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  1. Mule

    Wish I could get some! Bet it's great
  2. I'm so happy about this no one ever on when I get off work live in Nevada now HeeeeeeHaaaaaaaW! TY Rugger ang Admins for doing this
  3. Mule

    Hey that's me HeeeeeHaaaaaW!
  4. Mule

    You do realize you only need a 20 year old GPU to play COD4 HeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaW!
  5. Mule

    Nice looking but bad news yer rod not bending also you need to put the lure in the WATER! HeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaW!
  6. Mule

  7. I will pay for it all but no funny shit! And no 2hrs in the bathroom! I might want 2 CHIT! You all good with that? '
  8. I'm in fer sure just me anyone wan't to share a room but no funny CHIT! And if you snore need no reply HeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaW! Looks ilke some good fishing! Go Karts?
  9. Mule

    Wish I could get some! PLZ!
  10. Mule

    Looks really nice!
  11. Mule

    Well why do you park in a driveway and drive on a parkway? WTF Hotdogs come in 10 pack and buns in 8?
  12. Mule

    Ok this installed on it's own on my laptop. Ok question is like anything new it's a change what are thoughts on the good or bad? Guess I have 30 days to go back to Win 10. HeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaW! TY
  13. Mule

    Feel so sad about whats going in Ukraine the loss of KIDS I wish there was away I could be there to HELP my life 4 them! FIGHT!
  14. Mule

    Nice just you and wife?
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