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    Nailpolish, jewellery, make up, clothes and shoes ofcourse i also love handbags and everything that has bling on it! I also love dancing.

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  1. P!nk

    Ik heb totaal geen tijd om iets te regelen. Als jij iets wilt regelen vind ik het super. Wij zullen zeker komen om jou(of meer) te ontmoeten.
  2. P!nk

    Just to let everybody know, I am not going to arrange anything, because i simply don’t have the time for it. I have talked with @EDD THE DUCK and this year will be London and maybe next year Amsterdam (or another Dutch city) can be visited. Thank u all for the reactions and I am sorry that my post wasn’t very clear on the organisation part.
  3. P!nk

    Welcome back, stranger! 😉
  4. P!nk

    That sounds already like a plan 😉
  5. We have already spoke about it in the forum for London, and ingame there has been also some conversations going on. A lot of people have said that they are willing to come if the XI fest is being held in Amsterdam this year. So since nobody is stepping up, i will! Who is in for going to Amsterdam this YEAR? And when would be the best date? I would love to hear some reactions. Thanks
  6. Same With me, as long as i am not working, i Will participate.
  7. P!nk

    @EDD THE DUCK can you start a poll to vote for Amsterdam or London?
  8. P!nk

    Maybe it is smart to make a poll to vote where to go? And which month! So people can make actual plans.
  9. P!nk

    We will be missing you Johnny, rip Johnny
  10. I am in shock, @sandradee2 my deepest condoleance goes out to you en Goon. I wish you all the strength in the hard times that Lays ahead. RIP @dadda2. You will be missed very much here at XI.
  11. P!nk

    @Exe it’s in the weekend, no schools in the weekend😉.
  12. P!nk

    i vote for amsterdam, just saying 😉
  13. P!nk

    Van harte gefeliciteerd 🎉
  14. Congratulations Penguin 👍🏻💐
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