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  1. SAS-Bashcam-

    ssd or m2 drive the way to go ,you can use the old drives if still working for data storage
  2. SAS-Bashcam-

    Upload tv series is pretty good
  3. SAS-Bashcam-

    [email protected] CEO of EA
  4. SAS-Bashcam-

    THIS EMAIL SENT TO [email protected] Why oh why does EA not do nothing about cheats? All you will do is pass me on to customer services or something. I HAVE already sent YOU Links to hack websites and still YOU have done NOTHING!. I would of thought these hackers are would be sued by EA ,but either EA owns these companys or getting a cut at least. I will find an email address of someone higher up in the company who maybe will do something,we pay a lot of money to play YOUR (EA/ORIGIN GAMES),but you do not seem to care. feel free to email this guy about hackers on EA?ORIGIN GAMES.
  5. SAS-Bashcam-

    i have this headset its ok
  6. I am writing this email as EA do not seem to care that players ingame can use really bad racist words like the "N" word or "all jews should be gased"! What i suggest is ,as in BF4 you could set certain words as a kick from server and if said more than a set number of times maybe a ban. Do EA not vet player names either? I reported a player the other day with tags (PEDO)Ilovelittlegirls i think this is disgusting. As i have written in the past to you about how I and a lot of friends love playing Battlefield series of Games,as we all speak on TS3 other Games are now being talked about for future playing as we are now getting fed up with the foul language and abuse from some players you seem not to do anything about! We report players ingame and we get no feed back from customer support what so ever. We are associated with a community of over 600 players,you need more staff ingame presence to witness this behaviour from some players. I AM SORRY IF YOU THINK I AM MOANING TOO MUCH BUT £100+ FOR A GAME IS A LOT OF MONEY!!!!
  7. SAS-Bashcam-

    Dont forget to sign up for the beta
  8. SAS-Bashcam-

    my info http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/SAS-bashcam-/stats/364607827/pc/
  9. SAS-Bashcam-

    This Majorcan Farmer was getting married, when his father and mother says to him you must stamp you authority on your new wife to show who is the boss of the household. At the wedding, when it came to the wedding dance the groom takes off his trousers and throws them at his new wife and says "put the trousers on my wife". She replys "they are too big my husband",He then says "you now know who wears the trousers in our house" thus stamping his authority on his new wife. That night at the wedding bed the wife takes off her knickers and throws them at her husband and says "put these on my husband",who replys "those knickers are to small my wife, i wont get into your knickers",so she puts them back on,then She replys you wont with an attitude like that.
  10. SAS-Bashcam-

    blimey you like empty pockets too?,2 years time you will be saying this game is laggy on my outta date graphics card lol. Good luck tho edd
  11. SAS-Bashcam-

    only sock story is i lost nearly all mine at airport yesterday lol
  12. SAS-Bashcam-

    hi guys
  13. SAS-Bashcam-

    Hi guys for those who bought DDL version ,this may help : http://answers.ea.com/t5/Origin/IMPORTANT-Great-Game-Guarantee/td-p/1418236
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