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  1. Haven’t seen any Brits post this so I will
  2. @Dukoo get your shit together Dutchy! Get well soon, that’s and order.
  3. Happy Birthday P!nky
  4. get well soon!!!
  5. I hear ya man. I have to wear a uniform to work. Everyday a shirt and tie and a freaking hat. In the winter I must wear a double breasted jacket. I would much, much prefer some nice slacks and a polo shirt. However, as previously stated by another poster, it is all about company image. A well dressed person commands respect and confidence in others. This includes fellow employees as well as costumers. Also, and more importantly, it promotes the image that the company wants to project to the public and it's business partners. I hate wearing a hat and tie, but I am paid to do it - so I wear them. As for gaming - Usually I do that naked
  6. I want one. How much? Do I have to sign up for an annual subscription service?
  7. Happy Birthday down under!
  8. In or out Hulk. You're letting all of the bugs in! Welcome back!
  9. Happy Birthday Wanker!
  10. Remember, puking is weakness leaving the body! Get well soon!
  11. Here is a picture from my University Alumni Association. I attended an Aeronautical University that trained pilots in WW II. Among those pilots were some Brits who unfortunately died during training and were buried in Florida. They were honored along with our own. Just some average Americans showing respect to our ally.
  12. Happy Birthday Buddy!!!
  13. Wow!