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    Running, football, skiing, work (believe it or not) and all kind of developments regarding psychiatric care, pharmacy etc.

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  1. Sourtap

    I plan to start streaming again from this Sunday on. Mostly streaming PUBG but an occiasonaly cod4. @BlackRose, on Twitch you financially support people by donating and subscribing ($4,99/month of which half of it go to the streamer). Free support is simply to follow a guy/girl so the community grows. A follow on Twitch is about the same as a subcription on YouTube. @FLDMARSHAL I dropped you a follow dude Nice to see a fellow Twitch member there! Any follow on my channel would help! www.twitch.tv/sourtap
  2. Sourtap

    Nothing wrong with the mic and sound, just the fac that anyone in discord can hear what happens on my pc.
  3. Sourtap

    Forgot to mention that I'm a total and utter noob when it comes to computer settings etc. so what you just mentioned doesn't make any sense to me All I know is I have no software for it. I can try to be on teamspeak late in the night for me and try to catch you online hopefully. Otherwise I'll just return this headset and buy another one (the one I originally had). Thanks in advance!
  4. Sourtap

    Already disabled the stereo mix and anything else that came up...
  5. Sourtap

    Nah didnt do that lol. My buddy could hear me just fine but when we went into game he could hear everything in game as well. Later on we tested soem more and he could hear music, YouTube video's and such as well.
  6. Sourtap

    Its jacks, and tried them both in front end of the computer and backside but both dont make a difference
  7. Heya, Bought a new headset which came in today (steelseries arctic 3) but whenever i plug it in, it channels the ingame sound through the mic (discord). I googled my ass off and tried every single option but it does not seem to work...it just keeps on putting the ingame sound through the mic (also Youtube, music, etc.). Anybody knows whatsup? As I said, I really tried everything (i think) so kinda desperate Thanks in advance!
  8. Sourtap

    Glad I made it on your list. As a special thanks, let me hop in the server tonight, not move any muscle but still shoot every single one of ya fockers! Happy new year bud!
  9. Sourtap

    Welcome to the forums
  10. Sourtap

    Hope it gets solved...our servers just need a idiot like @BigRedTwit
  11. Hope that the grief eventually can make place for love and warm memories. For sure he'll be missed...only spoke to him two or three times, but the fact I remember him so vividly, says all about his warm personality. XI will miss you dear @dadda2 Tonight I raise my glass, look up in the sky and have a drink on you!
  12. Sourtap

    Easy now Cassanova!
  13. Sourtap

    Welcome to the forums
  14. Sourtap

    We will always need doctors, nurses, cops, firefighters and whatsoever. Me, being a psychiatric nurse with the license to prescribe medication to patients, as well as take the decision for them to be institutionalised or not (often by 'force'), I sometimes as well make the wrong decisions (thankfully not a lot), no matter how much hours of thought I've put into it. The 'fragile' thing about our work is, that whenever you make a misstake, the consequences are often way worse and more visible than in other jobs. It reamains 'people work' (sounds better in Dutch) and where there are people working, misstakes will be made. Being a professional, you should always strive to make no errors at all, improve your knowledge whenever you can and keep evaluating actions that you took. Glad you're doing better!
  15. Sourtap

    Welcome to the forums
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