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  1. i have created a few unlimited links know and when i we click them it askes me to load the battlenet ap and boom we are in expires never and users unlimited https://blizzard.com/invite/y0RO5pHJ7 this link should work .
  2. https://blizzard.com/invite/BKkR4jI434
  3. when i click it it just put me in the group the link that was created in battlenet has no limits no time or members it should work.
  4. New link for those who want to join the xtreme idiots battlenet group for modern warfare 2019 join us on teamspeak and look for the modern warfare 2019 channel https://blizzard.com/invite/Zj4WBYIBkB
  5. i know an invite link in battlenet has a time limit so look for xtremeidiots ... and join the group
  6. 😀 yep it is PLAY to WIN NOT PAY to win just need to ply with good team mates and really step up your game for those who are new to a BR game need to adjust their normal cod style a bit after that once you get the feel of the things you can do in game is awesome.
  7. yes but what activision is doing they are letting you play a free game and by this putting the idea in your head to buy the full game with a battlepas and to be honest that pass is just like in fortnite pay once then you can easaly earn the cash back by just playing the game and you have the cash to buy the next season and the next so on and so on.
  8. yeah good story but it is not pay to win most of us who are playing it and also play other br games say it is not pay to win
  9. it is not pay to win. How to download Call of Duty: Warzone If you have Modern Warfare (2019), you simply load up the game, and head to the Classified panel in the game's main menu. The size of the Warzone download will vary depending on whether you've downloaded the latest patch, though – 18-22GB if you have, and more like 80GB if you haven't. You can, however, download Warzone as a standalone title – which, indeed, most of you will likely end up doing if you won't already have Modern Warfare (2019). It will be listed like any other Call of Duty title on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, or Battle.net on PC (you'll need the Battle.net desktop app for PC or Mac to download the game). Activision owns Blizzard, which is why Warzone is being pushed through Blizzard's Battle.net portal – and the download will apparently be 80-101GB.
  10. no need for the base game tip it is worth the watch the jackfrags video in the bottom there is all the info about what to expect frm the BR mode
  11. Dessy

    The one from 3 years ago is a girl called Dutchy she was in the clan too the girlfriend of Dannyboyyyyy also a long lost clanmember think they lost their tags under the old rules for not logging in the forums for a month. as for TheDutchy wel he is a clanmember too and where it says Cas thats him all the aliasses just some FYI
  12. Dessy

    are you a navy guy user123? coastguard maybe
  13. gaming is more like a hobby kitesurfing is the way i live. eat sleep kite repeat.
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