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  1. Hi all name change from elmerfud to now El Presidente
  2. toby m8 its not the time off the year to be letting the plant have sunlight as they will just stretch for the light we need a chat about this. lol
  3. what a great bloke he was
  4. just done a 20 year stretch
  5. oh i will miss you big guy
  6. 21 again happy birthday
  7. oh yes he is welcome m8
  8. lol

    lol nice 1
  9. thanks all great day so far, new BBQ tonight if no rain that is
  10. i only wanted to know who was admin on are new BF1 server i got that so thanks please close this now.
  11. what do u mean with OUR TS i am on most days but if no 1 is here on XI TS what you want me to just sit there waitng for players to come on {i go to wtfi and ask them to play on are server}like wednesday i asked about admins the other day yes i would like to be admin on BF1 we need more off them but last night was a bit much i was playing. a player put die off cancer and then another put in about the N word no admin about yourself muted this happerns alot as players think they can get away with it. ps to put this was a bit much We are looking for dedicated members
  12. can we have a list off bf1 admins just for members cheers ps needed 1 tonight