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  1. Cheyenne

    Happy BIrthday LOCO and Thank you very much
  2. Cheyenne

    I am back at home. !!
  3. Here's hoping all goes well for you. I'll say a little prayer for you.

  4. Thank you for the kind regards that Roody sent me from you. The 3 hour operation went well, unfortunaly, ear bones had to be removed and replaced with an implant. I hear nothing in the moment, but this can still change. If everything goes well, I can go home on sunday. Greeting Jenny alias Cheyenne.
  5. Cheyenne

    Happy Birthday! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
  6. Cheyenne

    Happy birthday Loco
  7. Cheyenne

    I currently have problems in my apartment. To tell everything that happens in my apartment I would need several pages. Short version : lights go on and off, steps, shadows around me. Plants that move even though all windows are closed. Knocking and the worst for me was, slam a door in my daughter's room. At the moment I can barely close an eye to sleep. If only then when the light is on. Visitors see shadows and hear noises. The dog of my neighbor reacts very strangely when he is with me and also her 2 1/2 year old daughter has seen something but could not describe it. You can think now that I'm crazy . but i'm a very realistic person and always look for a logical explanation for every little incident.
  8. Hello, I don't know if I can attend as I will have an operation on October 28th. I don't think I can sit long after the operation. But on the 30th I know more how bad the pain really is. Can't say anything yet. I would love to play along and give the boys a little kick in the a..... I'm sorry Greetings Jenny aka Cheyenne
  9. the junger Years.... 

  10. Thank you Sally ? yes, count me in @Eng4ine I am sooo sorry ?
  11. Cheyenne

    Thank you very much and happy birthday to you all as well. ?
  12. Cheyenne

    Wohoo, ich hab den verstanden. ?
  13. Cheyenne

    Happy Birthday to all !
  14. Cheyenne

    Der Deutschlehrer fragt Laura: "Was ist das für ein Fall, wenn du sagst: Das Lernen macht mir Freude?" Laura überlegt nicht lange: "Ein seltener, Herr Lehrer."
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