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  1. _GATOR_

    Welcome to the fun!! Hope you enjoy.
  2. _GATOR_

    Hey Promax. Welcome!!
  3. I have nights when it happens often, and then I go awhile with no problems. When it's happening often, I leave the server at map change, and go back in.
  4. _GATOR_

    Happy Birthday!! Hope it was great.
  5. _GATOR_

    Welcome!! Hope you have fun and enjoy.
  6. The map rotation is great. Most are really fun.
  7. _GATOR_

    Happy Birthday Elvis! I hope it was a great one!!!
  8. _GATOR_

    Happy late birthday, hope it was great.
  9. _GATOR_

    Be safe all. Material things can be replaced, people can't.