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  1. Evil-Monkey

    Thoughts and prayers for Family and friends
  2. Evil-Monkey

    I love my Pro wireless no issues and quality sound
  3. Evil-Monkey

    Here is mine I'm hooked . Never had any till July of this year I now have two and looking to book for another in the spring .
  4. Evil-Monkey

    I wouldn't miss this for the world.
  5. Evil-Monkey

    Thoughts and Prayers
  6. Evil-Monkey

    This post should have been moved. this is such a polarizing topic it can only pull people apart Just go game already . Sorry just a thought.
  7. This probably needed to be moved to the political side .
  8. Evil-Monkey

    NZXT Case I9-10850 Intel
  9. Evil-Monkey

    So Sad to read this . been working alot thoughts and prayers
  10. Evil-Monkey

    Sorry for loss. Thoughts and prayers for you and family
  11. Evil-Monkey

  12. Evil-Monkey

    If the dates will be later in September i wont be able to attend
  13. Evil-Monkey

    Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends . R.I.P Corpse2
  14. Evil-Monkey

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