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  1. 1 2 3 we gaan los if you ever been to a party like this is the Dutch lands
  2. Merry Christmas Rugger
  3. will keep that under advisement mr master. but yeah like the man said we are IDIOTS AND PROUD OF IT!!!! and clearly you are not idiot material but stick around you will be
  4. I'm leaving! to the toilet...
  5. for santa,s special girl ICEQUEEN
  6. santa will bring you a box of these you are good then...
  7. for that special some one Merry christmasssss from the dutch mafia and funky
  8. +1 for Ideal
  9. its the after action report where it shows nemesis it would display the playername of the person who killed you the most.
  10. i always liked the worse enemy thing from black ops one that would be cool.
  11. i would like to see more shotgun options know its just 2 maybe adding the aa12 or a striker ,double barrel shotgun single shot? or a silencer on it.