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  1. What was the shape of the thing you saw?
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  3. Back in 1996, in June, during 5 oclock traffic, my wife and I were driving along loop 820 in Fort Worth. It was a typical clear sunny day in Texas. We were coming up on the Lake Worth bridge and we noticed something shiny in the sky. We both looked up and saw what appeared to be 3 shiny balls in a triangle formation, best way to describe was like pinballs, shiny and silver in color. They stayed in a triangle formation and were darting about in the sky over what was then General Dynamics, where F16 fighter jets were built. Also, adjacent to this factory was Carswell AFB. We crossed the bridge, then pulled over on to the shoulder, got out of my truck, sat on the tailgate, and watched these balls dart about, really quick, then hover motionless, then the triangle formation would spin slowly. Being a clear day, it was impossible to tell how high in the sky this thing was, or how large. Now remember, this is rush hour traffic, 3 lanes both ways on 820, heavy traffic, lots and lots of people saw us sitting on the tailgate looking up. There is just no way that we were the only ones that saw this. We watched this...thing or things zip around in the sky for about 5 minutes, it would zip west, then come right back to its previous position in a millisecond, slowly spin, than dart off again in another direction, then sit still in another location, like it was looking for something. And it was totally silent, and no vapor trail. After about 5 minutes, this thing simply zipped away to the west at an incredible speed, and vanished. So my wife and I are just stunned, we got back in the truck and left. On the news that night not a mention of anything over Lake Worth. There was boats on the lake, people saw us looking up, there had to be someone else that saw this "thing". In that area there is always aircraft due to the AFB, GenDynamics and multiple airports. While we were looking up, there were no other aircraft visible, and I was expecting a fighter jet to launch to investigate, but it didnt happen, at least not while we were watching. So, dont call us nuts, this did happen, I saw it, so did my wife
  4. after waiting for nearly 2 months, my new Tacoma arrived this past Saturday. First vehicle that I ever ordered. Has everything that I wanted in it, no more, no less...including the color and interior seat trim
  5. fetch me a sammich.....
  6. Happy B Day friend, have a good one!!
  7. I understand, and am very sorry for your loss
  8. He helped my son with an online quiz. My son is presently attending nursing school and simply was having a bad day. Mr Wick answered my call for help, called me and helped my son through the quiz. Hats off to @Mr_Wick!
  9. dam wick the dick
  10. Been a long long time, like Gatlinburg I think. Hopefully you get some satellite or something soon to get back in here. We miss ya