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  1. Mule

    Look at the pictures from Lawrenceburg Indiana XI Fest
  2. Mule

    My computer is stuck in a bootloop so I have info in for that plus on another note my child support is over that's 800 dollars a month in my pocket after 13 years so if I can't get it fixed reasonably I guess I'll just build a new one I missed everybody here I don't know the new people but I know the old people like me can't wait to get my 10-year tag in September. HeeeHaw!
  3. Mule

    The build is is like 7 years old and I built that myself somewhere on here in the post I have my build on it I don't think it should all go bad I can't find it
  4. Mule

    I was told is probably the power supply I have an RMA in it for now but that might take a while
  5. Mule

    Now the same Ram I just swap them out from one to the other as far as the lights on the motherboard I'm not sure what that is I never seen any red ones
  6. I'm going to get up there one of these days to go fishing with you I promise
  7. Mule

    Okay it's been awhile since I've been on here but my computer is stuck in a bootloop little power up then immediately power down then power up again and power down again I swapped out video cards that didn't make a difference I swapped out both sticks of RAM still the same thing if I leave both Rams out it'll stay running but obviously won't boot help with this please but life is getting better I just want this fix or build a new one I guess
  8. Mule

    I want to thank you for posting these pictures and videos bring back some great memories hope to see you this year
  9. Mule

    Any room left on any of the houses I want to go this year
  10. Mule

    I'm in this year looking for info on the houses
  11. Mule

    $100 just hang onto handicap bars on the toilet?
  12. Mule

    Happy birthday late see you on the Racecourse soon Olive
  13. Mule

    Thank God it's a bunch of idiots
  14. Going to have to put mine in a wood Shredder to make it look any better
  15. I have some major s*** going on right now so it's going to be awhile before y'all send me back online again my computer crash my family left me my job lets me and I'm being evicted out of my house so I don't know what's going on next but I'll keep you updated love everybody here he on motherfukers
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