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  1. This is a good one.
  2. Hey whoa now, I was only inviting those members that have vaginas. Heels are totally optional but more than welcomed!
  3. Because I'm too lazy to take a decent picture.
  4. That last one tho xD
  5. I'm down in Fort Myers myself. I'm male(which is stated in my profile, gawsh lol), and I only whore myself out to beautiful women, sorry g(u)rls. ;D
  6. Whichever you're in the mood for next time @AyaqGuyaq?? Mucho confused lol
  7. Hey everyone. I'm Red, or Hooker as I'm commonly referred to in-game. I'm 24, live in Florida, enjoy most genres of games, mostly shooters, animal lover, techy (build and sell high end computers, repair phones, etc. etc.), pomegranates are amazing, blah blah, I'm mostly boring. Pleasure to meet you all. I've een XI over the years in tons of games, recently left a disbanded clan that I've been with for a few years, so decided I'd start the journey to become an Idiot myself. Looking forward to making friends with all ya'll!