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  1. daniel

    Sad news, thoughts and prayers for all of you!
  2. Thanks Sammy, Im on it now, looking good!
  3. Are there gonna be some surprises which have to do with boobs? I Will try to join, looking forward to it!
  4. daniel

    Welcome to the forums and a warm ! FU Grill
  5. daniel

    Welcome Biggie! Keep shooting Roxy if you like, dont listen to her
  6. daniel

    Gecondoleerd gap! veel sterkte de komende tijd!
  7. The blast radius from enemy bouncing bettys when you try to shoot them seems pretty big. I keep killing myself when I shoot one.. ?
  8. daniel

    Happybirthday all! van harte gefeliciteerd @kenmen !
  9. Well done and congrats!
  10. daniel

    Uwe them for defrost only, of you kill someone with m you might be in trouble ^^
  11. FU Six! and well done , congrats!
  12. daniel

    please come back in the game Queen, I miss the cutest namecalling like “ sukkel en stomme lul” ?
  13. daniel

    Happy birthday all you idiots!
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