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  1. noob


    Sorry for your loss.
  2. noob

    they are in teamspeak sometimes
  3. noob

    are you constipated?
  4. noob

    thanks noob
  5. noob

    Somewhere on earth do i win?
  6. They have weapon guides when you get higher up for multiplayer and warzone based off your play style. https://www.pcgamer.com/best-mp7-loadout-warzone-setup-attachment-class/ that is my preferred side for weapon attachments.
  7. noob

    Can't wait to play with you again ?
  8. noob

    I found it funny because it's ironic. I also loved tubing people XD
  9. noob

    it's on the new mw. People I use to play with on cod4 back in the day. They are around my skill level.
  10. would anyone wanna do a 3vs3 against me and my friends.
  11. noob

    would anyone wanna do a 3vs3 against me and my friends.
  12. They don't have dedicated servers so there is no xi servers. If you join the teamspeak channel for the game people are in there sometimes. We also have a regiment you can message lunkster to join. You'll be able to see who is online in the clan.



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