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  1. Welcome, look forward to gaming with you on the FT server.
  2. Just saying, I don't mind a re-start when people are waiting to get in. I have been on both sides, and I hate to see people not able to game.
  3. I agree, once it re-boots, everyone calls it a night. Is doing even a three hour spread feasible?
  4. Hope you had a very good Birthday
  5. You are the one that enjoys beating me up, right??? Always recognize you Athena.
  6. It shows you who is talking in TS, so you are not just guessing by voice. It is a nice feature to have if you do not know every bodies voice.
  7. Thanks, I will download it and give it a try. Thanks for the help.
  8. That very well could be what's going on.
  9. This might be a stupid question, and I will ask it wrong, but is there a Team Speak overlay for WAW? Just curious.
  10. If I'm in, I never get kicked. I don't mind the re-start, I hate for others not to be able to play. It's always nice to have the server advanced a few maps after being re-started. I have fun no matter what.