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  1. RealEstufa

    " but like I said you did get a lot more votes for you to come back than not. " I was denied an invite back into XI after my inactivity but I appreciate all who voted for me.
  2. RealEstufa

    You are one of the few admins that will 100% stick to the rule book but I've been playing here for years and there have been quite a few times admins won't say much other than maybe an occasional "settle down". I appreciate it though 😃
  3. RealEstufa

    That isn't even a fraction of the personal attacks I still receive in game; including ones when admins are around. I generally just let it slide but lately I'll fire back if someone is truly acting like a toddler. I mean I even get actual threats and "challenges" to come fight people in real life. It's rather pathetic really...
  4. RealEstufa

    Like I said, it's a minority of regulars who resemble toddlers. I quite like the majority of XI 😃
  5. RealEstufa

    The majority of votes went my way silly goose (just missing 80% isn't half bad). And I happen to get along with the majority of the clan which is why I enjoy playing on XI servers. It's just people like you and a minority of others who simply can't handle losing that end up turning into petulant children. In fact the disparity between your attitudes in game and your average ages is truly alarming. In the end I'll still see most of you in game, where the raging at me like toddlers will continue despite XI 'code' and I'll continue to let it slide.
  6. RealEstufa

    If XI upheld it's own "code" of conduct/rules a good 6 or 7 members would be permanently banned. Could I open that can of worms? Absolutely. Will I? Nope. Would these members re-frame from divulging information that would get me banned if the shoe was on the other foot? Fuck no.
  7. RealEstufa

    XI is an adult clan with no prohibitions on use of language except for two primary rules: no racist remarks, and no personal attacks. We also do not tolerate cheating or disrespect by members or guests, and insist on good sportsmanship. Violations can lead to permanent bans. No one, member or guest, is above our Code. 🤨
  8. RealEstufa

    I was unaware you spoke for everybody across the various games XI plays. You sound like a real charmer. Like I said, I appreciate the people who voted for me and it's really not that big of a deal either way. I figured I might as well rock the XI tags again after some members suggested I play with them in tournies and considering how many years I've been playing with everyone in general. As far as lecturing me on patience and a positive attitude well, that seems a bit silly. I've had enough dirt collected through screenshots and recordings of regulars breaking the rules repeatedly for years being absolute fucking douchebags to me simply because of my skill level. Enough information to get people banned that show no level of decorum, class or servility; I let that shit go every time. I come home after busting my ass at work to enjoy an hour or two of cod with XI only to listen to fucking clueless jerkoffs berate me for shit they clearly have no understanding of almost daily (I'm honestly not even that good anymore) with minimal reaction on my end. In other words don't fucking lecture me on "Patience while exuding a positive attitude" guy. I'll give thanks to who ever I feel like demonstrating my appreciation to in what ever fashion I deem appropriate.
  9. RealEstufa

    I was told conflicting options on how to get my tags back, conflicting dates on when it was finished, conflicting information on the requirements, all by multiple different members and you expect me to somehow know the message I received was a 'favor'? Yeah ok. Thank you for the clarification; the 'cut' 😅 lol, what is this basketball tryouts? I can see it now " sorry kid, you are simply too good to make the 'cut'." Ok boomboom =P
  10. RealEstufa

    Ah ok. Just curious, how many votes did I get for and against? And how many does it require to make it back into XI?
  11. RealEstufa

    Wait so I'm confused as well, did I make it back in?
  12. RealEstufa

    Now I'm confused, this is the message I received this morning : " Sorry buddy but you just missed the amount of votes you needed, you are always welcome to try again at a later date. The most concern was that you are an awesome player no one is denying that, but with that comes a lot of people accusing you of hacking. That is the main gripe of the people that didn't vote for you, but like I said you did get a lot more votes for you to come back than not. "
  13. RealEstufa

    Hey guys I've been told to make a post here about asking to reinstate my XI tags. I lost them after I went traveling for 6 months due to inactivity awhile back but now that I'm home and back in action playing on XI servers I'd like to get them back <3.
  14. RealEstufa

    Cool thanks!
  15. RealEstufa

    Ok thanks!
  16. Been over this shit a million times. edited for frustration lol
  17. In! Do I get a gray area vote since I was an XI member that just went inactive?
  18. Yes my profile DeanBoom lost everything. RealEstufa is fine however.
  19. RealEstufa

    I told him twice who I was and he still kicked me lol.... Not like I've been a member before and been playing here for years or anything =P
  20. RealEstufa

    DM 2 and because I was winning.
  21. RealEstufa

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5GVjkL04Kg Hi guys, for those who don't know me I was a long time XI server player on cod4/5 and eventually became a member. Due to real life stuffz/traveling I ended up losing my tags but I always loved the community (most of you ). This is my first attempt at making a montage using a bunch of clips from a normal WaW server but I plan on making an XI version soon. The edits aren't great but I figured I'd give it a go anyways =).
  22. RealEstufa

    Btw any of you plan on playing BFV?
  23. RealEstufa

  24. RealEstufa

    Thanks =)! I7 4790 + gtx titan X (old version). I'm actually waiting to build a brand new system/monitor([email protected] **the dream**) that can run new games 4k @ 144fps; crossing my fingers dual gtx 2080 ti's can past the test! Originally was going to get the 240hz monitors they have now because I like a ton of old fps games that truly shine at 240+ fps, however, I've seen what 4k @ 144fps on a 4k/144hz monitor looks like and it's truly magic =P