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  1. gaming is more like a hobby kitesurfing is the way i live. eat sleep kite repeat.
  2. by David Hodgson on November 26, 2019 The Roadmap for Modern Warfare Season One has dropped today, giving everyone a first look at the incoming content starting next week. This is the biggest free content drop in Call of Duty history. Plus, all Call of Duty players can look forward to Season One content releasing on all platforms at the same time. That’s right; get ready for everyone to enjoy all of the new content together, while continuing to play together through crossplay and cross progression. Free Content Available To All Here’s a look at the free Modern Warfare content all players will have access to that starts next week and will continue throughout the duration of Season One: Crash (Multiplayer Map): The iconic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare map has returned with all the flanking routes and action-packed rooftop encounters you remember. Vacant (Multiplayer Map): An abandoned office, previously visited in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, leads to intense interior combat across the complex. Shipment (Multiplayer and Gunfight Map): The classic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare map where fast and frenetic action reigns supreme. Port (Ground War Map): Battle across massive shipping crates, cranes, buildings and streets in this unique Ground War map experience. Cargo (Gunfight Map): An open-roof storage vessel for shipping containers, on docks of London. Atrium (Gunfight Map): The centerpiece of a Verdansk palace, still intact despite the conflict raging nearby. Additional Maps: Look for additional multiplayer maps as Season 1 progresses. Reinforce (Multiplayer Mode): A hybrid of Dom and S&D, a single-life mode with both teams competing for control of three flags. On Site Procurement (O.S.P.) (Gunfight Mode): A tactically rich 2v2 mode with a twist: Begin with just your fists, and gather equipment as the match progresses. Infected (Multiplayer Mode): It’s hunt or be hunted in this survival party game mode! Additional Modes: Look for more modes as Season 1 continues. Bomb Squad (Special Ops Experience): Forces still loyal to Barkov have planted explosives around the city of Al-Raab. You’re here to defuse the situation. Grounded (Special Ops Experience): Enemies have seized Barkov’s former airbase. Engage and eliminate them. Pitch Black (Special Ops Experience): Infiltrate Barkov’s former estate and recover all required intel before an exfill in a Tactical Rover. Just Reward (Special Ops Experience): Your squad targets the head of an enemy financial operation, hacking his data centers, and gaining intel. Additional Content: Look for more Special Ops content as Season 1 continues. Free Content Accessed through the Battle Pass System Every single member of the Modern Warfare community can earn some of the tiers within the forthcoming battle pass system, including cosmetic items and two new base weapons. Look for more information about this on December 3. Ram-7 New Weapon: Introducing a new fully automatic bullpup Assault Rifle with integrated picatinny rails at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. Holger-26 New Weapon: LMG spec of the Holger model rifle, with integrated sight rail and drum magazine for additional ammunition-carrying capacity. Additional Notes Note that some of this content may drop later than the Season One start date of December 3, and additional content may be added to Season One. Check back here on December 3 where we’ll fully reveal the 100 tiers of the Battle Pass and reveal Season One in much greater detail. Until then… Stay frosty.
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  4. source https://charlieintel.com/new-maps-and-hardpoint-coming-to-modern-warfare-on-nov-8/57827/ New maps and Hardpoint coming to Modern Warfare on Nov 8 By Keshav Bhat - November 7, 20190 Activision and Infinity Ward have announced on social channels that there’s new content incoming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. They have announced that a new Multiplayer Map called “Shoot House,” which is a 6v6 map (Activision rep confirmed to CI that it’s a 6v6 map) and a Ground War map called “Krovnik Farmland” is coming to the game on November 8. A new patch update with other tuning adjustments will also release on Nov. 8 per Infinity Ward developer on ResetEra. Alongside the new maps, Hardpoint mode debuts in as a Game Mode option in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. All of this content is available across platforms on Friday, November 8. This is part of the changed PlayStation deal where all post launch content deploys on all platforms at the same time. Updated: The new in-game message of the Day for Modern Warfare describes Shoot House as a “new three-lane Multiplayer map putting you in close quarter combat.” With this new content, there’s also expected to be a new patch update for the game that brings weapon tuning updates, bug fixes, crash fixes, and so much more. Stay tuned.
