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DM2 (and DM1) Rotation 2019.05.24 Featuring Pat Benatar

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Hello DM2 (and DM1) Fans!

It's Memorial Day Weekend in the USA.  Please remember freedom is never free.  Honor all those who have fought and even made the ultimate sacrifice for your freedom.

Here are your maps for this long weekend, and the coming week:

Small Map Rotation 
mp_agx_shinu, mp_breakout, mp_crate_yard, mp_cw_abandoned, mp_dome, mp_hhk_yokora, mp_killhouse, mp_meatgrinder, mp_radiorelay, mp_snr_kassel, mp_yuko

Medium Map Rotation
mp_78hellcatraz, mp_agx_depot1, mp_agxstlo, mp_beuvron, mp_byalistok, mp_cassino5, mp_crossroads, mp_cw_trainwreck, mp_docks, mp_eindhoven2, mp_ict_stone, mp_kneeriver, mp_line_of_fire, mp_mohdv2, mp_nachtzug_2, mp_nightmare, mp_pds, mp_ravine_v1, mp_ship_n, mp_snr_carentan, mp_toujane, mp_wolftown

Large Map Rotation 
mp_78junobeach, mp_aa_vosges_fr, mp_byalistok, mp_ballpark, mp_boulogne, mp_castle, mp_cw_brecourt, mp_downfall, mp_gits_tanks, mp_industrial, mp_lolv2, mp_newhurtgen, mp_panzerfact, mp_renan_bridge, mp_sfrance_nite, mp_southfrance5, mp_stanjel, mp_townville2, mp_vm_brecourt

No matter where they happen to be, or when, we all choose our battlefield.  Sometimes, sadly, Love Is A Battlefield.  Here's Pat Benatar.
Anyone else pick up on the Thriller vibe here?


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