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    Nailpolish, jewellery, make up, clothes and shoes ofcourse i also love handbags and everything that has bling on it! I also love dancing.

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  1. I am in shock, @sandradee2 my deepest condoleance goes out to you en Goon. I wish you all the strength in the hard times that Lays ahead. RIP @dadda2. You will be missed very much here at XI.
  2. P!nk

    @Exe it’s in the weekend, no schools in the weekend😉.
  3. P!nk

    i vote for amsterdam, just saying 😉
  4. P!nk

    Van harte gefeliciteerd 🎉
  5. Congratulations Penguin 👍🏻💐
  6. P!nk

    First i have to install cod5 back on my pc, but i will play for the cod4 team.
  7. P!nk

    So with other words, nothing has decided yet, and i am happy i have not booked or accepted anything yet. This will be a last minute call if it is nearby. Amsterdam, London, Brussels or West-Germany, all ok.
  8. P!nk

    For us it is going to be a last minute call, not deciding yet. A lot of things can happen inbetween.
  9. P!nk

    Welcome to the forums Prle ?‍♀️
  10. P!nk

    He can not have a great day, since he is no longer with us. He passed away almost 2 years ago
  11. P!nk

    Welcome back! ?
  12. Please change the rotation, those that are on very frequently would love to have the change.
  13. hey peggy mijn voledige naam is barry legeer groetjes drimpy


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