  5. source https://www.pcgamesn.com/call-of-duty-modern-warfare/maps Call of Duty: Modern Warfare leak reveals 38 potential new maps Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been met with a positive critical reception, but one thing players have found a little disappointing is the game’s selection of maps. While there are 19 multiplayer maps in total, only ten of those are available in standard game modes, with the rest reserved for the smaller (Gun Fight) or larger (Ground War) match types. Now, however, there is some hope for those wanting more maps in Modern Warfare. A datamine has revealed there are 38 potential new maps listed in the game’s files, including some fan favourites from the original Modern Warfare trilogy. Reddit user Senescallo lists the 38 map names with some accompanying images. Maps of note include Call of Duty 4‘s Crash and Shipment, Modern Warfare 2‘s Sub Base and Rust, and one named Stadium – a possible remake of a Black Ops map. In a separate datamine, Call of Duty fansite CharlieIntel has uncovered some possible new modes. Classic game types such as Demolition, Gun Game, Infected, and Capture the Flag could make a comeback, it seems, while there are also descriptions for new modes such as Fire Mission and Rupture. You can see the full list of maps and modes leaked in the datamines below. It’s worth noting that these maps and modes might not necessarily end up in the game – some developers simply hedge their bets by putting placeholders in game files, and plans can also change – but their existence is at least encouraging for those struggling with the game’s current map rotation. More Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Modern Warfare will probably get a 725 nerf this week Call of Duty Modern Warfare PC performance: easily hit 60fps with your graphics card Call of Duty: Modern Warfare leak reveals 38 potential new maps The game has been both a critical and commercial success, making over $600 million in its first three days on sale and earning an 8/10 in our own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare review. Since then, however, it has run into some issues, such as broken spawn points and a new mode being disabled just hours after it went live. Additionally, Modern Warfare’s Highway of Death scene has caused some controversy, leading the game’s narrative director to speak out against the criticism. CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE – NEW MAPS GUNFIGHT Cage (mp_m_cage) Cargo (mp_m_cargo) Hook (mp_m_hook) Exclusion Zone (mp_m_exclusion) Shoot House (mp_m_speed) 6V6 / 10V10 Aniyah Tac (mp_aniyah_tac) Crash (mp_crash2) Dam (mp_dam) Krovnik Farmland (mp_farms2) Gulag (mp_gulag) Hospital (mp_hospital) Layover (mp_layover) Lowline (mp_lowline) Lumber (mp_lumber) Malyshev (mp_malyshev) Milbase (mp_millbase) Oasis (mp_oasis) Port (mp_port2) Prison (mp_prison) Rivne (mp_rivne) Shipment (mp_shipment) Shipmight (Day) (mp_shipment_am) Shipment (Night) (mp_shipment_pm) Slums (mp_slums) Stadium (mp_stadium) Sub Base (mp_subbase_lm) Super (mp_super) Urzikstan (mp_syrkistan) Torez (mp_torez) Transit (mp_transit) TV Station (mp_tvstation) Faridah (mp_faridah) Unnamed Rust (mp_rust) Takedown (mp_takedown) Borderline (mp_borderline) GROUND WAR Smetna Farms (mp_farms2_gw) OTHER Gun Course (mp_t_gun_course) Marksman Range (mp_t_sn_reflex) CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE – NEW MODES Showdown (+ Hardcore) (gametype_showdown) Onslaught (gametype_onslaught) Incursion (gametype_incursion) Fireteam (+ Hardcore) (gametype_fireteam) Breach (gametype_breach) Arms Race (+ Hardcore) (gametype_arm) Team Juggernaut (gametype_tjugg): Each team has a Juggernaut. Juggernaut kills are worth more points. The first team to reach the score limit wins. Reinforce (gametype_siege): Capture points to revive fallen teammates. Taking all points will win the round. Rupture (gametype_rugby): Take control of a powerful Juggernaut and push to the enemy’s base to win. One in the Chamber (gametype_oic): Gain Ammo by eliminating enemies. Highest score wins. Invasion (+ Hardcore) (gametype_blitz): Take your team’s flag into the enemy team’s base. Infected (gametype_infect): Eliminated Survivors become Infected. Infect everyone, or survive the game to win. High Value Target (gametype_hvt): Gain score by eliminating players on the opposing team. Extract high value enemy combatants to steal score back. Gun Game (gametype_gun): Be the first player to score a kill with each one of the provided weapons. Grind (gametype_grind): Recover dog tags and take them to the objective marker to score for your team. Drop Zone (gametype_dropzone): Hold the Drop Zone to earn points and Drone Packages. Demolition (gametype_demo): Teams alternate in attacking and defending two bomb sites, both of which must be destroyed by the attacking team equipped with bombs. Defender (gametype_tdef): Capture the drone and hold it to upload data and earn points for your team. Search and Rescue (gametype_sr): Teams take turns defending and destroying an objective. Recover dog tags to allow or deny respawns. Capture the Flag (gametype_ctf): Get the enemy flag and return it to your base. Fire Mission (+ Hardcore) (gametype_btm): Eliminate enemies, capture HQ’s and extract VIPs to earn score for your team. Assault (gametype_assault): Attackers attack bomb site. Defenders defend! All or Nothing (gametype_aon): Spawn with a custom pistol, throwing knife and no starting ammo. Extra perks are gained on kills, but you lose everything on death.
