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  1. Would have been my Mom's 89th birthday today. Miss you Mom. Hello DM2 Server Fans! This weeks rotations are in. Here's the maps you get to shoot at your friends in this week: Small Map Rotation mp_agx_shinu, mp_breakout, mp_crate_yard, mp_cw_abandoned, mp_dome, mp_hhk_yokora, mp_killhouse, mp_meatgrinder, mp_radiorelay, mp_snr_kassel, mp_yuko Medium Map Rotation mp_78deadsville, mp_agx_ameland, mp_agx_market, mp_altered, mp_argentan_n, mp_bellicourt, mp_broadcast, mp_byalistok, mp_courtyard, mp_cw_rocket, mp_dinant, mp_dug_in78, mp_frenchvillagen, mp_hunt_winter, mp_lao_cai, mp_mohaa_dv, mp_newvillers, mp_ratskitchen, mp_rostov, mp_tankhuntwaw, mp_waw_burgundy Large Map Rotation mp_78gaperon, mp_1078carentan, mp_ambush, mp_bahnhof, mp_byalistok, mp_camp_merc, mp_ctrain, mp_dogville, mp_gb_karkand, mp_kilian, mp_hurtsum, mp_little_village, mp_nazaire, mp_overcong, mp_ramelle, mp_seelow, mp_southfrance, mp_snrtrondheim, mp_stalingrad, mp_townville, mp_verteidigen, mp_xi_shiro Now, before you go play this week's maps, Play With Fire by The Rolling Stones. (An ode to my trusty Flamethrower, lol !! )
  2. Hello DM2 Soldiers! This weeks rotation is in (pending a server restart) and here are your killing grounds for this time around Small Map Rotation mp_agx_castle, mp_bridge, mp_hgy_c, mp_kauten, mp_little_town, mp_maquina_viet, mp_pmcod, mp_remagen, mp_xi_arena Medium Map Rotation mp_5nav1, mp_agx_abusimbel, mp_agx_eindhoven, mp_argentan, mp_beertruck, mp_borisovka, mp_byalistok, mp_clum, mp_cw_neuville, mp_die_bruecke, mp_drum, mp_frenchvillage, mp_kokoda, mp_matmata, mp_owatatsumi, mp_railyrd_xmas, mp_ratsbedroom, mp_riverbank, mp_snrcarentanxm, mp_sweat_blood, mp_warsaw, mp_waw_chateau Large Map Rotation mp_78compound, mp_1078brecourt, mp_amberville, mp_ax_trainwreck, mp_byalistok, mp_caen2, mp_corregidor, mp_desert_storm, mp_gb_atami, mp_hurtgen, mp_landing, mp_montargis, mp_outskirts, mp_railgun, mp_salerno, mp_snr_ridge, mp_stalemate_1, mp_supply_depot, mp_v2bunker, mp_warehouse_rnr, mp_xi_shima And before going off to war, might as well check out some Games for Girls. Say Lou Lou. (Guys - time index :35. Just sayin'.)
  3. I'm hoping I can keep it up. It's getting harder, lol.
  4. Hello DM2 Fans! Time for a new rotation, and welcome to March 2019! Here are your maps for this week: Small Map Rotation mp_breakout, mp_fritzkrieg, mp_homeroom, mp_iceworld, mp_killhousev2, mp_kwanriver, mp_leningrad, mp_maquina, mp_republic_1, mp_pavlov, mp_villa Medium Map Rotation mp_506th, mp_82ab_richemont, mp_anzio_beach, mp_beach_redeaux, mp_boneville, mp_byalistok, mp_cityhall2, mp_cw_hill, mp_desolate, mp_dropzone, mp_fatherland, mp_freedom1, mp_hob_mohdv2, mp_kneedeep, mp_nachtzug, mp_overleaf, mp_railyard, mp_snr_freedom2, mp_subway, mp_the_cube, mp_warehouse, mp_waw_arnhem, mp_xi_nowhere Large Map Rotation mp_13_townville, mp_agx_port, mp_ax_simmerath, mp_bgaden, mp_byalistok, mp_caen_night, mp_contrav2, mp_derailed, mp_foy_nite, mp_hunt, mp_mohaa_dasboot, mp_omcbrest_ffa, mp_ps7, mp_rtcwchateau, mp_snowypark, mp_snr_stmengs2, mp_stalemate, mp_suburban, mp_v2, mp_vodka, mp_xi_castillo Now before you go get back in the game, get Back In The Game with Airbourne
  5. The obvious thing to do would be to post a screenshot, but that's blocked due to a "security policy". I am able to take screenshots elsewhere, so idk... Anyway the error I'm getting at on Chrome for Android on a Galaxy Note8 says: duc?
  6. djMot

