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    Utrecht, The Netherlands
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    Running, football, skiing, work (believe it or not) and all kind of developments regarding psychiatric care, pharmacy etc.

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    Jeroen v.2 >XI<

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  1. Sourtap

    Explains your scoring this afternoon
  2. Sourtap

    Welcome to the forums
  3. Sourtap

    Pizza. Welcome to the forums
  4. Sourtap

    Would've joined if I had had cod5...have fun guys
  5. Sourtap

    Either you're being a complete troll @NaChO or you really are missing some braincells Oh and btw, dead silence is perfectly 'hearable' if you got somewhat of a decent headset..
  6. Sourtap

    Welcome guys...now if only i can find a way to get @Timmah! banned 🤔 Jk mate
  7. Sourtap

    Roger that, will do! His name was Superskrub420 or something...dont remember the numbers behind it and cant open the file to recollect
  8. Heya, I just made a 10 minute record of a guy cheating in our cod4 servers. When I look up the file, I can't seem to find an appropiate application/program to open it with. I tried windows media player but it doesn't allow it to open. Does anyone know what program is needed to run cod4 ingame recordings? I recorded it by bringing up console and using /record and /stoprecording. Thanks in advance!
  9. Sourtap

    Welcome to the forums!
  10. Sourtap

    Welcome to the forums!
  11. Sourtap

    Welcome to the forums!
  12. Sourtap

    Welcome to the forums!
  13. Sourtap

    Welcome to the forums
  14. Sourtap

    Welcome @BigRedTwit! One of my favourite players to play with/against!
  15. Sourtap

    The focus lies on ignoring the excessive whining and crying of @TheHammer and @wildthing. After playing cod4 for about 10+ years and about 2+ on XI servers i still find it a learning curve as well, since I never seem to get used to it Welcome anyway!
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