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  1. You're an IDIOT Rouge LMAO! Welcome back!
  2. Happy Birthday Bastardo!
  3. Will do!
  4. Happy Birthday Mate
  5. Happy Birthday Mate!
  6. Wait, sharing my shit-stick is a bad thing?
  7. That is awesome!
  8. Tell me that guy doesn't look like Fidel Castro.
  9. Happy Birthday you Romanian Bastage!
  10. Hey @Smurf|NL and @Tyntje , remember when we would play ARK when no one else was on? Those were good times. Glad I bought game, sort of. Perhaps we will find a solution. One in which Smurf is the Admin.
  11. Happy Birthday Cobra!
  12. Welcome!
  13. Happy Birthday Dr. Roxy!
  15. Happy B-day Cranky!