    Oh jeez! Look who's an Idiot now! Congrats, McGrim. Welcome to the >XI<Titanic.
  7. djMot

    He made a post before he said he would make one? None of this makes sense.
  8. djMot

    Even scrolling back, I find nothing but a statement from him that he will make such a post. Still don't see one.
  9. djMot

    That's hardly a place for an apology, and it is not the General section.
  10. djMot

    I don't see any such post in the "General discussion"
  11. Thanks for your patience, DM2 fans. This week was crazy at work, crazy in the weather, and just plain crazy any old way you slice it. Barely enough time to play a few maps this week, but that's because most of what little free time I had was used taking the Rotation Change automation application I'm writing to the next level. This weeks rotation change was a single mouse click. Sort of. So here are your maps for the week ahead... Small Map Rotation mp_78bathroom, mp_asylum, mp_egn, mp_hospital, mp_killhouse, mp_koshiki, mp_little_town, mp_opera, mp_trainingcamp, mp_get_lost_3, mp_give_up" Medium Map Rotation mp_78stalingrad, mp_82ab_panzerwerk, mp_agx_depot2_night, mp_all_out, mp_blood_island, mp_chateau_xmas, mp_cw_dawnville, mp_ddd_wet, mp_deadwood, mp_downtown2, mp_feba, mp_haguenau, mp_kalsville, mp_kneeriver, mp_makin_day, mp_myths_farm, mp_opcenter, mp_railyard, mp_streets, mp_vm_maichau, mp_yomi, mp_byalistok" Large Map Rotation map mp_82ab_nomonha, mp_airfield, mp_ax_brecourt, mp_bessie, mp_byalistok, mp_cabu, mp_contra, mp_cw_strasbourg, mp_foy, mp_hill78, mp_kwalajein, mp_malta2, mp_oldbrecourt, mp_provence5, mp_roundhouse, mp_silesia, mp_snr_st_mengs, mp_sps_xian, mp_sub, mp_ugcarena, mp_vm_river, mp_wolfsquare" Now before you head off into the game you love to play, play The Game Of Love! It's Santana featuring Michelle Branch
  12. Hello DM2 fans and players! This weeks rotations feature the following maps: Small Map Rotation mp_agx_shinu, mp_breakout, mp_crate_yard, mp_cw_abandoned, mp_dome, mp_hhk_yokora, mp_killhouse, mp_meatgrinder, mp_radiorelay, mp_snr_kassel, mp_yuko Medium Map Rotation mp_78kitchen, mp_agx_depot1_night, mp_akushima, mp_ax_dawnville, mp_bf1942_berlin, mp_byalistok, mp_cav_slated, mp_cw_breakout, mp_dawnville, mp_dock_assault, mp_enigmaoff, mp_gits_harbor, mp_jsvacant, mp_louret, mp_montelimar, mp_nijmegen, mp_powcamp_n, mp_rb, mp_snr_matmata, mp_snrwcarentan, mp_toujane_rmk, mp_xfire_bay Large Map Rotation mp_78townville, mp_agx_psel, mp_assault, mp_beltot, mp_byalistok, mp_claremont, mp_cw_pacific, mp_ederdam, mp_gustav, mp_kursk, mp_lsb_gloomy_moor, mp_normandie, mp_panzerschlacht_02e, mp_river_09b, mp_shrine, mp_snr_arnhemwt, mp_stronghold, mp_trenchville, mp_vm_jungle, mp_winter_crash Now before you ship off to WWII, rock out to Queen with Play The Game
  13. Concussive maintenance to the rescue!
  14. djMot

