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  1. Evil-Monkey

    I wont miss it for the world. Now that being said I have to work that whole weekend hoping to get off early on Sunday and play some or Saturday. see ya all there...
  2. Evil-Monkey

    Welcome to the forums...🍻
  3. That's awesome @Barron3000. I knew I our servers were popular but Damn. Lets keep it up boys
  4. Evil-Monkey

    Thanks for the appeal someone will get back with you
  5. Evil-Monkey

    oh ok.... Thanks Deamon
  6. Evil-Monkey

    Which insurgency server are we shutting down. last time I checked all three were running pretty much full all the time. I could be wrong. Might want to check with Barron.
  7. Evil-Monkey

    Hummm I have had no issues with win10 pro. But I do have automatic updates disabled.
  8. Pretty smooth ., Great game
  9. Welcome to the forums Helio . @Chips Ahoy not all are in there 20s. There is at least one that is a little older . HaHa
  10. Evil-Monkey

    Glad to hear Pete .get well soon
  11. Evil-Monkey

    Best of Luck there Pete . get well soon.
  12. @FearMe.Not Dang I knew you would call me out...….lmfao
  13. Evil-Monkey

    So sorry for your loss. when I lost my best friend. a friend of mine sent me this I hope it helps . it still hurts like hell even 5 years later but I know we will meet again