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  1. Benji is the brown one, Rocco is black. 6 year old Morki's. Brothers from the same litter. My little buddies! Could not imagine life without these two chick magnets.
  2. Very sorry to hear about your dad. Praying for your family.
  3. Yall should work in retail....reason why I hate 99% of the population of humans walking this planet.
  4. RiP my good friend Toes, you will be missed. We had many a laugh over the years, just not gonna be the same
  5. OK Got the 2nd one on the 7th of April. Arm hurt like hell on the 8th, like nothing happened on the 9th. My wife though.....was pretty sick for a couple days. We are both fine now
  6. 1st one messed with me like that 2 days after the shot. Whole body hurt. Cant wait till April 7th now!
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