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  1. granny smith

    Thx Angelz I installed again, now it works!!
  2. I had to buy a new hard driver so i had to install the game again. I installed the patch 1.6 and 1.7. But when i connect it said: Error server is a different version. I dnt know the patches number, so i deleted the 1.6 and 1.7. So i installed 1.4 and 1.6 and still it said Error server is a different version. Which patches do i have to install, or do i have to deleted the game again becourse i installed the wrong patches. Hope you can help me.
  3. granny smith

    i did but nothing happend
  4. I have a problem. I downloaded that new gungame server and all my setting are gone. Most of them i have back but the knife and picking up a weapon is still a problem. I used to use the F key for defrost but that dsnt work annymore, only in console /+activate. Dnt know the 'line' where the setting suppose to be. I also play ones in a while a sniper server and in/out zoom dsnt work annymore. I hear the sound but nothing happens. It was on the F en V key. So can someone help me?
  5. There are map that dnot download in the game, like townville, vukovar and wasted (and maybe more). The first 2 are in the download section but i cant find wasted.
  6. When will the new server show in the serverlist of the game? I cannot play becourse xfire dsnt detect my cod game.I play sometimes on my laptop but that is horrible!
  7. granny smith

    I think i found my answer for my problem. (nothing to do about it i see). Cannot find the server for more than 2 month now. Did not know the ip. Im going to try console when i find the right ip.



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