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  1. Evil-Monkey

    Going to take me a few im in the midwest
  2. Evil-Monkey

    Had to replace my old Truck. Picked this out and i love it. 2020 Ford F-150
  3. Evil-Monkey

    37% upgrade from the 2080ti and 77% upgrade from the 1080ti . i think the big point is that the 2080ti was $1,200.00 card. the 3080 is going to be a $700.00 card. There hasn't been that big of an upgrade and price break in a long time.
  4. Evil-Monkey

    Because i can. Thats the reason for a upgrade. ??
  5. Evil-Monkey

    If this ends up being true . its going to piss me off. it makes my 2080ti worthless.
  6. Evil-Monkey

    They claim it will be large boost from the RTX2080ti series. i kinda find that had to believe. i have the RTX 2080ti series card and its hella fast alreday
  7. Evil-Monkey

    Love my Razer DeathAdder V2
  8. Evil-Monkey

    how did i miss this can ya send me an invite as well EvilMonkey#11159
  9. Evil-Monkey

    Damn i didnt know shipping was that bad .
  10. Evil-Monkey

  11. Evil-Monkey

    That is correct
  12. Evil-Monkey

    Thanks for the post. Be patient someone will be with ya soon.
  13. Evil-Monkey




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