  6. if i may ask what are the specs of your machine?
  7. it should work know.😀 https://blizzard.com/invite/LaX7A9cWaK
  8. click the link to be added / join the group and play games with our community https://blizzard.com/invite/zrMOGZtwvg
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    it is like any other game these days rushed too soon roled out to early always behind on fixes you either deal with it or bash your head against the wall
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    no it is not 1999 anymore that idea of online gaming does not exist.
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  13. source : https://blog.activision.com/call-of-duty/2019-10/Feature-Explaining-Player-Progression-in-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare FEATURE: EXPLAINING PLAYER PROGRESSION IN CALL OF DUTY®: MODERN WARFARE® Welcome to the official breakdown of how player progression will work in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. by David Hodgson and James Mattone on October 18, 2019 PRE-ORDER NOW “I was just a "Leftenant" back then...doing some wetwork…” – Captain Price. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is set to offer a fresh progression system that gives players a constant stream of rewards while keeping the satisfaction and pride that comes with ranking up. In Modern Warfare, you will unlock loadout options, Killstreaks, and Field Upgrades through an initial series of Enlisted Ranks, earn permanent rewards and icons through Seasonal Officer Ranks which are memorialized permanently, and unlock an arsenal of attachments and camos through Weapon Levels. Here is an in-depth look at how this progression system will work: The Enlisted Ranks: Unlocking Elements of Multiplayer When you begin your ranking up in Multiplayer (or in Special Ops), you begin in the Enlisted Ranks as a Private (Level 1). Here, you have a choice between three default loadouts and a limited number of Killstreaks and Field Upgrades. Unlocking Enlisted Ranks is the traditional Call of Duty progression path you may be familiar with: As you gain XP (experience points) through normal gameplay, you begin to climb through the Enlisted Ranks. After unlocking two more default loadouts within the first two rank ups, you will reach Enlisted Rank: Private IV (rank 4). Achieving this gives you access to the Loadout menu, where you can create a custom loadout. Need more information on Loadouts? Read this article. As you continue to gain experience and advance from Enlisted Rank 4, all the way to Command Sergeant Major V – Rank 55 – you will unlock new weapons, equipment and perks for your loadouts, as well as Field Upgrades and Killstreaks. Ranking Up: Gaining XP What are some of the ways you can gain XP through normal gameplay? · By completing Multiplayer Matches, and Special Ops Operations and Missions. · By completing Daily Challenges, short objectives that are usually able to be completed within a play session. · By completing Challenge Missions; multi-step objectives that also result in other rewards (see below). · By completing Camo Challenges; which unlock variations of base weapon camos and also offer you XP boosts. · Once Officer Ranks are unlocked, there are additional Officer Rank Challenges (see below). The Officer Ranks: Seasonal Rewards and Badges of Honor In this new Progression system, a player’s Enlisted Ranks of 1-55 are never reset and they will never have their functional items re-locked. Instead, players now progress into the new Officer Rank system: Rather than having to reset your Enlisted Rank, Modern Warfare will introduce Officer Ranks, a seasonal ranking system complete with rewards and 100 ranks to progress through. When you reach Officer Rank 1, you receive a cosmetic Weapon Blueprint for your promotion. Ranking up through the Officer Ranks requires the same gameplay completion practices as you previously utilized in the Enlisted Ranks: by earning XP. Each time you level up within the Officer Ranks, you will unlock a special Officer Challenge. Similar to Daily Challenges, these objectives will reward plenty of XP upon completion, but also give you a special Seasonal Ribbon. Earning 10 ribbons gives you a special Season Emblem, with each additional 10 ribbons evolving that emblem. Collecting all 100 Ribbons unlocks an animated Emblem, which serves as proof of getting the ultimate achievement for that season. Reach the maximum Officer rank, and expect to receive another cosmetic Weapon Blueprint. The initial set of Officer Ranks