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  1. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Anyone know where i was? Sure you must of played the map...
  2. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Oops. Im surpised that @KillingmanXI managed to do it correctly...we think @EDD THE DUCK @WSMFreak @coolmd
  3. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Lol im a derp. It was exactly that problem
  4. I cant hear other players when they speak on the mic in-game
  5. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Oh dear. Get ready for the 2am-4am meows even the bowl is full
  6. TheCheeseyCrusader

    And my plus one
  7. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Count me in
  8. TheCheeseyCrusader

    https://www.gamebyte.com/active-military-and-veterans-can-get-free-games-on-steam/?utm_source=desktop_notification&utm_medium=Notification&utm_campaign=OneSignal https://gamestogrunts.weareosd.org/collections/steam?page=2 This is for our fellow gamers who are vets
  9. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Will the preorder access only have 2v2??
  10. TheCheeseyCrusader

    bye bye battlefield
  11. TheCheeseyCrusader

  12. TheCheeseyCrusader

    @Sitting-Duc @EDD THE DUCK @RAMBOS SON Believe we just invited ourselves to dinner. When you cooking this up again?
  13. TheCheeseyCrusader

    looks like an adult version of home alone
  14. TheCheeseyCrusader

    good ol' days huh @TheHammer??
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