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  1. spinpuppy

    Happy Birthday my friend!
  2. spinpuppy

    I could tell you stories of customers that I have dealt with for days...I think about them a lot when I am driving and know that they could be next to me on any highway at any time. Scares the shit out of me
  3. spinpuppy

    I'll roll for ya Johnny !!
  4. spinpuppy

    AWESOME. I know the number one fan will let me know so I can get that day off. I will be there looking for you!
  5. spinpuppy

    I like cookie dough
  6. spinpuppy

    Hey Storm, do these guys ever play in the States? I'd like to see them if they come close to me here in western PA
  7. spinpuppy

    Since I was the admin that @Elvis9 is speaking of I must add to this post. I warned him not to go back in there and he complied. That's it, case closed. No problem. As for the recording, admins routinely have the record button pressed while in game, at least I do. I was recording you and another player that was doing a similar thing at the same time. Nothing came of either so the recorded gameplay was deleted. I am sure that all of our admins respond to spawn camping, hacking, glitching complaints the same way. Just start recording, spec the player, see what they are doing and usually its nothing. Just like today. Nothing. Don't worry about it man, its ok. Hell, @2_MANY_BEERS kicked me for glitching one time and I did not even know I was in a glitch. And he didn't warn me either ( assclown) When this gets to be a problem is when a player is told repeatedly to stop glitching and they don't. Then we kick, then ban. That is when the recorded gameplay is necessary, and is uploaded to the demo manager for all admins to see. Evidence of the reason for ban. Cant ban from our servers without it. You never know what is going to happen, so you record just in case. I really enjoy playing the game with you Elvis, did not mean to upset you in any way.
  8. spinpuppy

    OMG AWESOME! Now I know where you have been hanging out! Congrates buddy! Welcome to the " Team "
  9. spinpuppy

    Awwww, hope you come back some day, we will be here waiting for you!
  10. spinpuppy

  11. spinpuppy

    wouldnt load, could not remove it...lol
  12. Go to Cali if you want to live rough, the libtards there give you needles to support your habits, all the government benefits you want as well as allow you to shit on the streets
  13. spinpuppy

  14. Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see