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  • Birthday 05/20/1964

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    maidstone kent uk.
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    off road with me bike, drinking,taking the piss.

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    El Presidente>XI<

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  1. i know this one its a parking lot there,s no way out and its all full
  2. where in kent uk are you am  maidstone 


  3. El Presidente

    what sort of price
  4. El Presidente

  5. El Presidente

    vpn for me then
  6. El Presidente

    i say YES
  7. El Presidente

    balls they do not post to the UK?
  8. El Presidente

    lol flight number
  9. El Presidente

    well done watch barron
  10. El Presidente

    feck off you old git
  11. El Presidente

    happy birthday el presidente
  12. El Presidente

    Hi all name change from elmerfud to now El Presidente
  13. El Presidente

    toby m8 its not the time off the year to be letting the plant have sunlight as they will just stretch for the light we need a chat about this. lol
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