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  1. JohnnyDos

    I have both and seems like prime is getting better like Funky mentioned.
  2. JohnnyDos

    Just got back from my Cancer Clinic and I was told that I am stable which is great news for me,I'll go for another scan and blood work in 3 months. "I ain't dead yet."So I'm puttin' on a good buzz this afternoon.
  3. JohnnyDos

    That's OK cause you are FBI,which means Free Beer Inside.
  4. JohnnyDos

    When you lose you get the sausage?
  5. JohnnyDos

    I wish you luck Toes,I find out my liver cancer results from my MRI to see if my Chemo Ablation treatment helped shrink or kill the cancer this Wednesday.
  6. JohnnyDos

    Rainbow 6 cause there is no run and gun or bunny hopping. 5 vs 5 best out of 3.Been playing this only for the last 4 years.Game was released Dec 1 2015.Buy the basic and work your way up.
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