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  1. Nice kicks. Terrorcore <3
  2. In heaven!
  3. Thinking of renting an Rv to camp outside the shooting range
  4. No. Im missing the M2 already!! Shitty UK laws
  5. When you flying to London then to Vegas
  6. Jheez! This place is overwhelming! Everything seems so out of place but it feels like it all belongs there(?) This is by far the best vacation i've been on! Of course since i am bit of a weapon nerd i decided to go to the shooting range to tick two things off my bucket list. To shoot a sniper rifle and to shoot the M2 50cal i was like a kid in a candy store. I'll add videos once i figure out how to do it. M107: M2: M249 saw:
  7. Clicker heroes right now since the internet is down in my neighbour hood
  8. Norway to escape the concrete of London
  9. If you cant handle the sunburn feeling then i'd say stick to those lick on tattoos you get with gum
  10. I can only describe it as sunburn but asoon as it gets to a boney area...then its a whole different level of pain
  11. My first one is dedicated to the music i listen to My second is the map of Norway and after finding out my roots it seems perfect And you've all seen my third one
  12. Thinking a whole back peice is my next one
  13. They say once you get your first you always want a second! So when is it i've already started to plan my next one
  14. Nice! Did it tickle? mine was nothing but pure pain when the needle got to my shoulder
  15. Yes