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  1. Hey @WSMFreak, everything now seems to be owned by Red. If you are around can you pop in and fix it. Sorry to post in "other games", but can't figure out how to post in the clubs section.
  2. Welcome! Now @FRENCHIand @Olivecan have a friend
  3. Das Boot is back in the form of a mini series. Picking up where the last one left off. Hope it is as good or better than the movie. Cause the movie was freaking Awesome!
  4. Edinburgh is awesome. I love it there. Except for the wind, and rain, and the damp, and the cold. Well, actually it sucks. Their motto should be, " We ain't Glasgow!" Actually I really do like it there.
  5. Damn it Bob, I am sorry to hear this. My best wishes to you and especially your wife.
  6. Hmmmm, it is tempting to buy so I can have my dinosaur poop in your castle.
  7. How much? I don't see any price listed.
  8. Will do! I won't be in game for the next 6 days. I am working The regulars come on around 7 pm West Coast time.
  9. I know we have sent you a division invite a few times, but no response
  10. Ok, I played another round and glad I did. I got that 5th star. Looks like you have to get in the filth and blast away. BB's banging away with CA's hitting the radar. That's how we did it any way. Got another permanent camo for that 5th star. GL and HF all.
  11. I finished playing for the night but had 1 game with over 600 k damage! Got 4 out of 5 stars. You will get a bunch of neat stuff when you do it. You will get some special crates with camo, a bunch of free XP, and I even got 250 gold. I also got a cool permanent camo for my Tirp. So get in there and get your stuff!
  12. There is a new mission in World of Warships. It is tough but fun.
  13. There is a new Halloween mission starting today. It is a BITCH too. I had 506k damage last round and we still lost! it is fun though.
  14. Happy B-day Dutchy!!!
  15. Welcome back. Wait a minute - did @FRENCHI post something in English???