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  1. codpiece

    I am interested Duciepoo. I like scrabble but have not liked any of the apps I have tried over the years.
  2. codpiece

    I approve of that pie. My favorite is hair pie.
  3. codpiece

    I'm in
  4. codpiece

    Welcome, but don't be so "stiff".
  5. codpiece

    Wait, I am very confused by your title. What is it you are doing with you chickens?
  6. You didn't use that Chinese pot did you? I don't want to see any rust in the jelly?
  7. codpiece

    So you ARE starting a Farm!
  8. codpiece

    Been a Max Verstappen fan for a couple of years now.
  9. codpiece

    That looks like more of a farm than a garden. Looks great!
  10. codpiece

    I'm going to file that under the "Holy Crap!" category!
  11. codpiece

    Congrats buddy! Great accomplishment! I come from a family of cops myself. Dad, uncles, husbands of Aunts etc... They span the 50's through the early 2000's. Great stories from the 50's - 80's. Enjoy retirement.
  12. codpiece

    Best wishes pal!
  13. @SgT.Chris I haven't read this whole thread so sorry if this has been asked already. Are you running any mods?
  14. codpiece

    @VHS2You mean OUTRAGEOUS accent ?



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