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  1. Many have come and many have played. Many have died at my blade! While this may be true the true spirit of us that live here is found in its leader. He has led and given us a voice in many decisions. There are several older members that are not here anymore due to osmosis or one thing or another. I am not an original but I knew most of the original members back in the day before I became a member! The coolest and best thing is we have comradeship and enjoy each others presence in game or chat! All my real family lives thousands of miles away yet I still have a family as close as XI. Yeah, we have drama but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!
  2. It's been so long since I have been able to play. My internet is very sketchy at best. Last time I tried I tried to knife several and could not hit them so I decided to wait until I can play properly. As it stands right now all I can do is watch you from the shadows. The wifi here as I am told by the person who installed it is pretty well brand new. There is a problem though and I ask him about different things to try and see how much he really knows. At first, he was very reluctant but today he finally confessed he has no idea why it's doing this in an out crap. For 5-10 minutes at a time it runs superbly then takes a dive into the quicksand. I am thinking if it's all that new there should be a warranty of some kind on it. Right? Anyway, I have a nice room with a bed and a bathroom. I am fine where I am and barring unforeseen events I will probably live here for a long time. I can't afford my own wi-fi as I am paying them for the last half of April which I didn't have the funds for that when I moved in. They told me it will take a year and a half to pay that off before I will have any personal funds for me! Oh well, what good is money for anyway? Have fun killing each other for me! Until then cya!!!
  3. Lazlo, you are truly blessed. As I sit here reading and viewing your post I looked around me and had a thought. You have everything I had once and even more. The trial with your wife is turning out great. Mine went and flipped over to the other sex and lives in Hawaii! I lost my beautiful little condo in bankruptcy. It wasn't on a lakeside lot, but it was ours for a time. Now I live in a one room assisted living quarters. I get 3 squares a day and barely have to lift a finger to do anything. I am not crying here but I realize how good I had it before and lost it all. Make every minute count with her and one day soon I will see you back on the server! So glad everything is working out good for you. God is good all the time!!!
  4. But I grew gills! lol
  5. Or maybe grew a few back. He is an idiot and we are half amphibians!
  6. Well I have the privilege to adore my sweet little grand daughter, once a week!
  7. Have a great happy birthday any way you desire!!!
  9. Yeah! Don't ya'll know nothing? That old sucker SOB was from way back when....................!
  10. I love to feel those cold little wet noses as they.......!
  11. There was a day I dreamed of having 5 mil plus. I use to dream that I would have a linear and a few other things all for my convenience. If you were to ask my kids today what would I do they would tell you one simple statement. The would say, "He would give it away to anyone who looked like they needed help." The thing is they are right and they know because even tho I haven't got much these days if I see someone who needs what I have more than I do, I would try to see if there was a way to help them even tho it might leave me wanting. Money no longer has the appeal as it did in my younger days. I see it as simply a tool to get what I want to be done, done! I have often said the last few years if I had that kind of money there is a ton of work that I could do to help those far less fortunate than me. All I require these days is a warm room with a dry bed and a good internet with a sexy cook(j/k) and I am set. Sure I need a simple lil 4 runner but nothing too expensive as they all end up in the junkyard some day anyway. When I wandered the streets of Monroe #Washington every day for 2 years I would see all the poor people out there with me and some, not of their own choice. It made me wonder why we don't have more wealthy people involved with helping their neighbor. That brings me to one lady who lost her nursing license and everything she had and was begging on a street corner, not for herself, but for a quadriplegic woman who would without her help be sleeping on the street! So I don't have to wonder what I would do with that kind of money, but my kids would! lol What would you do...................?
  12. Grats Johnny! Just the kind of person I think deserves this kind of honor!
  13. I ran into a similar problem with steam and they put my old game key in their server just so I could use my old name. I spent about hqalf an hour or so on the phone with Activvvvsion to do all this tho! They asked a thousand questions and when they were satisfied it was my account they gave it back to me!
  14. And then when he decided to finish the tasty morsel! lol
  15. And I was the MOON!