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  1. codpiece

    One thing you could do @Sitting-Duc is make sure the TS license is up to date 😂
  2. codpiece

    What kind of Norwegian is not good on skies????🤣
  3. codpiece

    We have parked 600! I'm still employed, but who knows for how long. Take care my friend! Hopefully this will all be over soon!
  4. codpiece

  5. codpiece

    Oh I gave you that one for sure Hulk. I remember you and your shotty from my COD days. Some admin around here should re-award your medals. I know you had more than this. Hope you get better soon. Don't lick any more flag poles and you'll be fine.
  6. This is NOT Fake News!
  7. codpiece

    Hey Hulk, you have been in this clan a long time. Why only two medals? Someone get this boy some medals ffs!
  8. codpiece

    I will be there October 18 -24 th. So that would be a good time frame 😉
  9. codpiece

    On my way to Antarctica as I type this. Just passed Cape Horn this morning. Tried to upload photo but internet on the ship sucks!
  10. codpiece

    Damn sad to hear this. Played with JohnnyDOS many times mostly BF4 early in the morning. He always cracked me up. He was a very nice guy to boot. RIP John, you will be missed. I hope you enjoy some good gaming with the other XI’s on the other side. You will be missed.
  11. codpiece

    Respect. Even if it was a play station. https://www.wcvb.com/article/passenger-takes-over-airport-monitor-plays-video-game-while-waiting-for-flight/30573509
  12. Awesome story. I think the XI Brits here would just let me wither 🤣
  13. You left us too young Geoff. I am pleased to have met you a few times. Thanks for the laughs you gave me, like the time I switched between two channels a hundred times and you came in and said WTF are you doing?? You may have called me a twat. Also the times I would make special phonetic nick names in team speak specially tailored for you. Again you may have called me a twat a few times for that as well. I was always in tears laughing, you were laughing on the inside - I think lmao! Rest In Peace XI brother, you will not be forgotten. Say hello to all the Idiots on the other side for us. I will be sure to toast you with Lee and the rest of the Limeys. In fact I will toast you with the very next Idiot I see! I won’t say good bye Geoff, I will just say see you later mate.
  14. codpiece

    That was a hell of a description dude! Welcome!
  15. codpiece

    Hell yes! That's awesome!
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