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  1. codpiece

    Salton Sea would be my guess.
  2. codpiece

    Perfect. I love the CPU fan!
  3. codpiece

    Looks like in your second pic he has a little fish in his claws.
  4. codpiece

    Awesome @WeednFeed! No food like Lebanese food!
  5. codpiece

    Look into Credit Unions instead of banks. They have better rates on everything, from free checking to better rates on all kinds of loans.
  6. codpiece

    I love the Bond Market. It's where I park my money when the market is bad. However, when I want to make money, well stocks are the place to be. "Smart" comes into play with the investor. He or She needs to make good choices about where and when to put their money. Sometimes it's stocks and sometimes its Bonds. History shows that the return on investment is far better with stocks. History also shows that the bond market is a good way to protect your investment. I guess it boils down to one's personality and tolerance to risk. Best of luck out there to those investing!
  7. codpiece

    Damn it Cheese, I'm going to be in Athens next month. If you waited I could have been there to help Congratulations brother!!!
  8. The question is where does he work in the city? The young 20ish crowd tends to live with roommates either in the city of across the river in Hoboken or Jersy City. Once the allure of and reality of that has set in - and they are making more money. People move out to Long Island - a lot cheaper. To get rents in the range your looking for he will have to start looking in Freeport, Merrick or further east. He might try Rockville Centre ( a nice little town)/ People take the train into thje city from there. He might also try Staten Island.
  9. codpiece

    Congratulations, I hope that you contnue to improve quickly!
  10. Well, the deer are acting just as mental as the people around Time Square.
  11. codpiece

    I guess it's faster and better porn for you now eh @TheCheeseyCrusader
  12. codpiece

    He is NOT a very good hacker. Good catch.
  13. codpiece

    Rest In Peace 7 Toes.
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