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  1. spinpuppy

    Wow I thought I hated everybody!
  2. spinpuppy

  3. spinpuppy

    think I know why no one is in there.....
  4. spinpuppy

    5kbs on the down for the new mod. ummm still cant get in
  5. spinpuppy

    Done. I will try it again
  6. spinpuppy

    Cant get in there, my puter makes that cool BOING sound when I try
  7. spinpuppy

    My 2 dogs, Rocco and Benji. Benji is the brown one. 4 years old brothers from the same litter. Maltese Yorkie Shitzu mix. Smart little guys that do not shed
  8. spinpuppy

    Carlings Black Label? They still make that swill?
  9. spinpuppy

    GOOD NEWS! Now get better and get back in here
  10. spinpuppy

    A name I can relate with....Welcome to the family!
  11. spinpuppy

    Welcome to the forums!
  12. spinpuppy

    I am 60 also, and we aren't done laughing...not at all! Positive thought and prayers your way, and get back in our servers. We got a DM 3 now all for you baby!!
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