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  1. snaFU73

    Holy CRAP! That a High School? It looks like government building projects I have worked on. High School is scary, especially for girls. My oldest daughter is a sophomore this year. My youngest daughter starts middle school next year.
  2. My ping is to my knees... Is that considered "low"?
  3. snaFU73

    I'm going to miss Microsoft fucking up my computer without notice.
  4. How can we be overloading the server when the lag is also happening, early in the morning (U.S. side) when the Freezetag server is half full and no other servers have a single player? This seems like trying to get customer service a Best Buy.
  5. snaFU73

    I live in Florida.... That is just how we walk. Even the ladies.
  6. snaFU73

    Nice step up from your Commodore 64. Now.... if we can just get you upgraded from dial-up.
  7. There is no COD past WAW (5). Take your pick.
  8. snaFU73

    Yay!!.... More opportunities to get Admin blood on my knife!
  9. snaFU73

    WHOOOOOOO! Nacho knows what I'm talking about
  10. snaFU73

    I'll believe it when I see it. They promised similar when Black Ops 1ST came out. It never happened because Activision could not figure out a good way to continue making money on content built by others. If they do actually release the game for modding like COD4, I will most likely give it a try.
  11. Welcome...... I've had you in my sights a couple of times.
  12. snaFU73

    A lot of if's..... I'm still feeling the burn from Black Ops (1). Activisions' CEO, Eric Hirshberg, could not figure out how to make money off the mods and distribution, so they did give the modding tools promised.
  13. snaFU73

    I may have something. I keep all the cables from all my builds...... Just in case. What is the sound card model number?
  14. Holy Shit!!! I step away from COD4 to play Battlefield for a while and the whole world goes crazy! Congrats Budman
  15. snaFU73

    Correct me if my thinking is wrong here...... Is it OK to tie up a clan server to hunt for these blessed tags? I know the tags allow for some additional unlocks, but kicking people out of our servers, members or not, in order to make the hunt easier, does not seem right. I joined the >XI< US Hardcore server yesterday and soon left because no one was actually playing, just looking for tags. Also, there was talk of locking the server to keep people from joining and disrupting the hunt. I say, if you want to hunt for tags, do it while playing. If people outside the clan keep getting kicked for these tag hunts, it will become hard to repopulate the server once this tag craze is over.
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