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  1. I know this is not all that important, I am a regular play money poker player. I have spent countless hours on Poker Stars playing at all hours of the day. I went to logon last evening and this is what I saw. "We do not offer play money poker in your area." I said wth and sent them an email and they replied with the following 1:53 AM (4 hours ago) to me Hello, Thank you for contacting us. Due to a recent judicial decision, please be advised that playing from the State of Washington is not allowed and will be considered a violation of our Terms of Service. In line with our Terms of Service 'you agree to comply with all country, province, state and local laws when using the service'. We strongly advise that you check and ensure that your use of the service is lawful in your jurisdiction. We will endeavour to provide further updates as soon as there is further clarity on the situation. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your cooperation. Regards, Stela Stars Support I was dumb founded to think a judge actually said it was illegal to play play money poker on the internet from my location. Just another example of how crazy the world we live in is these days.
  2. Hey, guys, I am very hard on headsets and no wonder why my head is so big I can hardly wear the largest caps that are made. I am also money strapped and so please keep that in mind. I don't need fancy, but I do need durable and cheap! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. It would be best from Amazon because I have an account there! Thank you for your support!
  4. It's kind of eerie how many times we follow in our parent's footsteps in ways we are sometimes unaware of. About five or so years ago I had kidney failure and was unaware of it. It just so happened that I hadn't been able to see my Dr for several yrs and when I finally did he took urine samples and a blood withdrawal. To my dismay, my kidneys were in failure stage and he said we needed to see if we could restart them. I was relieved that at least there was a chance that they weren't totally gone. I didn't savor the idea of dialysis and was really upset by this whole thing. Let me digress here for a moment to give you an idea how all this happened. For 30 plus yrs my blood pressure was 185/90 plus and they just couldn't get it to come down. I was sitting in my NP's office and she kept looking at me with a very concerned face. Finally, she told me my bp was 225/whatever and I should go to the emergency ward in Everett 15 miles away for observation. Mind you that was at about 2 pm and my friend drove me over and stayed with me until they booked me in. Well at midnight that night I was back to normal(185/90). They released me and I had no way to get home so I waited for my ride to return at 4:00 am. This episode is what caused me to be changed from an NP to a Dr who immediately began to try different things to get a much better result. My bp is now averaging about 120/80 to 135/84. I have lost about 50 - 60 pounds just eating a regular diet but much smaller portions. Last week I went to my kidney Dr and he reduced a medicine and told me my kidney function went from 40% when I last saw him to 58% and he was very happy with those results. The normal standard appointment time of every 3 months is now every 6 months. With everything that has happened this last ten yrs, I feel very fortunate to be alive. As I said at the beginning that it's eerie how we follow our parents in odd ways, you see my Dad died of kidney failure simply because he would not get treatment of any kind! Thank God for all the good things in my life!
  5. You ever been in any game and want badly to get into a knock down drag out and then it happens............LAG LAG LAG. Just another word for FUCK, DAMN, SHIT!!!!
  6. For years I have dealt with this debilitating disease but had no clue as to what it was. I just simply knew it was crippling my gaming but my drive to play was strong. One day while at the doctors I mentioned it to her and she knew immediately what it was. She prescribed me gabapentin and to my amazement, the pain virtually stopped being there all the time. So if any of you elderly seniors such as Johnny Dos has cramps or stabbing pain in your hands from an abnormal amount of hand movement then I recommend you see your doctor for this amazing medicine. I now can play my games when my connection is good but sometimes I wonder if that will ever be what it once was! Just to keep in touch and let you guys know I do miss you all!
  7. Many have come and many have played. Many have died at my blade! While this may be true the true spirit of us that live here is found in its leader. He has led and given us a voice in many decisions. There are several older members that are not here anymore due to osmosis or one thing or another. I am not an original but I knew most of the original members back in the day before I became a member! The coolest and best thing is we have comradeship and enjoy each others presence in game or chat! All my real family lives thousands of miles away yet I still have a family as close as XI. Yeah, we have drama but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!
  8. It's been so long since I have been able to play. My internet is very sketchy at best. Last time I tried I tried to knife several and could not hit them so I decided to wait until I can play properly. As it stands right now all I can do is watch you from the shadows. The wifi here as I am told by the person who installed it is pretty well brand new. There is a problem though and I ask him about different things to try and see how much he really knows. At first, he was very reluctant but today he finally confessed he has no idea why it's doing this in an out crap. For 5-10 minutes at a time it runs superbly then takes a dive into the quicksand. I am thinking if it's all that new there should be a warranty of some kind on it. Right? Anyway, I have a nice room with a bed and a bathroom. I am fine where I am and barring unforeseen events I will probably live here for a long time. I can't afford my own wi-fi as I am paying them for the last half of April which I didn't have the funds for that when I moved in. They told me it will take a year and a half to pay that off before I will have any personal funds for me! Oh well, what good is money for anyway? Have fun killing each other for me! Until then cya!!!
  9. Lazlo, you are truly blessed. As I sit here reading and viewing your post I looked around me and had a thought. You have everything I had once and even more. The trial with your wife is turning out great. Mine went and flipped over to the other sex and lives in Hawaii! I lost my beautiful little condo in bankruptcy. It wasn't on a lakeside lot, but it was ours for a time. Now I live in a one room assisted living quarters. I get 3 squares a day and barely have to lift a finger to do anything. I am not crying here but I realize how good I had it before and lost it all. Make every minute count with her and one day soon I will see you back on the server! So glad everything is working out good for you. God is good all the time!!!
  10. But I grew gills! lol
  11. Or maybe grew a few back. He is an idiot and we are half amphibians!
  12. Well I have the privilege to adore my sweet little grand daughter, once a week!
  13. Have a great happy birthday any way you desire!!!