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  1. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Cheers mate
  2. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Holy shit. That looks the bollocks!!
  3. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Better bring that Sun lotion. Its getting hotter and hotter by the day. I'm in Kos staying at Ikos aria (highly suggest this place)
  4. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Thanks Cam. First time to Greece and already want to come back
  5. TheCheeseyCrusader

  6. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Got another one for you
  7. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Thanks everyone
  8. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Cheers Steve
  9. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Willy umbrellas
  10. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Thanks guys
  11. TheCheeseyCrusader

    We're in Kos Still
  12. After waiting for 3 years i decided to propose to my wife to be on day 1
  13. TheCheeseyCrusader

  14. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Yep, i guess they used all their braincells to create new tin foil hats
  15. TheCheeseyCrusader

    I don't think he even knows....
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