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    off road with me bike, drinking,taking the piss.

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  1. El Presidente

    beans yes beets no
  2. El Presidente

    XI is for life
  3. El Presidente

    grr just lost 10k am still up
  4. El Presidente

    which one was thunderbirds 2
  5. El Presidente

    Such sad news. Sorry for your loss
  6. El Presidente

    where was bigfoot
  7. Dogg is that a GSP 


  8. El Presidente

    that should help
  9. El Presidente

    still doooomed congrats
  10. El Presidente

    vodka beer weed job done
  11. El Presidente

    i would buy what dessy said
  12. El Presidente

    great idea lockdown
  13. Wankaaaaa missed you man. I haven't really changed much since we last spoke except become a hardcore heroin addict. I left my wife and. Took over a small town doing illegal shit got with this beautiful hooker legitimate  prostitute but she was young. 23;I say was because she's dead. She was predictable like that hahahaha. No seriously she told that eventually she was gonna die too. It's been a mess for real. I just have boat loads of stories that are so fucking fucked and amazing you truly can't make them up fact is way more interesting than any fiction you can think of. Go to YouTube and watch my decent when I cold turkeyed off of dope raw for the first time for that shit sucks. I ended up kidnapping a whores dog after she stole my money that I was going to re-up with and my best friend fiom the joint stole her from me. Only because it was the first of the month though.  When I did return her dog I commenced fucking the whore she returned my and my jelpus friend decided that he wasn't finished tryi g to destroy my life. He was uncucsessful. It was his income tax check for ten grand that did it. So twelve days later the whore left me again. A person who I thought was my best friend thought I had an Aryan hit squad that was chasing him arou dbut he never ever saw.  Look up Billy Bonghead on YouTube and till watch me get wankafied for real. It's been a complete nightmare to be truthful. Now I'm back where it all started 23 years ago before I served my life sentence for the 20000 hits of lsd in Arizona with my parents who are getting up there dad's in his 70s. I'm moving dope sometimes when I feel like kicking it hahahaha. I go to a methadone clinic. Stupid shit doesn't get me high and makes it just about a waste to even try and use dope. I swear man I do not mean this derogatoraly if I could sell the last 23 years of my life to the news in Hollywood. I'd be a millionaire for sure...Jews not news fucking Jews the ones who run the American media. What the ok to say if you know lots of them and they like being called Jews. Only you lame ass ijelous interior infidels would find what I said an insult they would at least see my genius for what it is and be smart and pay me mucho denero

    1. Moose77


      Come on man you've only donated a hundred and thirty dollars? I want my fucken dildo and I don't think the fake low end British accent would work with customs at the moment since the cavrona virus started and yes cavrona thats what Elmer is and it's sumoan for awesome old friend who I enjoyed being around because he's the least uptight of you other cavronas and is the only Brit that match my handed down Irish whitt shot for shot

  14. El Presidente

    go else where then
  15. El Presidente

    as am Angus for real can i have a real gun also



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