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  1. The good thing about your " online family " is that we are always here to listen...you hang in there buddy!
  2. where is @_derXos_? He lives there. Yall should have looked him up!
  3. Same response here! Unbelievable that they walked away from that
  4. YAY A New IDIOT!!!
  5. Might want to start a new post , get this rolling
  6. ps single mothers??? how do you make a programme on that ffs the uk version would be got pissed, got pregnant, applied for benefits and house, retired. Well, that is exactly what it is about. There is the show!
  7. There are programs here about tow truck drivers, single teenage mothers, horders, cheaters, catfishers, tuna fisherman, crab fisherman, snow plow drivers, ghost hunters, and many more. I guess we can have one on PC gamers, right? They have theirs, we have ours
  8. OMG its happened there too?
  9. He certainly hit the communications part dead on!
  10. ok, not the power supply but it sounds like a power issue. are you plugged into a surge protector? Maybe its going bad, has a bad cord, or maybe the outlet is messed up. plug it in another outlet and see whats up also did you get another power cord with the new power supply? Maybe the cord is bad
  11. I saw a gun cleaning kit on a wall there, you own a gun...in the UK? AWESOME
  12. Guess what! You can buy those at HOME DEPOT, Right by the check out!
  13. Happy Birthday Buddy!
  14. Well, you missed out. I liked Gettysburg though, beautiful area
  15. whoopsie,