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  1. and for gpu use brand app eg. evga presisenX , MSI afterburner etc
  2. 2012/10 Crosshair V Formula BIOS 1703 1.Improve system stability. 2.Support new CPUs first update if needed all hardware check firmware for SSD's then collect all win 7 drivers on a flash install it on a fresh drive like rest said win 10 is spyware and shopper app forced feed, where win7 doesn't do app crap
  3. the data coming from Origen D/L or CD you have the name of dll, related to OS bit version 32 or 64 bit other way without updating
  4. trailer gee what double talk on the season pass looks if Activision chasing the BF1 series from looking at trailer wonder if worth buying instead of updating BF1 again for $64 for that it should be called BF2 not a upgrade
  5. correct if said yse your @ default settings also if getting that message means graphics had crashed last time played the game Rasin save the user folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty - World at War\profiles
  6. may also be the data storage (HDD/SSD) starting to fail I'd back-up your wanted data now then defrag only HHD for SSD check firmware updates how much free space on OS drive ?
  7. Freak have you been keeping up with the firmware of your SSD I suspect power issues with that many failures , be it PSU, powerline or your habit of shutting down check bios/OS setting for TO STALL TURNING OFF OS so COMPUTER hardware can get all the data written to drive
  8. strange when clicked likes button had a popup saying this user won't allow gratitudes lol but it still let me give a thumbs up nice catch weed what was the weight of the fish since your holding a scale ? or that some pretty big lure using lol
  9. yes sounds venting issue or main gas hose is pinched when was the last time fuel filter changed ? or you got watered gas from last station
  10. J3st3rXI other is cold plate is clogged rpm won't help you just let you know pump still spinning if Ah is handy with tools and can solder i'd walk him through modifying it note: the hoses should be to ceialing to allow pump to burp out the air
  11. first is this unit still in warranty ? if so RMA it call 1 510-657-8747 if out of warranty  open pump for the plate is clogged   if on TS hit me up in cod5 room an will talk you through for i.m the pioneer of water cooling
  12. elvis I was there an he played as a team player not some hot shot solo king killing any thing that moved as you think ithinks your just green, I killed him a few times so can you suck it up butter cup an don't step on me blue saude shoes
  13. best get a USB headset to avoid motherboard issues like Sammy has with Realtek , but I got no issues with onboard Realtek sound after clean install of their current drivers Note: match 32bit or 64bit driver. also unloads cpu with usb sound using this plantronics rig500hd good mic only issue not made for wide headed an eye glass waer'ers for ears get sore from pressure over long time you can't adjust plastic tension like the steel head ban type
  14. yes missing the ole guy when hunting Johnny happy papa day all
  15. with edge I see links are X boxes when click them will show server but its also goes into a routine of loading the teampeak on the home page of XI for every button you got your work cut out for you that's the issue seems the links are tied to teamspeak on all those link buttons in that cell of page