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  1. Dessy

    black hole wait what you been to montana lately chili🤪
  2. Dessy

    good point tron +1
  3. Dessy

    i love that shit they converted me 2 just tossing some flash or stun grenades at people
  4. Dessy

    man here i was thinking you feeling generous again click bait 😀
  5. Dessy

    you shoulda said what are you on your period
  6. ah double barrel shotgun😀
  7. true that. that is why people come to our server and it is a fact that cod4 is slowly dying out lots of our own moved on to other games then cod and look at server 1 it is not as populated euro time anymore and that used to be the other way around. and for the old mod the gameplay in that mod was way better but you are right maybe new is not something bad ESC of F4H servers have that where you cant shoot and jump or god forbid do a dolphin dive server one is more hardcore. i really like the way the MW2 server is right know you created the perfect mod already no need for an update that will completely change the game as it is right know. changing perks changing weapons will change everything but if we do must change something why not start with exploring new rotations new maps more compatibility with the old maps we cant run so i hear. that would be a good update to the server maybe other host where we can run better admin tools on the servers. Keep up the good work .gr Des
  8. Dessy
  9. never change a winning thing keep the mw2 server as it is that is the whole reason people play there in the first place i have been on other freezetag servers that have those changes is some degree the ts is talking about and yeah they are all empty or 6 vs 6 with their own clan members. there is a reason why our server is that populated still people just like our mod the way it is and there is not one server that is better out there anymore. and yeah in a game people are frustrated and rq that is just the way it is some take it wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too serious ah last words people end with the big fu to all gr Dessy😀
  10. com_maxfps 250 maxpackets 100 these 2 are the only 2 i have changed in my mp_cfg max fps set to 250 our server is set too 125 but on 125 my game jitters a lot the gtx1080 does not like that setting 125. the max packets thing i set it too 100 it makes my ping 20 clicks lower it goes from 100 to 80 so from a guy playing from europe who goes in 6 hops to the server this is nice. als my cfg is set to read only some servers like to overwrite your cfg some mods do that also to prevent that set your cfg to read only. and for setting your packets to 5? why hammer must a grown man like you with a ping of the low 30 have to set your packets too 5? are you not enjoying the game anymore that your solution is to make yourself a lagging target ? and to be honest also a little foolish. setting it too 100 would be better for you