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  • Birthday 05/20/1964

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    maidstone kent uk.
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    off road with me bike, drinking,taking the piss.

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    El Presidente>XI<

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  1. El Presidente

    thank you all had a great day
  2. El Presidente

    i canot get my teamspeak to open so i can see it it is open but on the task bar i click on it but it will not open i can join but only though XI web site edd the duck sorted it out but its back and i need help to stop it help
  3. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin hes going to push the button
  4. El Presidente

    hes in England
  5. El Presidente

    is the earth flat as well
  6. El Presidente

    sad git
  7. El Presidente

    its me name Angus Cameron Gray
  8. El Presidente

    every time i see Angus i got to say What
  9. El Presidente

    lets try
  10. El Presidente

    we have scum bags here also hangerm high
  11. El Presidente

    do you really want to join now
  12. i put 50 bucks in 2 years ago taken out 100 left with 500 happy days
  13. El Presidente

    only on me holidays and only warm waters
  14. El Presidente

    sad news will be thinking of you
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