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  1. SparkyBearBomb

    wrong forum, go to the ban appeals
  2. SparkyBearBomb

    Welcome 😃 Enjoy being an idiot 😂
  3. SparkyBearBomb

    not bad, now to expand and get eh walls and town in
  4. SparkyBearBomb

    I have a computer lab in my base now 😃
  5. SparkyBearBomb

    Thanks all, And yes most certainly and idiot (last I checked) ?
  6. SparkyBearBomb

    Is that my script?
  7. SparkyBearBomb

    to be fair, you COULD have made a separate post, and then maybe someone would have actually either joined the rant or helped What you did was rude. dead post or no
  8. SparkyBearBomb

    This is the 1.7.10 pack, via the technic launcher
  9. SparkyBearBomb

    Did someone say Steam? What is down the corridors?
  10. SparkyBearBomb

    The Reactor has finished it's low energy level testing and is now ready for full scale operation
  11. SparkyBearBomb

  12. I hate to say it, but I don't see this as a viable option, And will be way more of a headache than you would be prepared for.
  13. SparkyBearBomb

    I had an ice castle once upon a time, a really nice base. Lady might have a screenshot actually
  14. SparkyBearBomb

    That is my point, Why write the same thing over and over, You can have a script that contains functions on how to draw anything on the screen Then all you do is say draw a line in the main script and it knows how without you having to write thay in every script
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