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  1. welcome to the idiots hawk
  2. Big trouble in little china Point Break Die hard Scarface Boyz in tha Hood
  3. thanks i took carrier out. server restarted 18-2-2018 10:26
  4. Map rotation1 BY Dessy put in 17 02 18 14 BO2 maps "gametype ftag map mp_vil_blops map mp_bo2cargo map mp_fallen map mp_bo2cargom map mp_bo2carrier map mp_bo2hydro map mp_bo2meltdown map mp_bo2paintball map mp_bo2plaza map mp_bo2raid map mp_bo2standoff map mp_bo2turbine map mp_bo2yemen map mp_box_hjacked"
  5. yup CTRL+SCROLL
  6. happy birthday have a nice day
  7. thanks sammy yes i know if you have time tomorow i got 30ish new maps we can use with both mods mw2 and bo2 all openwarfare tested. just need to make some more rotations
  8. Nice works but it needs a matching grill table
  9. + 1 yeah i dont like it MW2 server how it is right know is good as it is only thing that would be improved on that mod is make it compatable with the old maps.
  10. Is this mod fully compatable with all of the 800 maps we had in the past?
  11. are you refering to the server MW2 Freezetag if so maybe connect to server 1 freezetag thats more hc freezetag cod4 style. or play rummicup
  12. welcome kitty
  13. i have a aeropress and a gaggia classic & segafredo beans
  14. what message it gives you when trying to connect to the server