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  1. Evil-Monkey

    @Oster @Krackennutz @CW4 Just an update. I replaced my Asus Maxiums IX Formula motherboard with my spare Asus Maxiums VIII Hero Motherboard and seams to be stable at this point. Must have been the power delivery to either the sata ports .. Thanks for all your help . XI 4 Life
  2. Evil-Monkey

    @Krackennutz n I don't need pro but it really didn't give me the option for pro or home. you know I think it did once but hasn't since the multiple installs.. I will have to read a bit and see why I didn't give me the option
  3. Evil-Monkey

    Thoughts and Prayers for Family and friends . they will all be in Prayers. R.I.P Johnny
  4. Evil-Monkey

    @Oster I am still getting freezes out of safe mode. could it be the sata connections on the motherboard I do have a extra z270 motherboard that I could switch ?
  5. Evil-Monkey

    Just fyi I picked up a second pc and it is a heavy duty one . so I will plug my gaming pc into that one and plug my other pc into the old one. So this way they will both have there own . I will keep ya updated . @Oster Thanks for all the help fingers crossed
  6. Evil-Monkey

    @Oster so I did the calc on both pc. and it comes up to about 1000 watts for both. I have both pluged into the sam surge protector I would think this would be a issue . what do you think Now I do have 1000watt psu in my gaming rig and a 650watt in my streaming rig which makes the math pretty close . I also have 2 32" monitors and 2 27" monietrs hooked up the same surge protector. I may be super close. since my pc's are 1650 on there own . but it runs in safe mode . which confuses me
  7. Evil-Monkey

    1875w 15amps. streaming pc rates at 500watts nad the gaming pc not sure hold on
  8. Evil-Monkey

    @Oster I don't remember but I would have to guess it probably a bronze surge
  9. Evil-Monkey

    Corsair 650watt semi mod Brand new
  10. Evil-Monkey

    @Krackennutz I used a brand new usb win 10 pro in package . I do have another usb win 10 pro should I use that
  11. Evil-Monkey

    Ok so I booted in safe mode and for the past hour it has been stable. any ideas were I go from here
  12. Evil-Monkey

    So I just changed out all of my sata cables. and within one minute of booting it froze
  13. Evil-Monkey

    @Oster I will do that . if I don't see anything I do have an extra Z270 motherboard. think I should swap them out . just out of curiousity would a chkdsk checked that
  14. Evil-Monkey

    So I started the pc and went straight into bios. have let it run in the bios overnight. It has continued to run. so that tells me that it is something either in windows side or am I thinking wrong. Or could it be a sata cable or the sata connections on the board ? What's all think. All temps on CPU,GPU, AND MOTHERBOARD are all good .
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