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  1. LoboChgo

    I know this is late...but thank you all for the birthday wishes...this is how I spent most of the day..
  2. LoboChgo

    Which one to be made into a tshirt?
  3. LoboChgo

    Tewksbury, mass area I'll be in the area this week for work starting tomorrow afternoon till Wednesday..any suggestions to go see or do?
  4. Hope you and your family are ok with the earthquake.

    1. Pedromex


      thank you we are ok.

  5. LoboChgo

    Wizard World Comic Con Chicago. I haven't in a while I seen most of the first season and part of the second one.
  6. LoboChgo

    Thank you all for all the birthday wishes...on to the next one.
  7. LoboChgo

    My condolences to the family
  8. LoboChgo

    yes... it gets stuck if i try safe mode too.
  9. LoboChgo

    I replaced the battery and got to bios and disabled the array but it did nothing diffrent stayed doing the loop
  10. LoboChgo

    Did not up date any drivers..I'm going to try the cmos batt..don't have a way to check the votage
  11. LoboChgo

    Thanks to WiZiD I got a new vid card. It worked but now it won't boot...now it loops it wont fully boot. I think while fling blind I accidentally made my drives arrayed. Put new graphics card in: http://youtu.be/mOpIx8fjNQg
  12. LoboChgo

    Yes...Thank you all..sorry I just seen this...been going though some stuff everything and anyting...but again THANK YOU ALL...
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