    Welcome. You've made the big time, now, Idiot.
  15. Hmm. Still gonna blame user error rather than an automation error. I have logs, so I'll try to figure out what went wrong. I should have just left the existing rotation go for the rest of the week rather than trying to jump in there just because I saw there was a fix in place for the redirect.
  16. @2_MANY_BEERS - Yes, the rotations you posted just before my last post are the ones I put in last night.
  17. I wish I had time to read all this right now. The rotation was changed last night and left to wait for the overnight server restart as has been done many times in the past. Don't know about 3 weeks of maps. I did leave the rotation before last on the server whenever it was that I did the rotation before last night. The 1st I think it was. Deleted those maps last night. I don't know what has happened here. When things are stable, I can do this with precision. When redirects and other shit goes off the rails, then gets temporarily patched and I swoop in to quickly put a new rotation in place several days late and when I really don't have the time, well, Idk, shit happens. Still not sure it's even my fault, but I'll take the blame anyway since I'm the guy responsible for the server. On the plus side, I felt confident flipping the rotation quickly last night because my script is selecting and copying the maps over on auto pilot. I get that that's the first thing everyone will want to point at as the source of this meltdown, but not so fast, okay? It's worked for several weeks flawlessly, and the whole point of automation is to reduce human error. I see nothing different about last night over the other automation runs that worked fine. And BeyondCompare told me all maps matched between the redirect and the DM2 server. I'm still thinking there's something else afoot here... I will completely re-examine everything tonight. Well, maybe tomorrow night. I have a shit-load of snow to shovel tonight. If it's running now, just let it be. I would prefer not to get a dozen set of hands in it and spend time trying to untangle any more than I have to.
  18. Nevermind. It apparently restarted, or NFO did something. Appears to be running and there are people in the server. Have a good day!
  19. I switched to the medium rotation and disabled pbrotate, but when I told the server to restart, it shut down instead. Now it will not start. Submitted a ticket. Restored the pbrotation so when NFO gets their poop in a group maybe it will be normal again. @Ruggerxi @Labob @Merlin007 @blackcat - we are in the middle of a major snow storm up here, I am at work, and I have a shit-ton of work to do. Please assist if you can.
  20. Sure that isn't spin with beers? Johnny and Hunter win. I fold.
  21. @2_MANY_BEERS - Sorry. Your message was overlooked in all the noise about a certain player earlier today.
  22. "This one" what? Same model, or something completely different?
  23. Hello COD5 DM2 Server players! This weeks rotations are listed here for your information Small Map Rotation mp_agx_castle, mp_bridge, mp_hgy_c, mp_kauten, mp_little_town, mp_maquina_viet, mp_pmcod, mp_remagen, mp_xi_arena Medium Map Rotation mp_78hellcatraz, mp_agx_depot1, mp_agxstlo, mp_beuvron, mp_byalistok, mp_cassino5, mp_crossroads, mp_cw_trainwreck, mp_docks, mp_eindhoven2, mp_ict_stone, mp_kneeriver, mp_line_of_fire, mp_mohdv2, mp_nachtzug_2, mp_nightmare, mp_pds, mp_ravine_v1, mp_ship_n, mp_snr_carentan, mp_toujane, mp_wolftown Large Map Rotation mp_78rocket, mp_agx_assault, mp_armory, mp_bastogne, mp_burma, mp_byalistok, mp_city, mp_cw_hurtgen, mp_duong, mp_gtown44, mp_kiev, mp_lost_temple, mp_nighthound, mp_panzerschlacht_02b, mp_river, mp_shallowgrave, mp_storm, mp_trenchtoast, mp_vm_crash, mp_wdocks And before you go on a killing spree, chill to Wicked Game, an absolute classic from Chris Issak. Peaking at #6 in January 1991, this song was actually released on Chris' album entitled Heart Shaped World in 1989.
  24. Me. Although not an original original member of the BC. Started coming around in 2011 maybe? Ldoz, too.