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Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts.

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  2. Ive changed all my keys being a lefty not had a problem but that's just me and it is still alpha so like you say hope they fix it, had a few game issues but nothing major yet. had my arm stretched out at one point covering my gun was funny killing people with my arm lmao. joining servers is a bit iffy could do with a squad of xi peeps working together would be good.
  3. I tried again and was able to play. Pros....Graphics and sound Cons...no dedicated servers and you can not change most keys. Pretty sure the key assignment thingy will be fixed in later versions. johnny
  4. I was selected for BFV Closed Alpha, downloaded and......Nothing! The game attempts to find a server for you but it can't. I will try later today. johnny
  5. Weapons, BF5 vs Call of Duty WW2
  6. If it has a proper community like BF3 & 4 did then I'll get it. No idea why DICE isolated the PC community so much? Just let us run our servers the way we want.
  7. now that looks like fun .the div on the back .and get to shot that would be great .
  8. I am buying it... johnny
  9. il buy it come freaky lets do it.
  10. yup there are a few, i will wait and see before i make my final decision
  11. If its the same gunplay as BF1 then count me out and I think there is way too many WW2 shooters these days or is that just me?
  12. how to watch the live reveal of battlefield V https://www.battlefield.com/en-gb/news/article/battlefield-5-live-reveal-ten-things-not-to-miss
  13. I started playing again after a year away from it, i had paid a shit load of money for this game and had not played any of the DLC's so i thought i would give it another go, i quite like the newer maps more than the originals, somedays i quite like the game and others days i hate it for all the old reasons lol.
  14. it has been awhile (a year maybe) since I've played BF1, are folks still playing it? I played it so much I needed to change games. Are the new additions going well? In other words, should I fire up my game again and get back into WW1?
  15. bf1

    After 18 months..... finally a SILENCED weapon!!!!
  16. I am still playing BF1, since there are maps not released yet. But I usually play one game here then I go to BF4. I will see you in battle and TS. Have a good weekend.
  17. Hey Papi, I'll start hanging out on TS3 when I am home...hit me up buddy when you want to play johnny
  18. This might have been suggested already, but for me the best time is late evening/night time. If there was one day per week when there would be XI members playing in the server, I'd surely make time and join in! Miss BF4 server days Someone need to start initiative, like a planner or something. If I knew when other people were playing BF1, I'd make arrangements to join the game.