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  1. wow Laz after watching your link and closed, I got this screen are they tracking us ? or another covid story! MS say PUP he said she said media ....? TPM
  2. KaptCrunch

    Eeeesssssssie they all feel your bullets ........SMARTY killer Blond
  3. KaptCrunch

    well this blond.......figured out covid is lie
  4. to divide is to concour
  5. schmoozing lemmings of Darwin @ work guess passed the test for still alive i not sail the..... Titanic
  6. N P PainKiller laughter is the best medicine. but are sure was a apple ? lol sure make a hell of a blue flaame out my anaus. Them MSDS sheets are best guide line, do you catch chemical disposal saying not to put in sewer as to bannana's like black an ripe turns to alcohol and yes for peyote will mess you real bad, collage they dried peels in oven then smoke them.
  7. Gee Pete they even had a stat for injection room tempurture Thank you but i fell through the cracks on that sheet, an lost a good friend over these legs
  8. i'm awake to this bs thread guess everyone is dead. Pete, better call corners office.
  9. KaptCrunch

    video drivers
  10. i see a coward hiding behind a finger and coward's remove truth i put a bulleye on my for you cowards, still waiting for you to come out of the darkness, your mercinary failed last time ....i'm still alive
  11. this he said she media BS is genocide is before your eyes .....the covid thing is a tool to kill off the middleclass period. so keeps the greedy degenerates on top. just my observation for vax isn't like supposed to be for as a kid growing up the vax was just a pin prick period, today was sore has hell and scab like blisters over my body for my system is kicking it out of body is it true that war has become bio-warfare for someone is reading Hitler's playbook and weaponized covid in the lab (not china for was commissioned by WHO ?) is that clear being....... for history repeating let me know if i'm a wacko or sane
  12. to the point no BS filler to baffle brains to sell you some shit just facts
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