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  1. Don't believe all of it guys,SOB is my eyes and ears plus my GPS so I know where I'm going.I like the name he gave me though.This game and RB6 are my best games ever.
  2. Probably too early for you,cause SOB is in the UK and I am up by 4 am 5 am at the latest he is 5hrs. ahead of me deerejohn.So I think you are est time in Jersey and both me and the SOB are retired.
  3. Just had a great time playing this amazing game it just blows me away just like me and SOB did to that armoured truck,you can actually blow out the tires.Just such a realistic game and not only beautiful and I mean it.
  5. Fire it up deerejohn,I just played it for an hour just to explore map,this game is the tits ( really FN great) hit detection perfect, action excellent, graphics fantastic (not cartoonie at all,maps superb.Boring not at all.Beats all the BF games and Player Unknown.Just have to find new friends which will be easy,just like on RB6 my other great game I've been playing for the last 2 years. Another one that has not been boring with great graphics.Very glad I bought it.
  6. I picked up this game yesterday on UPLAY for 1/2 price it's also for sale on STEAM but only for 5 more hours and it's 1/2 price.Just loving it and the graphics are better than BF1 also you die and hit markers are good.Destructibles are top notch and almost everything can be killed ,even chickens and pigs and sheep.But I'm probably typing this for nothing cause most of you will not spend any money and that is why you are still playing 9 or 10 year old bunny hopping,run and gun games never run out of ammo.Bullshit type of games.
  7. All AMD here Jester and 8 core AMD cpu plus 8 gig Amd RX480 vdeo and never had problems like you guys.
  8. I travel to other dimensions whenever I listen to this
  9. You wouldnt believe how much skill and talent you needed to pull something like this. Nowadays, you find a blond fag, pair him with some idiotic rapper, they put two electronic shitty tunes together, and sudendly they are best performers in the world.
  10. Amazing song... Awful video.
  12. I found this SOB:
  13. Mine updates are fine Barron.
  14. NO SOB,only after I saw the last video here on your post.Marc Bolan from T Rex.