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    Welcome !!
  2. LugNut

    Happy Birthday!!
  3. LugNut

    too funny :0)
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    Welcome Alphanoob :0)
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  6. LugNut

    good luck
  7. LugNut

    well Thanks all for the input! But looks like I'm just going to have to deal with it. Know i have to down load each map in freeze tag I yell NEW MAP.....lol
  8. that is so cool
  9. LugNut

    Happy Birthday Sabre & Frukjosh !!
  10. LugNut

    no ... hope things are good for him
  11. LugNut

    I only wish i did
  12. LugNut

    A couple nights ago Windows 10 updated and I lost all of my COD World at War progress. The game is still installed, but it reset back to the beginning. I tried to do a restore, but it only had one for the same day. Also noticed that it reset the majority of my file programs to "installed on 8/8/2019." Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
  13. LugNut

    Congrats to all !!!
  14. LugNut

    Sooo cute!!
  15. LugNut

    Nice !!
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