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  1. Dessy

    1.7 is only one patch you need 1,6 that contains all of them 1.1 til 1.6 then just update to 1.7 on a cd version this is the only way you NEED the 1.6 patch this is the way on steam it might be diffrent becuase it goes to 1.8 instead
  2. thats kinda weird that you know tweaking the old mod isent it people asked to put it back the way it was not for tweaking it. for the emp thing @WeednFeed learn to aim better not that it is a bad thing to increase the range but it takes away the people need to learn to AIM
  3. @KaptCrunch this is not really widescreen you just have a 16:9 bigger screen res can be just set in the cfg file to do so no other software is neeeded this app works for ultrawide monitors or triple monitor setups it removes the bezels from the monitors so it is a full picture and with ultra wides it makes it so that it does not look stretched and flatened without the fixer with the fixer
  4. Dessy

    if you have your old profile @RobMc just start the game but where it says profile make a new one fire up the game and play on our server with that new profile 5 min so let it loads everything that is on there then copy your old acount in that new one should be good know BUT only if that old account is not corupted
  5. So for those who play older games like cod2 and cod4 and 5 and have a widescreen monitor maybe triple monitor setup and play windowed just to make the games not look stretched like my self you can fix this with the wide screen fixer there is no hex edit is needed just install the fixer choose your game set the resolution for tripple monitor setups you can adjust the bezzels of your screen. to activate there is a setting to bind it to a key i play on a 49 inch ultra wide 5120x1440 playing cod4 works great. https://github.com/dlrudie/WidescreenFixer/releases/tag/Or
  6. jup but to make it fair we put the old mod on the current server so the 146 without any tweak s and load the new mod on a other server no redirects from any server to both just see what happens
  7. in our case within xi people will go to the most populated server so main or whatever it is called it does not matter anymore
  8. no robmc the old mod was put on a diffrent server when the new mod was uploaded but it was also changed a little settings where changed it did not play the same point is they put it on a diffrent serv while the new mod was put on the main server but the new mod had the same thing it was put on a other server and it dident get any traffic cuz people went to the main server this is just the way it goes no one wants to do a 3 vs 3 or 6 vs 6 so they follow the crowd i dont get the double dutch remark to clarify thanks rugger for putting the mod back for the weekend
  9. this post does not mean a thing tho its like the us voting system you can have more votes but the end result will be the new mod stays not to say that there will be more votes for the new mod once they rallyd up all their friends who dont even play mw2. the other downpart will be those 19 votes know for the new mod against the 30 votes for the old will complain against the admin team as wel with the same storys the people from the old mod have if the old mod gets uploaded again .
  10. Dessy

    Back in the day i managed the best freezetag server in MOH spearhead in europe we where nr1 on the gametracker site for a decade untill the gamespy service was ended (meaning the main server list was terminated) i still have the server files and client files we can set it up on XI just need to load it up and change the passwords in the rcon and change the servername and msg what are we talking about here Ready to go server with more then 300 custom maps cmpatable with the FT mod All stock maps can be set to a christmas setting (meaning the sky is made to dark
  11. thats the same trick they did putting on the new mod it works good
  12. Dessy

    I dont know where you at but if you talking last years prices yes but know a days this is just reteail price i am not saying it is good but this is where its at. paid 550 for a msi suprim 3070 last year 100 above msrp price but i never ever got my hands on one of those. the biggest store over here in nl 3070 go for 1300$ but they are not in stock the 3070TI and 3080TI are at the moment in stock but lol retaling at 1299 right know same goes for their amd rivals



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