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  1. HookerHeels

    Not in a good place of mind right now,
  2. HookerHeels

    Attention seeker. jk ?
  3. I second this. Even if I hardly play Insurgency anymore.
  4. HookerHeels

    Love ya, Predat0r!
  5. HookerHeels

    Sometimes I just want to watch the world burn.
  6. HookerHeels

    Welcome aboard!
  7. HookerHeels

  8. HookerHeels

    Man, thats just rude. You didn't invite me to a killing spree. Welcome to the forums, Justin! Make yourself at home, just ask @AyaqGuyaq or @TBB if you need any trimming the verge or anything else. They loooooove helping.
  9. HookerHeels

    Before anyone says anything.., I liked the song before I ever saw the video.. (that being said, my penis has found great music in the past) If you don't like indi stuff, you wont like this lol
  10. HookerHeels

    I play RS:V with some friends fairly often. I think a lot of people ended up not getting it because its not exactly like your common shooter. You have to enjoy a lot of walking.. lol If anyone wants to play, just add me on Steam and if you catch me playing, join on in.
  11. HookerHeels

    /late/ Welcome aboard!
  12. HookerHeels

    Like Verdun on steroids. I'll be keeping an eye on it for sure. /suuuuuuuper late to the party//
  13. HookerHeels

    If they asked you to return it, but in a way you pay for it, the right, and correct thing to do, would be to call them, and politely say, "I am happy to return the items to you. However, I will not be doing so out of my own pocket. If you send me a return label, I would be delighted to send them back to you." If they refused to pay for the shipping back, then I'd just keep them and do whatever you want with them. But asking almost full retail price for a couple items that come with; No warranty, not a sure thing you'l get the items, not a sure thing they'll even work if you do get them.... well thats just silly. In this condition, they are to be considered like new, i.e used.