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  1. codpiece

    Happy Birthday mate!
  2. codpiece

    LOL, I don't know. I just noticed it when I started going to England. It surprised me to hear it so much. We need to get the younger crowd in this.
  3. codpiece

    I notice that in England the term "chill" is used a lot. It has gone by the wayside in the U.S. for the most part.
  4. codpiece

    @hxtr you must come for dinner if you are in Arizona. Bless your heart sir.
  5. codpiece

    Good one! If you're ever in the States you must come for dinner. I say that with the greatest respect of course. Bless your heart!
  6. Seems like I have heard that before, LMAO!
  7. codpiece

    Was just getting to know the guy when he passed. Thanks for posting. It sounds great!
  8. codpiece

    What card do you have?
  9. codpiece

    Oh, then you need anal lube. Sry man - that sucks!
  10. codpiece

    WD 40?
  11. codpiece

    Couldn't make it through your intro post. Only read the last paragraph. Sorry you are forced to introduce yourself yourself to us.
  12. codpiece

    That is great news! Congratulations!!!
  13. codpiece

    Happy Birthday!!!
  14. codpiece

    Happy Birthday!