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  1. is there also a penalty for the player who kills his own team mates? iv been on servers where players where auto kicked where they killed to many team mates. keep up the good work.
  2. Dessy

    We (20 players and growing each day on TS bf5 channel ) are playing BF5 steady know for a month it is a good game we have lots of fun BUT you are right we be probably playing this for a year until the next game comes out most likely the follow up for BF4 modern time again. EA and DICE have chosen not to release RSP at launch but more important it is not on the BF5 road map where in BF1 it was so we can assume we wont have our own server for this game stil we manage every day to play on the same server with lots of XI and non XI regulair players.
  3. Dessy

    what games are you playing right know Call Of Duty and what games are planning to play in the future maybe BF5?. If that GTX 660 is good know find something similar new or the same card second hand other option would be to get a GTX 1050TI that would be the equivalent card to date to match or perform slightly better than that GTX 660 this would be my answer if you play games like Call Of Duty2 MW2 FT1 World at War all hosted by XI. For a game like BF5 at the moment probably a 1060 or a 1070 and you be good to play that with 80 frames or so on limited settings and yes a game like that on low looks way better then all the call of duty,s on ultra high. your system I7 -3770 processor, 16 gb DDR3 memory, 2 TB hard drive, 256 SSD. GTX 1060 or 1070 this will probably last you 2 gaming years playing the newer games that come out but on low settings for the older games with a GTX 1050TI this machine is pretty much future proof. Gr Dessy hope the info helps happy gaming.
  4. Dessy

    you always be Jeroen to me i have a special song for you the TROELALA SONG.
  5. Dessy

    yes and her name is Kimberly
  6. probably map_rotate in the start up line from the executable at nfo
  7. Dessy

  8. Dessy

    dicsord vs teamspeak. i have both i wish we could have one platform where al XI non XI go too know we are divided over 2 systems TS and discord maybe in 2019 the Seniors and head admins can decide where the backbone of voice communication within XI should be ts or discord and then either close one of the 2. just thinking out loud.
  9. Dessy

  10. Dessy

    i love this
  11. Dessy

    i dont see how their harddrive resolves your ban if your guid is banned by pb we XI cannot help you i advise you too give your guid to an amin so they can look in to the matter.
  12. it is awseome been playing since the 9th having a good time its more Battlefield then BF1 squad and team play is more important in this game you can earn squad point and call in stuff airdrops v2 rocket vehicles see the video . the only real downer is no RSP in the first 6 months the ea road map does not show that so no hosting a server for XI.
  13. Dessy

    u forgot we are a minority part