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  1. SparkyBearBomb

    the rules clearly state no afk machines, and you clearly admitted to and afk machine in your appeal, good luck
  2. SparkyBearBomb

    Might have to try, but until google lay the new fiber link, it might be a tad slow/Laggy for me 😱
  3. SparkyBearBomb

    Mine is Sydney Australia (if not already obvious) Fiber to the house $100 per month - Unlimited data (we pay for data caps here) no phone
  4. Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a project I have revived after 2 years of stagnation Computer craft reactor controller (see image attached) This can either show just what the reactor is doing, or give it full automation control, To Automate the reactor select "Auto" under the "Power" menu Energy will use control rods to restrict the amount of energy (RF) the reactor produces - at full restriction no RF is made and no fuel burned this give the quickest response time Power will turn the reactor on and off based on energy levels inside the reactor at the predetermined levels - this give the feel of the traditional reactor control YES BUT HOW DO I DOWNLOAD THIS!!!! that is the only part you have to do simply place down an advanced computer (must be the yellow one) and 12 advanced monitors (also yellow) connect the network using modems (not the wireless ones) and network cable connect only 1 connection per device (the computer can directly connect to devices on the sides) connect to a reactor computer port access the computer and type the following pastebin get ELJptBRk install press enter and it will download the program then type the following install press enter and follow the onscreen note: it is recommended to have an autonomous activator against the computer to turn the computer on should it encounter chunk loading issues if you have and questions or suggestions, feel free to comment and they will be answered or implemented if they are good
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