. So far I haven't figured out why. Any ideas from my favorite gamers in the world?
  11. My youngest son used to come see me almost everyday. When he had his daughter she would always come with him. My picture on my avatar is her back when se was about 7. We used to be inseparable but now I rarely see any of my family anymore. She was my little partner in crime. I want to explain this picture I am posting today because I hate this look. It makes me look 20 yrs older than I am. I have neurapathy in my hands and can't use any kind of a shaver so hence all my hair just keeps growing. My son used to keep my hair and beard cut for me but what with lock downs he isn't allowed in here. I can talk to them on line but its not easy but so much better than not being able to talk to them at all. You can see from my expression I don't feel very well but thats because I am getting old. My Papa died when he was my age and it appears I am going to beat that. I hope so anyway. I would love to see pix of you all to remember from days of yore!
  12. BigPapaDean

    Thank you one and all. Once I read I remembered but I have a horrible memory problem. Thanks again I will try not to pester you guys too much.
  13. BigPapaDean

    https://www.google.com/aclk?sa=l&ai=DChcSEwjY_a3Z87P2AhVBPK0GHQagDgsYABANGgJwdg&sig=AOD64_2Gi8fEE2JIs98R7nw5lSQsBO0WAw&adurl&ctype=5&ved=2ahUKEwjImaPZ87P2AhUGATQIHcsvDtYQvhd6BAgBEHg these!
  14. BigPapaDean

    Like your mouse or keyboard or such like.
  15. BigPapaDean

    My stupid brain just can't recal what those plug ins are called but they are on all plug and play
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