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    Welcome to the forums!
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    Welcome to the forums!
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    Welcome buddy!
  4. Whats nice about shotguns are the different loads available. The higher the number of the shot, or the pellets inside the shell, the smaller they are. And you can reload the empty shells yourself, say with rock salt, if you dont want to kill someone , load the gun with a salt shell first, then a 6 or 8 shot for number 2 and say 00 for the 3rd round. That 00 travels further, so you can hit em as they are running away
  5. Well, Hello bossman! I guess I will fill the pumps for awhile
  6. spinpuppy

    sh sh sh sh sh sh sh sh sh Yer in. Welcome !!
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    RIP, Another long time member passes. prayers to the family
  9. spinpuppy

    Today there was a new innovative product announced..."THE V PACK" Similar to a camel back pack worn by our military, with the exception of it not being full of water, but Vagasil. These " Packs " will be handed out at the beginning of the map to those players that need it. Will save a lot of time when someone tells them to " Hit the Pump ", they will have a portable one on their back! I can not take credit for this, it was all @Streetcleaner !! GOOD JOB MAN!!
  10. Dont drive or live where there is no snow (S hit N o O ne W ants)?
  11. After attempting to think about this for a couple weeks now, and filling my house with the smell of burnt rubber while I was doing that...I have come to the conclusion that...I am my most favorite player! Fuck everybody else, and their fuckin eggs, and pumps, and wipes, and health packs
  12. spinpuppy

    Nominate the biggest user of the pump? Is that what you want? Maybe I should start that post @McGrim Ya think? We could have it weekly, "MOST PUMP USE BY PLAYER". We can make a list. I'll be on it, i'm sure
  13. spinpuppy

    wipe dispensers, like a tissue dispenser....you got something there @Mr_Wick. Those can just sit on a table, would't have to be bolted to a wall......GREAT IDEA !!!
  14. spinpuppy

    @2_MANY_BEERS, I guess I will need to send him a PM about this. So hard to find good volunteer help these days. @HarryWeezer is failing on day one
  15. spinpuppy

    Why Thank You COTP, Lets get the map completed quickly. Its needed in the DM2 server immediately