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  1. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Baldie, that involves the cavemen to read
  2. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Oh here comes the other one crawling out his cave
  3. TheCheeseyCrusader

    After Hammer posts
  4. TheCheeseyCrusader

    this stream is fantastic
  5. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Anything Sabaton related
  6. TheCheeseyCrusader

  7. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Wood work? @larrymc those prehistoric cave men @TheHammer and @FLDMARSHAL are stlll writing on walls
  8. TheCheeseyCrusader

    98% idiots but 2% fucktards @TheHammer and @FLDMARSHAL
  9. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Good luck mate
  10. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Thrones quite comfy, thanks for asking! I'll pass on the advice giving because i'm here to play and sit on my throne and take the piss out of hammer there's plenty of other people here who'd love to give you advice
  11. TheCheeseyCrusader

    What a poor sod
  12. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Hahha fuck the reactions
  13. TheCheeseyCrusader

    It's quite fucking simple in my mind @TheHammer and @FLDMARSHAL need to find a cave with all other tin foil hat cunts and join them
  14. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Fucking right mate. If @TheHammer was given a brain cell for christma we would be fucked. I'd say let @FLDMARSHAL and @TheHammer have their own little club to wank each other off maybe gift each other tin foil hats. Pair of cunts.
  15. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Never too old for Lego
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