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  1. daniel

    Well, its true, you are a real fucker....uhmm...rocker:)
  2. daniel

    Happy birthday!
  3. daniel

    Good to see you on the forums! This is an open invitation to grab the tubes and search you About time there are some more Dutchies around here^^
  4. daniel

    Funny, My job for the last 16 years is in a TBS kliniek, kind of hard to explain what TBS is, but its a bit like Jeroen said, a psychiatric jail, If something goes wrong between the walls, Im the one to lead the intervention s for example when there is a fight going on, something medical or a fire. Before that I worked in the construction, mostly steel constructions. Done that with a lot of pleasure. And I still try to work as a gigolo, but no cusomers sofar, dunno why, prob because Im an Xtreme Idiot^^
  5. daniel

    Good to see you on the forums!
  6. daniel

    Happy birthday, have a good one!
  7. daniel

    If I go directly to the website I also get an error message (invalid SSL certificate Error 526) If Type xtremeidiots in Google, And then visit the website it works normal
  8. daniel

    Happy birthday, have a good one!
  9. daniel

    Happy birthday!
  10. daniel

    Happy birthday!
  11. daniel

    Happy birthday!
  12. daniel

    Happy birthday!
  13. daniel

    Happy birthday sukkel! I hope you have a good one!
  14. daniel

    Happy birthday!
  15. daniel

    Happy birthday!
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