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  1. I think your talking about the Brownies had a couple in my tent back in the day
  2. Yes !! Grab a Potato before they are all gone !! Like Twinkies a few years back !! Or Aunt Jemima Syrup !! Next its Mrs. Butterworth !! Cant have plump old white women depicted on a syrup bottle. Sounds good all together until the Dicktator steps in
  3. Mule

    Read this FUCK YOU LMAO~
  4. This is Fucked up. Than they come out Miss Potato and the parts are Interchangable. S0 much fun!
  5. hAPPY bIRTHDAY idiot!

  6. Love You! HeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaW!
  7. Mule

    No PEPS Playing? WTF? On Friday? I see who wears the pants!
  8. Mule

    Fellas? We have GREAT girls here 2!
  9. Mule

    Sorry! Thinking about you.
  10. Mule

    Sold them for your soul and sex! Which few you had HeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!
  11. Mule

    Been 10 years never seen an empty sever! So sad!
  12. Mule

    HeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaW need to play again! Leta try tonight! Did we pass 1ST grade?



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