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  1. HookerHeels

    Looks like a blast! Too bad I wasn't able to make it! Maybe next time?
  2. While I don't have any pictures or videos, I've seen enough weird shit in my life to say without a doubt, something is out there. Strange lights, sounds, shapes in the sky. All sorts of weird things in the middle of nowhere, middle of town...
  3. HookerHeels

    Did you by any chance have your documents set to save on another drive? I have my pictures, docs, music etc set to save on my D drive instead of my C. One time, Windows updated and changed the paths back to the C drive.
  4. HookerHeels

    I'm not too far from Charlotte and would love to come, I may be out on the road at the time, might even be in the area, who knows. I've joined the club tho!
  5. HookerHeels

    Bout time, Deej. Welcome aboard!
  6. HookerHeels

    Welcome aboard! You've been warned!
  7. HookerHeels

    ==Sold to Pingfuzzboi==
  8. HookerHeels

    Ehh, might just get banned or something, so don't want to waste the key.
  9. HookerHeels

    So, bought a key for a younger Aussie friend that doesn't usually have money cause, well, hes 17 and doesn't have a job, but it seems GTAV isn't on the RSSC for him to even activate. So, I paid $19 for it, so I'll take 18 bucks or a steam trade if someone wants to do that. If anyones interested, just hit me up.
  10. HookerHeels

    Thanks! Sixflags for my birthday, so awesome day indeed!
  11. HookerHeels

    Lol, I post from time to time. I'm mostly on Discord.
  12. I myself cannot explain in words how excited I am. I've never been more hyped for a game in my life. Halo has always been a part of my life, and it'll forever be a part of me. Tattoos, models, books, movies, weapons.. I've got it. Hell, even my branding is Halo. What about you guys? Any fond memories from Halo? Are you excited its coming to PC?
  13. HookerHeels

    Welcome aboard person I don't know!
  14. HookerHeels

    Never knew MacDaddy, but my thoughts are with his family. RIP, brother.
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