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  1. spinpuppy

  2. spinpuppy

    pittsburgh on the 14....maybe
  3. spinpuppy

    happened to me when I was about 16, was working in a restaurant and 3 men came in and robbed the place at gunpoint, put us all in the walk in cooler. They didnt get too far, got caught and I had to testify in a trial about a year later
  4. spinpuppy

    66 F and fuck you
  5. spinpuppy

    My blood pressure is usually quite low until @McGrim is in the game then it goes haywire
  6. " Dogs > People "   

  7. spinpuppy

    Welcome to the Forums!!
  8. spinpuppy

    Welcome to the Forums! Have fun!
  9. spinpuppy

    should add " sweaty " in front of "balls"
  10. spinpuppy

    Oh yeah and SHUT UP McGrim !!
  11. spinpuppy

    That is truly Fantastic News! I really am very glad that you are getting back to normal...well as close as you can get to normal..none of us are really normal I guess, but you are better then before so that's good...really good...right? I think I will just shut up now
  12. spinpuppy

    I hire retired guys all the time, they always show up and work when they are there! When you get bored.....
  13. spinpuppy

    welcome to the family!
  14. spinpuppy

    welcome to the family!
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