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  1. hey peggy mijn voledige naam is barry legeer groetjes drimpy


  2. this is the one i am talking about, the one on now, is only a handfull stockmaps
  3. check them first in another server, not in a crowded server, where the chance of failure big is, and everybody will leave. Make sure the maps work first of all.
  4. Can we have a rotation with stock maps please?
  5. P!nk

    hmmmm, should we know you?? 🤔 Welcome 😉
  6. What an epic battle that was, and then the outcome! Superb! I loved it.
  7. Easy answer here, give us back the ACR! 🤣
  8. @Sammy just a thought! What if you would adjust the perks, so that they are all 3 having the same options to pick one. So people can decide themselves which perks they would perfere? I know that there are a few that would like changes in that, and this way you would have to hear anybody ask/complain about that issue ever again.
  9. The mod is perfectly fine for me, I just want to pick ammo back up from dead body's. Because let's face it a fps without ammo that is then like playing hide and seek with instantly dying!🤦‍♀️ Takes away the fun, big time
  10. I have tried everything Sammy, i think i have been the most patiënt with the sniperrifles, but they won't ever be my friends, just because i still have not figured them out. So i stopped wasting my time on them.
  11. O come on now, i am talking about sniping campers, or afk'ers and unable to hit them on the target......Me too am playing this game long enough to know it is definatly not me. That is also THE MAIN reason why i do NOT use sniperrifles because i do not know where the hit registration lays. Little bit more right/ left... Who knows? The aim on the Saritch is dead on target.
  12. If i use the sniperrifle, and i aim and according to my + and i shoot i fully miss. So do not tell me the accurancy is perfect with the sniperrifles because they are not! 🤦‍♀️😖
  13. P!nk

    Sorry to hear this, i wish you all strenght during this rough time. You are in my thoughts and i hope things will go better soon for her.
  14. They will burn Cersei 😉
  15. I like almost everything in the game, except a few things. - Sniperrifles are terrible in accurancy - RC XD should only defrost, not kill - As soon as a person dies, it should drop the ammo he had left (as before) - Maybe (just maybe) the flakjackets a bit overpowered? - there is something off with the hitregistration, when jumpers are being shot it does not hit them. Same goes with shooting someone in the back.
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