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  1. I am a colonial in North America, you'll have to find me in the wilderness first! Totally missed the crown on the wrist - now it's even funnier!
  2. She just can't wait for the new Queen movie
  3. Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes! You are all fucking IDIOTS!!!
  4. And the winner is @Dirk Diggler yummy!!!!
  5. Yep, I ALWAYS take a shit first!
  6. Howdy and welcome! You should change your name to Scarlett Fever, it sounds more ominous for the FT server.
  7. Congrats buddy!
  8. Jesus! Whatever happened to throwing your keyboard into your monitor?
  9. We have a special spot for you @Purrlicious. It's called "Purr's Corner" Actually the map is wide open so you can go where ever you want.
  10. Hi all, I have started a new Ark server using the Ragnarok map. This is not an XI supported game, it is just something I set up. I wanted a place where ARK loving Idiots could play. So far it is me, @shad0wKiller, @Smurf|NL, and @Tyntje . If any of you Idiots or non Idiots would like to play just PM me or Smurf for the password. You can join on us through Steam or through this link We have set up some mods to make the game a bit more interesting. See you in game
  11. For some reason I can't see the pic you posted . But lets face facts, when things break it is usually you who broke them So I am going to assume it was you. Love youuuuu!
  13. Butt Nuggets - LMAO! Great name.