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  1. spinpuppy

    If you are using the phone and the phone is hooked up to the sound system via bluetooth, hands free, is that still a violation? I totally agree with the people that simply have to text while driving are a huge problem, but if you are talking hands free ( what I do when I am driving to who ever wants to actually talk to me ) is that now wrong also? I go to Canada a few times a year and need to know this shit.
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    So...talking with a Briton is like talking to my wife?
  4. spinpuppy

    Lets go! Welcome !
  5. spinpuppy

    LOL you are listed as a TROUBLEMAKER ! Better keep an eye on this one
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    Happy Birthday Buddy!
  7. <--------------------------------------Right there
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    yay Christmas, @hxtr, that big present in front there is for you
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    Do not confuse a better player than you with a hacker, there is a difference. I have literally HOURS of video of a few good players who everyone thinks that they hack, but after reviewing many times with multiple admins...they are not cheating. Do exactly what these admins say to do, take a vid, change the name of the vid to the players name, post the vid in the COD 5 section. If you do that we can follow up