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  1. Mule

    This is really bad news but just so you all know he will not be resting he will still be kicking your butt Call of Duty he was an awesome guy and brought some Great Canadian whiskey to the XIII Fest see you later Johnny. Hee Haw motherfuker
  2. Mule

    Ok after all the set backs I had. I went to see my brother in Wisconsin on a job he is working on. He dos not live there just to get away so I looked for work for the heck of it. I went to two interviews got an offer on both so I took one. Great job good job money is good. Going to be a change but ready for it. Will be awhile yet before I get back to gaming after 10 years here I will be back. HeeeeeHaaaaw!
  3. Mule

    Not the problem but ty
  4. First off I miss playing but going through some life changes my PC is down. Just letting everyone know I will be back will take some time. Been a hard time but I know I will get thru it I know where my family is here. HeeeeeHaaa!
  5. I really can't believe it's been that long already
  6. I got my 10-year tags thank you so much
  7. Mule

    Another pussy in the crowd
  8. Mule

    I remember when I had some really cool rims on them Jeeps and they can play the radio pick your music and I was always country any on motherfuker
  9. Mule

    I really miss old school like United offencive Miss driving them Jeeps
  10. Mule

    Thank you but I don't think it was early but you're awesome
  11. Mule

    Where am I 10 year tags
  12. Mule

    I miss everybody here especially the old timers going through some issues right now but hopefully I'll be back pretty soon miss everybody Hee Haw
  13. Mule

    I know I haven't been playing in a while my life has been in turmoil but may I have my 10-year tags [email protected]
  14. Mule

    I'm still around life has been crazy my computer took a crap probably going to be a while before I get back the gaming miss it unfortunately I made a big mistake at work and they let me go and I don't drive so I've been had a hard time finding work may be homeless soon but I will bounce back like I always do
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