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  1. If you want to change any of your Captain points now is the time to do it. It's free!!! No gold required. I think it is good for only one more day so get on it. Wish you had the concealment perk for your DD and not the RDF? Change it for free!
  2. I think it is dangerous for Dutch people to be Admins
  3. I totally see the Nederlander singing this in the shower!
  4. @HellKid, you're a silly cunt.
  5. Happy Birthday mate!!!
  6. Happy Birthday McAssHat!
  7. Yep, it's region locked.
  8. We should call it the yo-yo server. It's up and then it's down, then it's back up again.
  9. Howdy, welcome to the forums.
  10. Happy Birthday Crazy!
  11. Happy Birthday Schmuck!
  12. Hell ya lesbians would be cool! Oh wait, I see you said Lisbon.
  13. Hopefully @B-Murda will be @GeForce roomie again. They made a good pair.
  14. Brussels is a great place. Shit load of cool bars and the beer is fucking excellent. Also my favorite chocolate shop is there. Could set up a tour of the Westvleteren brewery. It's the best beer in the world. Bruges is also close by. There is a big statue of Monty there as well for the Brits to look at. I think he was famous or something. Also, I could introduce you low brow beer drinkers to Lambic beer which tastes like sweat socks, but it grows on you. I also vote for Edinburgh, Rome, Budapest, and London.
  15. Happy Birthday!