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  1. snaFU73

    Secrets, shmecrets...... Just run and gun.
  2. snaFU73

    Windows 7 FOREVER!!!!!! But, I do miss Windows NT. I am reluctantly on 10 with no intentions of going to 11 for at least a year. You have to give Microsoft time to unfuck themselves.
  3. snaFU73

    Build the computer for what you are wanting to do with it. You may not need the latest hardware.
  4. snaFU73

    I take offence to the term "Midget"! Can I just say "Little Fucker"?
  5. snaFU73

    He was already powerful enough.... Now he will be unstoppable!
  6. snaFU73

    Downloading now.....
  7. snaFU73

    I am only singling out the men, because it only seems to be the men who are having this issue..... It is getting a little ridiculous how often the term "Hacker" is getting thrown around. Most of the time it is in the MW2 DM server. It is coming from both guests and members. It is not just calling "bullshit", it is calling a player out by name and then harassing them with the accusation of hacking. It really takes the fun out of the game listening to grown men fuss like latchkey kids on there Xbox. If you suspect a player of hacking, get it on video and get to an admin. Or, get a admin on the hook to spec the suspected hacker. There is always going to be someone better than you. Deal with it and take the challenge as an opportunity to get better. Otherwise, that sand in your mangina is going to cause an infection.
  8. snaFU73

    I know that bathroom....... It's in Florida.
  9. snaFU73

    Socrates, "I drank what?"
  10. A bear and a Bunny Rabbit are taking a shit in the woods. The bear asks the bunny, "Do you have trouble with shit sticking to your fur?". The bunny answers, "No". The bear then picks up the bunny and wipes his ass with it.
  11. snaFU73

    I do feel your pain Snuller. It can be frustrating when there is a pack of fluffy armed bunnies coming at you. But, it all comes down to play style. I personally like the variety of play styles. It keeps things interesting. There is never going to be a server that will make everyone happy. What I don't like are the people who use guns and grenades. Can we set up a server that only allows hugs and kisses?
  12. snaFU73

    I am most suppressed with your claim of "bathing".
  13. I live in the panhandle of Florida and never see those types or anglers. It must be because we are so close to Alabama.
  14. Which ever get the sand out of peoples manjinas. I personally Loooove the heist perk. Put I know it makes some cry.
  15. snaFU73

    I cant be worse the the 1ST movie. But, I agree, this one is looking promising. I remember standing in line at the arcade to play Mortal Kombat, only to get my ass handed to me.
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