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  1. Sourtap

    Welcome to the forums
  2. I think the mod should come with a built in 'mute @wildthing option. That'd make it perfect
  3. Aside from all the trolling stuff I say ingame and sometimes on the forums, I decided to share this awesome moment with you (complete) idiots. Behold, the next best camping piece of *****(fill in lovely words ) turned one year old already today and I could not be more proud of her. She is literallly my everything, outshining dad in everything she does and she is already stocking up on tent supplies to kick your sorry asses butts. Had a great day, great weather, and more important...the best little individual on my side this entire day to celebrate her first birthday Hope you idiots
  4. @Ruggerxi is right, you can never please them all and there will always be a group bitching and complaining. I'm glad I don't have a say in these things and I respect him for taking the time to do all this. But over the years the changes/updates that took place on the FT servers seem to came into life because people on the server getting owned by better players. Isn't that just part of life, you participate in sports/hobbies/jobs and there are people that you beat, there are people that are better than you and a few that absolutely kick your ass. The same people that are kicking your ass are w
  5. Carps are the best ones to fish at, with pike as a realllllly close second. Awesome catch
  6. As long as i don't have to move ingame due to some update, I'm down with changes. Give those newbies some training-/sidewheels to try and get into a positive k/d score. We'll still run 'em over!
  7. Seven easy steps to make your own tin foil hat. 1. Measure your head. Gather the dimensions of your scalp, using a soft tape measure, measuring from the middle of your forehead to the base of your skul. 2. Unroll tinfoil. Using clean, premium-brand foil that has not been used to wrap food, measure double the length from your forehead to skull, plus four inches. Detach the foil using the serrated edge of the box and fold the foil in half, shiny side facing out. 3. Mold the hat to your head. Carefully place the sheet of foil over your head and scrunch it down to follow the
  8. I was just wondering if the liking and disliking of a map actually contributes to a map being put in a rotation more often and vice versa, or that it's more of a tool to keep us idiots happy by saying !dislike when there is a sucky and/or buggy but still have to play it over and over again. Some maps have more dislikes than Trumps 'grab em by the pussy' remark, yet they pop up in every single rotation still so I was just curious.
  9. Just when I thought you would run out of excuses for your scores, you seem to suprise me yet again! Keep practising bro
  10. Auch, below the belt!!! Hit me up if you ever need a masterclass how to win games! I specialize in: - Camping - Headshots - Actually hitting targets - Ignoring @wildthing - Pissing of @Roxy! Let me know where you come short and which one(s) you want to improve. Costs are negotiable!
  11. Sourtap

    So lucky, yesterday I came in contact with a Nigerian prince to give me 3 million euro's and now this angel from heaven comes here to help me with my password, which I forgot this morning! Couldn't feel more blessed
  12. How do you mean? I always flame you guys in chat when I owned your little buttcheeks.... EASY!
  13. Sourtap

    A lot of crybabies here with 10+ Tears whilst playing, not sure about the length of their membership tho
  14. Sourtap




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