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  1. /late/ Welcome aboard!
  2. Like Verdun on steroids. I'll be keeping an eye on it for sure. /suuuuuuuper late to the party//
  3. If they asked you to return it, but in a way you pay for it, the right, and correct thing to do, would be to call them, and politely say, "I am happy to return the items to you. However, I will not be doing so out of my own pocket. If you send me a return label, I would be delighted to send them back to you." If they refused to pay for the shipping back, then I'd just keep them and do whatever you want with them. But asking almost full retail price for a couple items that come with; No warranty, not a sure thing you'l get the items, not a sure thing they'll even work if you do get them.... well thats just silly. In this condition, they are to be considered like new, i.e used.
  4. Could we get a PUBG Discord channel? I usually play with my friends and use my own Discord(which any XI that wants to play pubg with us is welcome to join,) but we could maybe pop in XI's channel if there was one.
  5. I never saw this! Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone!
  6. Why the fuck would they remove the 3 seater bike? What does that accomplish?
  7. Thanks for sending me a new hole user to make profit friends with! Welcome to the forums, Pimp!
  8. Welcome aboard!
  9. I'd love to get the UNSC logo on my arm. Halo, the first one anyways, helped shape who I am as a person. Memories go back for years, I still play Halo 1 on PC to this day, from time to time.
  10. Ah, never heard of that CPU, my bad xD Yeah, I love my 8350. I remember hitting 130 average in BF4. Can't wait to see what it + my new 1060 6GB can do... muahahaha....
  11. AMD all the way bb. Getting my old rig back up and running, pairing my old 8350 (only like 300 hours on the damn thing anyways) with a new 1060 6GB I just bought. I'm assuming you mean a 1080 TI? Yeah, a 1080 would be bottlenecked by a 8350, which is why I went with a 1060, but I don't think the bottleneck is really going to be that noticeable in many games, as long as you don't try to play 4k gaming on ultra.
  12. Thanks everyone! Glad to have a new home! @BlackRose As of late, mostly Insurgency due to my GPU dieing and my laptop not being too powerful.. but I play a tooon of games.
  13. I remember an old service that did this, Onlive, I think it was. Granted, I love having my own PC, but for now, I'm stuck on a laptop, and even if I do get my old desktop back up and running, I doubt I could play say, PUBG on ultra high. The service alone would be worth it for Arma 3 xD
  14. I'm aware, but 900 series cards are supposedly backwards compatible with 2.0 with little to no bottlenecking.