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    Running, football, skiing, work (believe it or not) and all kind of developments regarding psychiatric care, pharmacy etc.

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  2. Yea, and you think that some vapor in the sky formed by planes, or a single weird shaped cloud means that the aliens are comming to pick our brains, the CIA has microphones in our earlobes or that the world is flat, yet you call other people stupid. God, you're a fcking moron. Now please let this thread die or some mod delete it cause it attracts a bunch of 0 IQ morons and brings some bad vibes to come out in a lot of people.
  3. A little more angry than you usually play? Oh boy oh boy, this is gonna be fun! Joking aside, sucks to give up positions like that, specially under current conditions. Been a football coach for over 15 years now, trained many youth teams and always felt bad when I switched categories, so I kinda feel ya. I'll withhold myself from giving you the finger this time Let's hope those kiddo's got some valuable lessons along the years to help them in life and I'm sure they had.
  4. Sourtap

    I love the optimism with the 'sections'. You're grey all the way biatch Oh well, you could be just in your thirties and be bald as a coot
  5. Sourtap

  6. Sourtap

    Its a bit frighting to see me on top of that hitlist. @P!nk's got my back though...It's all gonna be ok, it's all gonna be ok........
  7. Sourtap

    How do you think I last so long in the same spot. Its all about good company
  8. Sourtap

    Good shit bro, and a lovely wife you have there! Best of luck to both of ya
  9. Sourtap

    Psychiatric nurse, currently working in overseas medical expedition
  10. Sourtap

    I was afraid for some visual attachments so no clue why I even clicked on this thread.... Anyway...stay safe I guess
  11. Sourtap

    Is this a thread in the moral police section? If I would live in a f'd up country just like the US, where you can sue people for millions just because you didn't have a decent poop that morning and you feel like someone else should have a bad day as well, heck yea I would do that! Show me the moneyyyyyyy! I mean, a country where you can sue McDonalds for 'their coffee being too hot' when you spilled it...come oooooon
  12. Got some buddies comming in for drinks, guess i'll be there in about 7 hours from now. Keep people entertained @YACCster!
  13. Sourtap

    This....JUST this! Waaaaay too many narrow minded freaking morons in this clan. Bunch of 0 IQ fucktarts. All about me, me, meeeeee, hear what I think and believe, because the whole world evolves around that. Fuck that. Have some ounces of respect in your damn body.
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