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    Running, football, skiing, work (believe it or not) and all kind of developments regarding psychiatric care, pharmacy etc.

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  1. Sourtap

    Welcome to the forums
  2. Sourtap

    Well, in that case..... @MHsDaughter What are we drinking?
  3. Sourtap

    First time I fall in love with a girl, already knowing I would get along with the inlaws! It will never work tho since you probably wouldn't like my dad @FUNky Welcome to the forums!
  4. Sourtap

    Sorry to hear about your loss man. Best of luck to you!
  5. Sourtap

    This brings being an extreme idiot to a whole new level, dayuummmmm 🤔
  6. Sourtap

    Thats called aging dear dad!
  7. Definately! Didn't even know about its I'm psyched! And only 3 days left
  8. Sourtap

    Well duh, he was afraid that the paramater of the chat box got upped to 1405, so he took some desperate measures to make sure he can still chat! @Streetcleaner, not even gonna waste a bunch of words on you. Once again, I'm glad with the middle finger feature. Take it as my freedom of speech 🖕
  9. Sourtap

    Welcome to the forums!
  10. Sourtap

    I am not attending, but I've been to Barcalona a couple of times and always stayed in Hotel Centric. Pretty cheap and more than decent rooms, dead center of Barcalona. I would recommend you idiots to go there.
  11. Sourtap

    How's the Heineken channel treating you? You seem pretty frustrated still
  12. Sourtap

    Would Chinese bacon taste the same as the other kinds..... ? Questions, questions....
  13. @TheHammer Definetely @TheHammer
  14. Sourtap

    Timmah's lollypop basement. Lets see how long your licenses would last ?
  15. Sourtap

    Is everyone cooking, armed with a photocamera nowadays? @Timmah!, good shit dude, lasagna is the best!