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  1. Sourtap

    Best way to pass away like that. Hope he had peace and a comfort ending. Sorry for your loss and all the best
  2. Sourtap

    Take care @Elvis9, hope you have some good moments to share with your dad. May he go out in peace and comfort.
  3. First of all, merry christmas to all of you. Second...I'm leaving XI after tons of years active here, and 4+ years within the XI clan. I had (and still having) some amazing times in here but over the last few months I found a lot of things within the clan I disagree with, had some personal insults and threats, lost fun in playing as an XI member and I just do not want to get into that stuff. Will still play the freezetag server from time to time, but I will not longer be associated with XI. Special thanks to all the great friends I made along the way. With me leaving XI will not change the friendships (special thanks to @Roxy! ) or bonds with fellow players. I thank you all for that and let's do alot more pewpew in the future! EASY!
  4. Ok, so math isn't your strenght either. Don't worry buddy, there must be something in this world you're at least adequate at!
  5. Lots of tough words in that 'article'. Must have been hard reading that for someone who can't even build a proper sentence longer than two words.
  6. Funny, comming from a 'man' who is personally insulting fellow gaming (!) clanmembers, calling them fools, sheep, stupid etc. only cause they decide to do something different than you would. You find that ok, yet you get triggered over a website feature where someone like me can put some gathered pixels that vaguely represent a middlefinger below your posts. That amuses me and confirms that you're a true internetwarrior. All i can say is im happy you're not in the servers i play at
  7. @Raven Show yourself after all the shit you gave to me this week and lets have a beer together
  8. Women and pretty cars....sheesh! I got a bicycle with a flat tire though @ANGU5 Awesome rides though
  9. Sourtap

    Thats one lovely German camper, enjoy and congrats!
  10. Sourtap

    Cheesy nineties pictures of beer trees, weed trees, money trees etc. etc. dropping 3, 2, 1..........
  11. I don't trust guys who call themselves a lady online. Welcome tho
  12. Sourtap

    I'll keep an eye on the birthday threads and send you one whenever it is your big day
  13. Sourtap

    Good posture, good gear, screen on eye hight....hmmm what is lacking here?? Aye, kills
  14. Sourtap

    Not my proudest fap
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