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  1. john j.

    Yep, & he got it for free when he bought the property; previous owner said he saw it fall one night; when he & some family members went to find it the next morning, it was still warm.
  2. john j.

    Well, that would be the escape key to get to the appropriate menu to change class; only way I can see teh Esc. key doing anything else @ that point would be if you've assigned some other function to it. The only way to know that would be to do what you can do yourself: Look through your game menus and see if you have the key assigned to do anything else...or maybe assigned by some simple script to a keybind of some sort...just put your keys back to default & start over...or have someone use teamviewer to fix it for you. (Not me0 =)
  3. john j.

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