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  1. spinpuppy

    well, its about time
  2. mp_konigsberg.ff 33.76 mp_konigsberg.iwd 524.59 kB · 2 downloads MB · 3 downloads mp_konigsberg_load.ff 288 B · 2 downloads Here is the new map, seems like the the redirect is very slow so you can put these directly into your map folder
  3. This planet will be just fine, no matter what we do to it. We just wont be alive to see it heal up! We are today's dinosaurs
  4. The earth will be just fine, no matter what. But the pathetic human infestation of this planet's days are numbered Yeah, talk will fix everything
  5. Need a good towel...that's it
  6. spinpuppy

    In PA about $9 a pack. I roll my own, works out to about $9 a carton
  7. Think I was in the casino when that pict was taken
  8. Funny you started this, was talking to a work associate about the experience my wife and I had at 5:15 pm on a busy highway (820) in Fort Worth. They asked if we called the police or anyone about it. For what? So they can look at us funny. 3 shiny spheres in a triangle formation, looked like pinballs, above what was then Carswell AFB and General Dynamics...where they manufactered F16 Fighter jets. We pulled off the highway and watched this thing dart around the sky for a bit, then it took off west, fast really fast. Lots of people saw this that day and saw us watching it, was in the middle of rush hour.
  9. spinpuppy

    Banning yourself......Done that!
  10. spinpuppy

    Also, as a moderator, if you have kick power and you get that annoying duplicate Q port error...kick yourself out of the server with rcon max, then rejoin.
  11. spinpuppy

  12. spinpuppy

    extra parts chuck it in the box with the rest of the wires and shit u dont need and keep them forever till you forget why you even have them
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