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  1. BigPapaDean

    Just a couple days ago I was thinking of him. He always liked my play style as I gave him many free kills...............
  2. BigPapaDean

    My daughter used to do something like that and lived in Hawaii. She was busy selling to tourist and she made enough she and her bf at the time were able to have an apartment. I wish you all the best. Have you set up a website yet?
  3. BigPapaDean

    Hey OLD OLD OLD friend! Hopefully I will be back to playing soon. I now have a pc that will run as I need to be able to play. I will see how that goes. I agree that these people are the greatest. They kept me from being on the street in mid winter. I truly do love this family!
  4. BigPapaDean

    Finally after all these years he is an idiot. Welcome and have a barrel or two of fun drinking idiot piss! lol
  5. BigPapaDean

    Thank you all for the awesome wishes!
  6. BigPapaDean

    How did you do this? It worked for me just the other day and now not.
  7. BigPapaDean

    Jodie Mccarthy youngest muay thai fighter champion at age 12. I tried several times to post the video here but it simply wouldn't let me so if you want to watch her she is on YouTube. Search her name and watch several videos of this little lady tiger from Ireland.
  8. BigPapaDean

    Angelz, I remember my ex had that pretty bad on our 3rd child. She had me running all over town getting her this and that and we were in a bad financial state as well. I look back now and she has gone on to other things but that baby is the only one of the three that wants to come by everyday. BTW I write about the experiences I have with depression and have even shared it here a time or two. I found out there were a lot of young people here that was suffering from it as well and had no idea what it was. Sharing has some great results so keep encouraging her to share with whom ever she feels
  9. BigPapaDean

    @Budman I'm not sure what you mean when you say scan with Malware? I did that and it didn't see anything. Maybe I need to do a deep scan? I am puzzled by this!
  10. BigPapaDean

    I downloaded the Malware free and all it found was a PUP which I quarantined! Nothing else shows up.
  11. BigPapaDean

    He disappeared back when I was forced out of my home. Haven't heard from him since. He had some very serious challenges much like I have. Thank God I am doing so much better now. He used to contact me almost every night when I was playing. Many times he was drunk and other times he was simply HIGH! I miss his rugged and rough cut ways! Hope he is okay!!!
  12. This started showing up about a week ago. I tell my MS protection to remove it and all it does is scan and find it again. There used to be a program for this kind of thing but with my memory I don't remember what it was.
  13. BigPapaDean

    Best feeling ever. That little guy will be your partner in crime! ?
  14. BigPapaDean

    Also have you unplugged it or turned it off then back on?
  15. BigPapaDean

    First we need some info. Can you provide some? Like have you went to sound settings to see what and how it is set now?



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