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  1. Great work Sammy, thanks for all your time you put into this!
  2. Welcome to the forums, and it was good to see you ingame!
  3. Happy birthday. Corsicaman! Have a good one!
  4. Happy birthday Janey!
  5. Congrats Predator, Kitty and Hawk! Good luck the rest of the tourney!
  6. Happy birthday! Have a good one!
  7. Happy birthday, have a good one!
  8. Happy birthday, have a good one!
  9. Stay strong Hogan!
  10. @sam-i-am, @Jeroen v.2, we dont need a bye, all our oponents will get a double bye...Bye Bye , sit down and FU, ^^
  11. Good luck and stay safe! Ive seen the damage Irma has done to the islands...damn, thats bad.
  12. Can we get bonus points if we make @YACCster ragequit before the match is over?
  13. Happy birthday, have a good one!!
  14. Happy birthday, have a good one!