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  1. KaptCrunch

    water pump dead run on air cooler till you fix water pump
  2. KaptCrunch

    by chance the car have a power chip installed on computer witch disables that function
  3. KaptCrunch

    psu, ram, cooling issues
  4. KaptCrunch

    pappi are you good with handtools to open joystick and check the connections with wire to PC
  5. KaptCrunch

    also noticed if use GPU to crunch for cancer with WCG (IBM) if suspend GPU work game will boot fine
  6. KaptCrunch

    RTX 2080 Ti an no its not the one in 4sale
  7. KaptCrunch

    COD unhandled eception errors, and other games crashing need to go in your Nvidia control panel and resize screen, leave some boarder have do this every new driver install ……...resize screen Note: for moniter is TV ao no windows driver for it
  8. KaptCrunch

  9. KaptCrunch

    looking for i7 3820 cpu 2011 socket PM if have one or 3930
  10. KaptCrunch

    to add step 3) when using a cannned air or compressor to blow out the dust from case and fans NOTE: never spin a fan with air for that fan becomes a generator an will send more voltage than to motherboard it can handle and damaged it, just hold fan from turning when doing so on CPU cooler or any other fan or unplug it
  11. KaptCrunch

    ohmy your all set for PCI-E v3 is your CPU can handle need to know the Motherboard model and its Revision (printed on MB...... Rev x.xx so can get all current drivers for hardware
  12. KaptCrunch

    with Nvidia GPU's strange getting that with no loaded GPU a black screen
  13. KaptCrunch

    converted Canadain prices that's what it comes USD so my rubber was used so pimp that USA Damage_inc I love you to see you buy one for they not available notice the notify button on your link supply and demand Note: card is 2 slot wide
  14. used not abused EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition Gaming, 11GB GDDR5X, iCX Cooler & LED, Optimized Airflow Design, Interlaced Pin Fin Graphics Card 11G-P4-6393-KR single owner moved up to RTX2080 $700 USD cash in hand then ship