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  1. snaFU73

    The simple answer to your question is, NO. Also, what does the "knob" unit of measurement translate to? A knob for some, may be more than others....
  2. snaFU73

    This explains SOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo much.
  3. Keep it in!!!! Its like opening a Christmas present. Also, nothing drives better than a stolen car.
  4. I'm not smart enough to figure it out. What is the password?
  5. Played last night and had a blast. One thing.... When defrosting with an EMP, there was no indicator that defrosting was happening. I kept looking back to see if the EMP was defrosting, which caused a couple of untimely deaths. I really like the direction the server is going.
  6. snaFU73

    Markoff, where are your TAGS in MW??!!
  7. ....... and she was the hot chick of the group.
  8. Maybe try running COD4 as Administrator?
  9. Battle.net snaFU73#1998
  10. I was having the same issue. My fix was to go into the "Sound Control Panel" and set my headphones as the default.
  11. snaFU73

    Well.... That is why on-line gaming has gone to SHIT with new games. I guess I misunderstood the definition of "dedicated" servers with COD MW. I really thought we would be able to have a server to play on-line with people we know, and not randomly thrown into a game with a bunch of kids who's parents let the XBox be the babysitter. WTF happened to the concept of community with new games? I got COD MW with the expectation of being able to select a server and being able to have favorites. This fucking "lobby" crap sucks. You play a game, have fun, start a conversation with another player, only to be separated upon the start of a new game. I do like COD MW. Everything about it is good, with the exception of the very most important part!
  12. I like how they refer to getting more money as "In game economy". I do like that they have realized that buying weapons and enhancements destroys the game for those of us who work, in game, to earn those items. It seems there is a shift back to what has actually worked in the past. I have not purchased a COD game since Black Ops, due to the lies from Activision regarding customization. I know there will be no custom maps for the new release, but at least it is know up front. Activision can eat a dick. I played the demo and had a blast. I am looking forward to KILLING YOU ALL starting October 25!
  13. snaFU73

    Holy CRAP! That a High School? It looks like government building projects I have worked on. High School is scary, especially for girls. My oldest daughter is a sophomore this year. My youngest daughter starts middle school next year.
  14. My ping is to my knees... Is that considered "low"?
  15. snaFU73

    I'm going to miss Microsoft fucking up my computer without notice.



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