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  1. TheCheeseyCrusader

    No because i have a PC
  2. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Im wondering that too
  3. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Hey guys, My girlfriend has become a gaming widow because i'm hooked to the new COD (sorry honey but i need those gold guns😘) so shes decided to become a consultant in her spare time after work for a nutrition/make up/ skin care company called Arbonne. They ship to UK,USA,Poland,Australia, New Zealand and Canada. So even a click on her link is appreciated https://www.arbonne.com/pws/eilidhlawrie449314930/tabs/home.aspx here's the link if anyone is interested and have a browse. Cheers guys
  4. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Thats for music you doughnut
  5. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Cheers guys. We sure will have a drink on daddas and johnnydos behalf on the next XI europe fest. Out of 123 views not many people posted....but oh well, people show their true colours! But those who posted Cheers to you all!
  6. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Hey guys, i thought i would raise a toast for two great members of our family who we have sadly lost. Would you guys join me for a toast for what memories yout may have and what they have done for the clan? A toast to Dadda A toast to johnnyDos Gone but not forgotten 😢
  7. TheCheeseyCrusader

    heres's mine: Norway (11 times) Greece (this year) Maldives (1) USA (5) France (2) Germany (1) Belgium (1) Finland (1) Cyprus (1) Scotland (3) Spain (1) Netherlands (8) Czech Republic (1) Egypt (5) Turkey (1) Jamaica (1) Ireland (1) that's all i think
  8. TheCheeseyCrusader

    What a way to wake up. Johnny was a great laugh to be with while playing R6,battlefield etc another great XI member gone but not forgotten.
  9. TheCheeseyCrusader

    😮 never
  10. Jesus fuck. That hit us XI Euro fest members like a ton of bricks. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Geoff on Numerous events😔 we'll all have a drink on his behalf and raise a toast to him won't we boys? Sandra all my thoughts are with you right now
  11. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Anyone know where i was? Sure you must of played the map...
  12. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Oops. Im surpised that @KillingmanXI managed to do it correctly...we think @EDD THE DUCK @WSMFreak @coolmd
  13. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Lol im a derp. It was exactly that problem
  14. I cant hear other players when they speak on the mic in-game
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