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  1. You didn't use that Chinese pot did you? I don't want to see any rust in the jelly?
  2. codpiece

    Made in China
  3. codpiece

    So you ARE starting a Farm!
  4. codpiece

    Been a Max Verstappen fan for a couple of years now.
  5. codpiece

    That looks like more of a farm than a garden. Looks great!
  6. codpiece

    I'm going to file that under the "Holy Crap!" category!
  7. codpiece

    Congrats buddy! Great accomplishment! I come from a family of cops myself. Dad, uncles, husbands of Aunts etc... They span the 50's through the early 2000's. Great stories from the 50's - 80's. Enjoy retirement.
  8. codpiece

    Best wishes pal!
  9. @SgT.Chris I haven't read this whole thread so sorry if this has been asked already. Are you running any mods?
  10. codpiece

    @VHS2You mean OUTRAGEOUS accent ?
  11. So after a month of this lock down BS I find I am running out of stuff to watch. So I thought you idiots could tell this idiot and the rest of the idiots what you are watching, have watched, or will watch. I would like to keep your suggestions R rated and above. For you idiots outside of the U.S. that means no porn. I have been suckered into watching midget donkey porn too many times. Any time frame any genera is cool. Here are a few things I have watched and enjoyed. After Life Last Breath (really good) White Lightning (1970's movie with Burt Reynolds)
  12. codpiece

    Where is the shit bucket?
  13. codpiece

    Congrats Max. See you in COD!!!
  14. codpiece

    Nice job. Two pieces of advice: 1. When in doubt, chicken out 2. It's always better to be lucky than good. This advice Will make sense later in your flying career. Enjoy your training!
  15. codpiece

    One thing you could do @Sitting-Duc is make sure the TS license is up to date ?



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