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    Nailpolish, jewellery, make up, clothes and shoes ofcourse i also love handbags and everything that has bling on it! I also love dancing.

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  1. P!nk

    He also made my Sig, i still have it stored on my pc, and this is since he passed the 3 new pc and each pc got his sig in it.
  2. P!nk

    Happy birthday buddy, i hope you will have a great day. 🎉🎊🎈
  3. P!nk

    Hi 🙋‍♀️
  4. P!nk

    Bon anniversaire monsieur enfoiré🤗🎉🎈🎊
  5. P!nk

  6. P!nk

    Ofcourse i would never quit here🤣 it is my second home. Besides that, we need to stay here in this clan that is overran by Guys, us girls are outnumbered big time. Thanks gigs 😘
  7. P!nk

    Well as some of you might know, i work on nightshifts in a hotel. Today i quit my job and mid january i am starting a new job. I am really looking forward to it because the work is much better plus better payments and less hours. I feel so lucky at this moment, that i just wanted to share this with you all.
  8. P!nk

    A sig is very personal, there should only be one person that truely loves it, and that has to be yourself.
  9. P!nk

    I am going to remain quiet from now on, i have no experience with sigs, all i know is what i like and what i do not.
  10. P!nk

    @Sourtap = kampeerhoertje @jumper = Jumpkutje @J3st3r = Deathpenis @Gunny = Punk @Giggles = Gigs
  11. P!nk

    If so, i do not see what you see obviously. Rob and i both have colours in it, his is not moving and it is just a sort of baby bed with his name in it, with some sort of garlands on the corners. I do not see anything special on this sig. Sorry if this offends you, definatly not my intention to offend your work. Just stating my opinion honestly
  12. P!nk

    I have to agree with Rob, i think it is pretty plain. Sorry! (personal opinion)