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  1. I have another card same as this one just never did the SLI so I will try the other one today TY.
  2. Wish I would have bought it just didn't get a reply fast enough to decide GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
  3. I'm getting a shit load of red pixel dots on video and just everything. Is it my monitor our video card? Help please.
  4. Happy Birthday HarryWeezer
  5. No new Tee's this year?
  6. Ok where is the vote on this >FEST< going to happen?
  7. Very Nice!
  8. This is bad stuff. Glad >XI< Fest wasn't there may have been an event we would have done!
  9. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. And what cruise ship we talking about?
  12. Great job, awesome pics.
  13. Happy Birthday!