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  1. Dessy

    nice man timmah next time mount the cam above you so you get a nice overhead shot gr Des keep making those vids love em
  2. Dessy

    sup NG all doing wel dont mind rob this is probably all he has in life so dont take it too personal. just the way people act when they lose them selfes completely in an online word anyways welcome back NG to the forums.
  3. we always said cheap as american internet dial up beech
  4. hey hey know the KNIFE comes with full speed pizzaboy dont hate the player hate the game ?
  5. @WldPenguin mp_moist ?
  6. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 is here, with a smattering of updates and additions. In traditional multiplayer, Captain Price is here as an operator option alongside 3 new maps. Various modes will rotate into play during the course of the season. Warzone players will have access to two limited time modes over the course of this season, Juggernaut and Realism. However, the real draw for some will be the inclusion of a truly massive Warzone mode, Rumble. In Rumble, it's a team battle between two teams of 50 for an all-out war.
  7. Dessy

  8. @iboomboom Tactical Freezetag MW 147 a good server name ?
  9. the way it is set on the old mod works great playing with 30 players its fast enough too cycle tru the maps however you can see that when the numbers go down some of the bigger maps will take forever and it becomes more a sniper fest then a freezetag game maybe in the beginning you can take the data from the !dislike and make it best of 5 of those maps instead of best of 10.
  10. thanks for tagging me @Sharpe but hey we moved on to newer games mw2019 bf5 and all what comes out in the future but nice to see the cod4 mod getting upgraded.
  11. Dessy

    really a good choice cu soon back in game
  12. i have friends in Capetown they posted this 4 days ago anyways stay safe CT is not johannesburg or the rest of ZAR
  13. Dessy

    for your budget and maybe your own pc skills this would be a good option as budman pointed out it come pre build with windows 10 a keyboard and a mouse a 250ssd and a 1 tb hd overkill for the games is see you play in here.



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