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  1. was a good match too watch croatia stood up wel against the french. seccond place u can be proud off but man what was the french team good they have a good selection there most of them in their mid 20 they can go at least 2 tournaments. EK 2020 WK 2022
  2. thats probably all there is.
  4. BO2 server is not in use you might ask rugger to convert it too s&d as for making it just like 82nd clan well good luck with that might want to ask one of the server admins there to give you the server files and cfg so it would be just a copy and paste change server name.
  5. players put your' pinky rings up to the moon 10 sec boom mix lol.mp4
  6. happy birthday predator maak er een mooie dag van.
  7. A lot of people call bs when I kill them with my knife when playing freezetag, so here is exactly how I use mine in the MW2 mod for CoD4. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and may use knifes different than me, but in my opinion, the way I use mine is pound for pound the best. For the MW2 Freezetag mod, I use the following class setup. G18 with silencer attachment (you lose your some punch but it is more acurate) Pistol is G18 also silenced then my trusty SKILLCANNON!!!! FTW 2 bloops and ur dead after a full clip G18 spray i switch fast too the blooper boom boom ur dead. Sticky grenade Gas grenade Perk 1 is Venom Perk 2 is Hardline Perk 3 is Combat medic Killstreak 1 RCXD Killstreak 2 Predator Killstreak 3 Artilery My hero and sensei the almighty Turk who leads by example knifing away on the MW2 server people yelling and screaming on TS and ingame Chat well when i grow up i want to be just like that. So why G18 FULL AUTO BEAST it sprays and sprays no skill needed the venom will make you dizzy and then il take the blade too your face you never saw it coming!!!! Pistol also G18 silenced yes it will do less damage but one or 2 hits anywhere and you are poisoned then maybe the sticky or some gas and boom your gone. I am on my seccond kill know i have a CAR get some defrosts then blow up a enemy who doesent have the car protection finaly i have my spawnprotect walk in the enemy spawn and knife a few know we have a predator drop it on a enemy,s skull and bam invisible again here we go look for the targets who cant stand to get knifed il take my time use my cloak too the last second and BAmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ur dead only 2 kills away from an artilery know il do this everytime i spawn to collect 3 artilerys to drop on the enemy spawn got that 6 minute bombaredment going. This is how i play a soon as the clock starts ticking when the round starts i run like forest gump to the other spawn i know where the spawnpoints are in almost every map and how long for me too get there and get behind a player My goal every map is to get 20 knifes my average is 10 per map does not matter if it is a big map or small ill always have my 10. Steal or blow up pakages goal number 2 when the round starts i am there too FUCK UP YOUR GAME THIS IS WAR not LOVE and everything is alowed ok ok dont break the one rule of XI some are stupid enough to do so. but yeah i use whatever i can do to win the game and piss of as many players as i can. you dont like tubes and u type or say it in in game or ts il switch to tubes you dont like cars getting blown up by them rcxd inbound up your ass you dont like camping your body il be on that body like JeroenV2 on kimberly. on a cold dutch weather day All things a side i used to play PROMOD and all ESL CLANBASE hel i was in a team that won the Europian Spearhead League . and i am done with all the serious playstyles thats what i like about XI MW2 server i like it all kinds of gameplays in there so many people who are good and exploit the mod as fas as they can go. and let me tell you if you think i am anoying know in this game be glad that you never played against the DM in other games. this is me Dessy>XI< aka TSI_Destroyer_NL doing the same shit over and over running and gunning with the most anoying weapons in game. i know give the word to predator in this new series Want to use a SMAW in CoD4 like me?
  8. ok pics or it dident happen.
  9. get well soon duckpoop . beterschap jonge en sterkte.
  10. psssttt you did not tel him about the (we are a minority card yet ) maybe he can try that. like my man timmah said COOL STORY BRO!!!!! XI has only 1 rule ONE and if you are stupid enough too break that ONE SIMPLE RULE ! bubeye know
  11. asuming nothing here boom boom from the posts above they did the deal 3 months ago last time vanhelsing played on the mw2 server was 3 weeks ago also logged in on the forums these are just facts . so why not respond to xray ????? we have a saying here in the netherlands van ruilen komt huilen.
  12. VANHELSING>XI<'S STATS PLAYER SUMMARY First Seen: Mar 11, 2016 2:12 PM Last Seen: Jun 06, 2018 10:00 PM Player seen on 4 Servers Player seen on 2 COD4 Servers he was last seen under his xi alias took info from the gametracker monitor. just my toughts 3 months waiting for a trade off makes me wonder did something happend to the guy ! could be anything (real life issues ) but stranger things have happend here i would talk to an admin and do a guid search on our servers .
  13. that would be fine there rose it is a better than you had good for some cod freezetag.