will be available at launch: Once you complete all 55 Enlisted Ranks, you will arrive at Officer Rank 1. The Player Level: Your Overall Accomplishments Your ranking accomplishments showcase your dedication and talents at Modern Warfare, and these milestones are properly memorialized: Any Officer Rank, Officer Challenge Ribbon, or Seasonal Emblem are permanently recorded in the game. Just prior to the start of each new Season, your Officer Rank is reset so everyone starts the following Season on the same playing field. Challenge Missions: Another Way to Rank Up & Earn Cool Rewards Outside of normal gameplay, Daily Challenges, and seasonal Officer Challenges, another huge opportunity to earn XP for Enlisted Ranks, Officer Ranks, and Player Level is through Challenge Missions contained within the Barracks part of the Multiplayer Menu. Challenge Missions within the Barracks are multi-step objectives that can be completed for XP bonuses and special rewards. These Challenge Missions must be activated within the Barracks Menu in order to complete them, and once activated, you will be notified when you complete each objective and when you complete the entire Challenge Mission. At launch, there will be a variety of Challenge Missions available, with more to be released within forthcoming Seasons. Challenge Missions may require you to play specific game modes or use a particular weapon class in order to complete them, so prepare for a variety of content to test all facets of your gaming prowess! A Full Arsenal: Weapon Experience Weapons, like Operators, can also be leveled up and gain experience, which unlocks a whole arsenal of attachments, weapon perks, and camouflage that can be equipped though the Gunsmith. Defeating foes with a weapon you have unlocked through progression grants you weapon XP for that particular weapon. Earn enough XP for that weapon, and it gains a level. Note that levels for weapons are entirely separate from player levels and ranks; you will rank up your weapons independently. Each weapon level will reward you with a new attachment – for example, a Muzzle, Optic, or Stock – a perk, or a camouflage for that weapon. These attachments and camos can be equipped within the Gunsmith. Camos earned by leveling up a weapon unlocks the base camo for that weapon. After earning the base camo, a set of camo challenges is unlocked, allowing you to earn a set of colorful and cool-looking skins within a camo set for that weapon. In addition, camo unlocks earn you XP rewards. With each weapon averaging 50 available attachments and having over 100 earnable camo patterns (including a few extra camos for those completionists out there), there is plenty to earn and accomplish within Modern Warfare, even before the first season begins! Post-Launch Content Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is scheduled to have a number of seasons post-launch. Each post-launch season, which will have its own Officer Rank progression track, will bring a mix of new maps, modes, missions, community events, and other content to the game. Ready for Enlistment? Here’s a Recap To reiterate how progression works in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you will: · Rank up through the Enlisted Ranks (1-55) to unlock base weapons, perks, equipment, Killstreaks, and Field Upgrades. TO UNLOCK MORE FOR YOUR BASE WEAPONS… · Rank up your weapons individually though the weapon progression system. Gain experience for each weapon to earn attachments and base camouflage patterns, and complete camo challenges to complete camo sets. THEN, AT THE START OF EACH SEASON OF CONTENT… · Begin your Season of Officer Ranks, where you will receive an Officer Challenge at each rank leading up to 5-Star General (Rank 100). Completing each challenge rewards a ribbon. Earning 10 ribbons awards an Emblem, and all 100 ribbons gives you an even more badass Emblem. AT THE END OF A SEASON… · Officer Rank is reset, Enlisted Rank is not. FURTHERMORE… · Player XP can be earned through playing the game, completing Daily Challenges, Officer Challenges, Camo Challenges, and Challenge Missions; multi-step objectives that offer even more rewards upon completion. · There is scheduled to be a number of seasons packed with tons of free content, where you will also progress through Officer Ranks. Ready to enlist? Then prepare to drop into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on October 25 and get those weapons levelled up! We’ll see you online; stay frosty.
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