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  1. Oh, Pete, I don't know about that! He has angels singing and trumpets playing as we sit here reading this. Lol!
  2. And ya'll think I'm crazy! lol
  3. I received his pm also and lately, there have been a plethora of people I know who have been stricken with this horrid disease. Pfzrzie please stay strong and BEAT this thing! Many prayers and loves coming your way!
  4. I turned 7. Then I couldn't wait until I turned 14. Then came the ultimate age of 21 that I just had to be. Now 40+ yrs later I wish I was still 21. I was a kid who loved the limelight and any chance I had I took it. I didn't consider the embarrassment to my parents. I just knew I had to be seen. When I grew older I was the life of the party no matter where I was. I hated boring stupid inactive parties. Tho I never drank or did anything like that I was always on a natural high, you might say. I use to see myself at 40-50 and think I will be successful and be set for life. I was very active in my church and when some activity needed something done to kick it off I wouldn't hesitate. I was married at the OLD age of 27 and my social life came to a screeching halt. All the activities I loved on a daily basis such as hunting, fishing and hiking seemed to just vanish out the door. I raised 3 kids with the wife and then when I least expected it my life changed again. On the day of our 28th yr anniversary, she left me and turn gay on me. Not that that is so bad but imagine how I as a man felt. That and a few other things brought me to a place I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would be. I had a nervous breakdown. One which totally changed my personality to something entirely different from what I knew. Though I also lost all my longterm memory so I really had no standards to measure myself by anyway. This forced me to quit my job of being an office manager of a steel sales center as the stress caused me to have relapses at work. The boss was willing to keep me and have me go to get treatment. I remember thinking I need a total change so I quit. I decided to go to school to get a degree in cyberforensics. The interesting thing about that is I couldn't retain anything I learned. Today I have an 8K educational loan hanging over me that I can't pay. I am now in an Assisted Living facility with no funds left for paying that loan off. I sit here day after day on my pc because the big strong man I was is now a fat flabby handicapped man that can barely walk. My life has changed in so many ways I could have never foreseen that I just shake my head. Yes, it's been a tough journey but I am still among the living and I have 2 grandkids that make my heart go pitter patter. This day is my oldest one's birthday but I won't get to see her as much as I would love too. My purpose for this post is so those of you who knew me before so you can be reacquainted with me again.
  5. I don't pot much anymore because there are so many new members that I simply don't know. I am not complaining but for me to feel comfortable I need some sort of connection with most.
  6. Hey, I'm PFORZHEIM ... how are you all? Unfortunately, I suffered a stroke ... and I'm paralyzed on my entire right side of the body. I would like to play with you again .... but unfortunately that is not possible .... I hope you are fine .... we see us...
    1. BigPapaDean


      OH! NO! I am now living in an Assisted Living facility and what with the internet here being iffy at best I can't play eitheer. I hope and pray you to get much better!


  7. My family has put many of the old family movies we have on cd. I have it stored on my desktop. These movies go way back before I was even born. That was prehistoric I know, but as the caption says I do have a question. DIs there a program that's free that I can edit part of it out for my kids? I use to be able to do it with ms video but that no longer exist(so I am told) what can I use now?
  8. UPDATE!!! When I got this mouse it didn't show in the program so I just figured(I am a redneck) that it didn't need it to use so I being as I am just left it. Well, this morning I thought there could be an update I haven't seen. I checked and sure enough, there was and I installed it and guess what. I still did show! lol Yeah, I can disable the scroll button but after all this why should I? I just got more stubborn than I was earlier!
  9. Oh yeah, I checked and yes it is a G602 wireless gaming mouse.
  10. Thanks for all the suggestions, but it's a wireless mouse and the software won't even acknowledge it's presence. It works just fine other than the fact that it is so sensitive and I can't always feel myself clicking the wheel as I scroll. That's what neuropathy does to a guy! (or gal) lol
  11. Hmmm maybe you're right. Maybe you should stop while you're ahead! lol
  12. Thing is I already have that installed and it won't recognize it as needing the software. Now what?
  13. I have a G602 that uses no program from Logitech. I use that scroll way too much as my hands have neuropathy and most days I can't feel them very well. Then when all these multi tabs begin showing up a friend of mine suggested it might be the scroll button that is very sensitive. I thought I would turn that off and see if it stopped the problem. Up yours Beers! lol
  14. Lately I posted I was having probs with multiple tabs opening as I scrolled. I figured out my scroll wheel on my mouse is so sensitive it will click as I scroll. This means as I scroll I inadvertently open tabs. I need to know how I can turn that part of my mouse off. Just so the scroll doesn't click. Thank you for your time! Oh @2ManyBeers up yours! lol
  15. My stuff runs fine but my internet here sucks.