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  1. Dessy

    turn voice chat on ingame by options
  2. NO and there wont be any in a interview last month one of the DICE devs said there wont be RSP at launch .so if there was any chance of getting some kind of server control thats (like bf4) a no no. Will we host a BF5 server NO ONE knows if it is the same setup as BF1 we will probably try but it will end up the same way as BF1 dead within a year . not very positive you must think true but realistic we seen it with BF1 we played it as a group but most did not like it at all 1. server settings just plain bad in bf1 2.hard to control the server only name change so ours is just like the rest . 3. 10 vs 10 start mode even sometimes we could not get 6 vs 6 to get it started 4. admins no options ingame only kick or ban but no specmode had to quit game to rejoin as spectator. 5. platoons or play with friends even with bf1 its stil in beta BF5 beta was a disaster trying to play with friends 6. the old days are gone bf series is just like cod know we play for a year and then move on too the next. the things i mention here is what happend to us with BF1 we had a 64 slot server that was good and easy to start. it was full when we wanted to start it , 6 vs 6 The problem with it was its just the same as all the other ones out there! if there wil be a server rental program EA DICE is not going to let the system go as they introduced in BF1.
  3. Dessy

    it is what it is sixgun rotation says it all of what game of gaming time i spend in cod4 if there is a map that i dont like i wont play and go somewhere else or play a different game. thats just the way it is cod4 servers traffic are going down in numbers we all see it everyday and most of us move over to different games cause we can . It was not like this couple years ago but these days a 2 combo crap map after each other kills the server what to do what to do it has been said before rotation wise you cant please them all a few of us are making some new rotations (make one i would suggest sixgun ) i believe jeroenV2 one is getting pu on this weekend so will see how that runs its a good one.
  4. i was and yes it was forced on the players but thats old news no one said you where doing it for the money i did not so maybe you should think about that . anyways i wasted to much time on this .
  5. correct sir no one wanted that update of the mod that will push a lot of players away FORCING that mod on players is the same shit what big company's like ea and dice do play the way they want you to play. fuck that bs mw2 server is good as is dont fuck this server up. my 2 cents dutch maffia and funky
  6. she means somehow the server not cycles the full rotation it somehow just keep rotating the same maps know and so often maybe we can set the rotation without that random map at restart setting and see what happens. also in really small letters she said fu you dadda 😁
  7. Dessy

    kakakakaka welcome back realstupida hahaha hope u get your tags back my knife is waiting for ya. ow and for the voting a tip for SENIORS AND HEAD ADMINS innocent until proven guilty
  8. Dessy

  9. Dessy

    ok who is the big indian dude next to roxy?
  10. so basically u fucked up your whole system just to change your name.
  11. Dessy

    welcome to the forums
  12. Dessy

    Hi Alphadog welcome to the forums to answer your question the redirection doesn't pick anyone specifically it goes by how much time you've played on the server and yes we all been there it always feels it chooses you. AlphaDog'S STATS PLAYER SUMMARY First Seen: Sep 01, 2017 1:43 AM Last Seen: Today 11:00 PM Player seen on 41 Servers Player seen on 17 COD4 Servers ALL TIME STATS Score: 180595 Minutes Played: 3671 Score per Minute: 49.2 Rank on Server: #2419 out of 23483 looking at your minutes played well its like this when you join when the server is getting at that peak point u play against players with stats like this chomama>XI<'S STATS PLAYER SUMMARY First Seen: Nov 16, 2012 4:00 PM Last Seen: Yesterday 6:00 PM Player seen on 2 Servers Player seen on 2 COD4 Servers ALL TIME STATS Score: 24943920 Minutes Played: 165086 Score per Minute: 151.1 Rank on Server: #9 out of 23483 PLAYER SUMMARY First Seen: Oct 11, 2017 12:50 AM Last Seen: Online Now Player seen on 2 Servers Player seen on 2 COD4 Servers CURRENT STATS Score: 385 Minutes Played: 7 Score per Minute: 56.1 Rank on Server: #17 ALL TIME STATS Score: 1526628 Minutes Played: 18724 Score per Minute: 81.5 Rank on Server: #820 out of 23483 PLAYER PROFILE Click here to link this player to your profile.
  13. Dessy

    ha nice welcome to the club from one idiot to another.
  14. Dessy

    its just for safety there are people out there that find it a sport to get hd from dumpsters and see how many personal info they can get . just take a drill 6 mm drilbit and dril trew the platters u will be good.