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  1. KaptCrunch

    freedom of speach in canada is fake for afew weeks back i made a rant post about how goverment twist the story's around with fake news (note not XI site) as above , if mentioned names they will take your browser cache and delete it when spoken the truth how they operate. VIA who runs the clould cause they are monitering key words
  2. side stepping the debating
  3. KaptCrunch

    .ooops not anymore for hackers can't use phone activation anymore UPDATE MAY, 2020. PLEASE NOTE: The instructions below are out of date and no longer appear to be working. See Microsoft’s Windows 10 Activation page. Telephone activation should not be needed for Windows 10 anymore. If you purchased a product key and it’s not activating via the normal methods, there is a real possibility you were sold an invalid license. Return the license to the vendor for a refund if it will not activate, and always purchase Windows 10 either from Microsoft directly, or from a known and reputable vendor. To activate Windows 10, you need a digital license or a product key. If you're ready to activate, select Open Activation in Settings. Click Change product key to enter a Windows 10 product key. If Windows 10 was previously activated on your device, your copy of Windows 10 should be activated automatically.
  4. KaptCrunch

    0h n0 your going to enable meandean loose on COD5 servers with his wicked knifing skills again like he used to do like a real ghoust Bogleg the MB support PCI-e 3.0V Dean when you get your new hardware first get all drivers for it that MATCHES YOUR MB Rev# and model name on a flash drive before you try on your HDD, when ready to startup ........BOOT IN SAFE MODE ...........so you can load your new drivers for new hardware
  5. KaptCrunch

    Dean were almost there now need the model # off MB
  6. KaptCrunch

    Dean thats just the chip set name need to look @ MB to know brand as said b4 written on MB 400watt for gtx1060
  7. KaptCrunch

    Dean thzats great, what happened to Motherboard ID written on MB
  8. KaptCrunch

    Dean is this a brand name computer if so does case have any sticker with model/serial# on it or go in bios sys info, if home built need to open case and look between PCI-e slots or CPU to PCI-e slot ...is written on MB also look for Rev.x.xx written on MB if any thing over Rev1.0 need to get those drivers that match Rev# of MB. let us know what you find Note if too old not worth miss match hardware really what issue you having now with graphics (meaning what game won't play) gtx650 supports PCI Express 3.0 if get new GPU your in same boat if MB not have PCI Express 3.0 if GPU is overheating now have someone who knows to reT.I.M. your GPU
  9. KaptCrunch

    yes most don't know how to layout proper loop for looks is mainly the concern an physics is out the window. cavitaion is a killer....... Rose hit the nail on head , repeat sales
  10. KaptCrunch

    take a pic of connections to MB and the brand model of MB note also need the Rev.X.XX # too.
  11. KaptCrunch

    and some pepper so it can sneeze to catch with tweezera
  12. KaptCrunch

    no camera mount ? or built in to show us some amazing shots of space
  13. seen this thought i share https://www.engadget.com/5g-blackberry-keyboard-global-flagship-american-made-peter-franklin-175112005.html
  14. KaptCrunch

    boot in safe mode then run AV other can be a bad hardware driver causing hang up
  15. KaptCrunch

    dean also check your MB site for any updates for USB NOTE: look for RevX.XX written on MB for some manu's use same name maodel but with a revision of MB meaning used differrent chips but same model also on win10 can go into device manager and right click and update drivers for USB



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