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  1. Evil-Monkey

    I would like to say Thanks for the many prayers and thought s. Ruth took her last breath this morning at 9:50am ct. She has joined her soul mate in heaven . Thanks again
  2. I don't post a lot but. I am asking for some prayers for my wife and her brother. Last Wednesday my wife's mother had a major cardiac event or at least that's what they are calling it. Sometime between last Wednesday and Saturday while stable and still in critical condition she had a extremely large stroke which has created brain swelling and no return to a normal life as she would have known it. My wife and her brother have decided to remove all life support from on this Monday. her name is Ruth and she was a surgical nurse for 35 years. she help saved so many people in those 35 years and now its time for her watch over us from a much higher angle. Ruth buried her husband 2 and a half years ago and has been heart broken ever since. So if you can just keep them in your thoughts prayers I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Monkey XI 4life
  3. Evil-Monkey

    I have checked it out when it has been free. the Battle Royal mode is not bad . I haven't purchased because its a $59.game then for season pass its another $49. I don't think any game is worth a $100 dollars
  4. Evil-Monkey

    Thanks Duck for all the hard work .
  5. Evil-Monkey

  6. Evil-Monkey

    Thanks for the Ban appeal Snek. when Barron gets back form his trip he will look at this. be patient hopefully Barron will get back with you shortly.
  7. Evil-Monkey

    Thoughts and prayers coming your way Giggles
  8. Evil-Monkey

  9. @Barron3000 lol no......
  10. Evil-Monkey

    Happy Birthday . sorry I missed it
  11. Evil-Monkey

    My current specs CPU - I7 6700K Cooling - Corsair I-115 closed loop Motherboard - Asus Maximus IX Formula GPU - Zotac GTX1080TI Amped Ram - 16 gigs of G-Skill OC at 3200 Power Supply - Corsair 850W So my question is I am going to have some extra money this year. I was thinking of upgrading my current Rig. In looking into things I have Noticed that I can get a I7 9700k and motherboard for and $600. to 750. and some change. I also noticed that I can get a I9 9900K and board for just a little more cash. so in lies my question for the same amount of money I think I can find a RTX 1070 GPU. which way would you go if it was you. I like to try to upgrade major components every two years if possible. I do know that the 6700k is a good chip but would like to future proof as much as possible. the Zotac card I have now is a beast and have no issues. Any help this would be great thanks .
  12. Evil-Monkey

    Was able to stop by this Sunday for a few hours. had a great time. Thanks to all that make this happen every year. RIP all Members that have passed.
  13. Congrats and Welcome to the team
  14. Evil-Monkey

    I wont miss it for the world. Now that being said I have to work that whole weekend hoping to get off early on Sunday and play some or Saturday. see ya all there...