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  1. Mule

    I'll give that a try this weekend thanks
  2. Mule

    I have a stock fan with it just hook it up and not install. Correct
  3. Mule

    I also have the stock fan just plug it in and not actually install it correct
  4. Mule

    I don't get an error code just won't boot up
  5. Mule

    I have a water cooler that's working fine
  6. Mule

    I changed video cards I swapped out the ram from one to the next and the only time I stays on is about to leave all the ram out help please
  7. Mule

    One night it just froze up I try to turn it on and Powers up and then Powers down power is up and then power it down again
  8. Mule

    Thoughts and prayers
  9. Mule

    That was the blunt truth!
  10. Mule

    But wipe is German!
  11. Mule

  12. Mule

    Wishing you best Sammy... Depends on city and where. As you said walking to everything is great is much needed if you don't drive like me. Just be safe. Checkk out the area first!
  13. Mule

    Hump day?