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  1. Awesome story. I think the XI Brits here would just let me wither 🤣
  2. You left us too young Geoff. I am pleased to have met you a few times. Thanks for the laughs you gave me, like the time I switched between two channels a hundred times and you came in and said WTF are you doing?? You may have called me a twat. Also the times I would make special phonetic nick names in team speak specially tailored for you. Again you may have called me a twat a few times for that as well. I was always in tears laughing, you were laughing on the inside - I think lmao! Rest In Peace XI brother, you will not be forgotten. Say hello to all the Idiots on the other side for us. I will be sure to toast you with Lee and the rest of the Limeys. In fact I will toast you with the very next Idiot I see! I won’t say good bye Geoff, I will just say see you later mate.
  3. codpiece

    That was a hell of a description dude! Welcome!
  4. codpiece

    Hell yes! That's awesome!
  5. codpiece

    @Smurf|NLThe Nederlands can be second ?
  6. codpiece

    Two Nederlander Idiots together. That can't be good lol!!!!!!
  7. codpiece

    Or using a VPN?
  8. codpiece

    I would have watched that, but I don't give a Fuck!
  9. codpiece

    I am just thankful we didn't have social media!
  10. codpiece

    Hell to the NOPE!
  11. codpiece

    Looks interesting, I like the old school look. Kind of reminds me of Command and Conquer.
  12. codpiece

  13. codpiece

    @BUDMAN isn't that nice either ?
  14. codpiece

    Congrats and watch out for @Roxy!, she is a bear!
  15. codpiece

    Damn! Hope you can keep the arm!
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