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  1. Evil-Monkey

    I have the digital version . I enjoy the game
  2. Evil-Monkey

    Get Well Soon
  3. Evil-Monkey

    Good Vibes Brother
  4. Evil-Monkey

    Look in the filters section and try no filters . servers should populate then.
  5. Evil-Monkey

    Love that GPU . its the same one I have . And yes it is a bad ass card . Nice build
  6. Evil-Monkey

    Good Vibes and get well soon
  7. Evil-Monkey

    I wouldn't mind giving it a try
  8. Evil-Monkey

  9. Evil-Monkey

    Nice build
  10. Evil-Monkey

    That's great. They come to St.Louis in September . I am actually going to Florida the weekend that is .
  11. Evil-Monkey

    @Oster yea I was hoping that I could RMA it as well. but it was 2016 when purchased and only 3 year warranty. but no worries I had a Asus Maximus VIII Hero . so all is good .
  12. Evil-Monkey

    @Oster @Krackennutz @CW4 Just an update. I replaced my Asus Maxiums IX Formula motherboard with my spare Asus Maxiums VIII Hero Motherboard and seams to be stable at this point. Must have been the power delivery to either the sata ports .. Thanks for all your help . XI 4 Life
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