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  1. philthy

    On call of duty 4 all of a sudden my mike icon and mic doesn't work I can hear but when I press the z button to talk the icon doesn't show on the screen and mic doesn't work. When I go to other servers everything works fine. Any ideas of what going on? By the way it did work before and I have not changed any settings, I check the mic in my computer settings and everything is ok, Just the call of duty server free for all.
  2. philthy

    Ok I did that and it worked thanks
  3. philthy

    tried all that when I enter the IP it says ok but nothing shows up to enter the game. are these patches that I have to install?
  4. philthy

    Hey guys I had to reinstall COD4 because I made the mistake of upgrading to windows 10. When I go to multiplayer and type in the IP nothing happens no berver shows up when I try to enter it again it says already there what did I do wrong Help I miss you guys
  5. philthy

    Ok thanks for all the opinions now it's up to me.
  6. philthy

    Looking for new mouse need help please give me your opinions. thanks
  7. Sounds like you are getting the IW3MP.EXE error m8, it is a sound error and there are many possible fixes, which you have already discovered one ie having headset plugged in, most get this error if they have Realtek soundcards, you could try updating your sound drivers and see what happens, if you have just updated your drivers and this problem started just after that then roll drivers back, also you could try to go into your Activision\cod4\miles folder and change the mssmp3.asi file to mssmp3.bak, these possible fixes work for some and not for others, the only thing that works for me if the problem gets really bad is to uninstall Cod4 then update your sound drivers, then reinstall game back to the new drivers, a bit drastic but it always works for me. tried changing mssmp3 file didn't work my try he uninstall, do I lose everything by uninstalling?
  8. Dean, what is it doing? Nothing? mine shit the bed last week and bought another Logitech and it works fine, the only issue I have is that I can not log into the game unless a headset is plugged in, I also am thinking of getting a sound card hoping that that will solve the problem.
  9. philthy

    Black from the start
  10. philthy

    Monitor gives u choice of PC HDMI or TV only one HDMI Port
  11. philthy

    this has never worked and yes it does work with VGA. I have tried every setting. My monitor is a HD TV/ Monitor. anybody else using HDMI or just the std DVI/VGA. will it really make a difference?. it is brand new card and I think its a bad card.
  12. philthy

    Well here we go again this new computer is starting to be a pain in the ass. The issue I have now is I can't get any signal to monitor using HDMI cable. Graphic card is a EVGA GTX 660 TI 2GB I am using this with single monitor Samsung fairly new 22" and Ideas? thanks I just blank screen
  13. philthy

    I did download the maps and it's the cats ass, the only problem I had with it I don't think it lets me pick what hard drive to send them to.
  14. philthy

    started working again go figure
  15. philthy

    Also mouse is frozen and can't use task manager to shut down, starting to get pissed.



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