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  1. KaptCrunch

    missing the most important the CPU cooler ? other question was old OC;d and use a UPS on your computer hardware for I thinks heat or power issues killed the old system
  2. KaptCrunch

    what was the old MB mite by a bad cmos battery
  3. KaptCrunch

    second that improper injection, faulty injector or harness connections loose
  4. KaptCrunch

    cause poster are hosting not you tube, poster server not running, will give a square box that does nothing
  5. KaptCrunch

    YACCster ooops sata, forgot say USB cd drive scsi is mac box chilli has win10 box
  6. KaptCrunch

    oh forgot to say to richen the fuel the very bottom of carb open needle screw a 1/8 turn or running motor under a load an adjust till sounds correct , if leave running lean will need a valve job , note hard starting is the start of it
  7. KaptCrunch

    I'm with Hogan rebuild it by school machine shop if any bushings / bearings need replacing. for Gov any Tecumseth dealer will have parts , look for the model # stamping near the top of starter housing ( HS.....) if can't get part use stiff machanic wire to forum a new one, the paper clip is to thin and will chew the holes out or clip will cut off and no control of speed an throw a rod out of crank case as Jester said new belts Dj I can see you can add a electric starter to this motor if flywheel has the starter teeth on outer edge of it Tecumseh-HSSK40-HSSK50-Snowblower-Starter Note: the holes in crank case to mount starter use a 1/4-20 tap to thread holes and use 1/4-20 threaded rod to make a stud, get flat washers and 1/4-20 ny-loc nuts to hold starter or use 2 nuts and jam them use blue thread locker to hold them in place after snug them in this operation is needed for screws supplied will strip out crank case over time also use 5-20 motor oil in engine
  8. KaptCrunch

    what type of CD IDE or sATA ? LaBoB is correct use a heavy duty paper 1/16 thick bend the first bend and second straight so to have atlest 3 inches of straight wire no kinks just a rod incert in pin hole and keep it going in linaer motion like a plumb line only horizontal , hit something push it hard for its a cam you have move
  9. KaptCrunch

    case in point https://www.msn.com/en-ca/money/video/cra-scam-investigation-leads-to-india/vi-AAApKAO?ocid=spartandhp
  10. KaptCrunch

  11. KaptCrunch

    for 100% results use a drill any size drill bit will do and just drill the platters area an make cheese cloth out of the platters or disaeeemble an use the the platters for a wind chime
  12. KaptCrunch

    when updated graphic drivers they default MB output if using USB headset need to set it to default again
  13. KaptCrunch

    Valve's Steam store is getting its first "100% uncensored" porn game with the approval of Dharker Studios' Negligee: Love Stories. Its developer tweeted that the title featuring "sexual interactions and nudity" got the "thumbs up" and will be available to download this Friday. https://www.engadget.com/2018/09/11/valve-approves-first-uncensored-porn-game-on-steam/
  14. KaptCrunch

    what motherboard or sound card using and OS win ?