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  1. CAUSE windozes thinks you have a 60Hz moniter
  2. multi or single player ? fps is your hardware drivers up to date
  3. G check your PM nice build too brite for me any fan speed controliers ?
  4. lol Barron he'll need sun glasses at nite to stop the glare or place a window shade/blind over the wall mounted PC to cover it and out of sight out of mind for the sticky fingers G get some insurance for it
  5. played last night WW2 with her , thanks to helped her with video card she can play again
  6. well that brand of card is a avoid i know from others dieing some good high end ones are EVGA MSI that ive had no issues with, there more but cant say for never used them the thing is RMA is good with abpve ( life time warranty EVGA) and stand behind product galaxy your out of orbit when things go
  7. gee Elvis you found the real DukeNukem
  8. also maybe a PSU Minimum power supply requirement 500 watt to run that card
  9. if have the speaker icon in task bar right click and select playback then set your default output to what are using ? headset mine always gets set to moniter after an update
  10. toes your to late for OS is NSA tool to begin with the router issue is to block the ransomware people the reboot is to kick out defaulted passwords
  11. https://www.ic3.gov/media/2018/180525.aspx
  12. forgot to say if do a hard reset take info of isp settings before resetting
  13. note : any hardware that uses a password, automatic password box fill isn't random for the hacker has that password already so when you make one do your own and use all combinations upper, lower case text, symbols and under scores in your password with no less than 12 character's also write it down with date do change 4 months
  14. in command prompt type " msinfo32 " without quotes will tell what version of OS are running now
  15. it's not going to help you install another on the lan for guid is is locked to 1 install / connection