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  1. Removing weapon drops would make it significantly worse. Perhaps a better option would be something along the lines of changing the keybind for defrosting OR maybe removing the need for a keypress entirely. It would be pretty cool only needing to aim at the player.
  2. It's a mechanic and part of what makes the game awesome. I think you might be interested in one of the many crouch only servers.
  3. As the title states, sudden death once the time runs out would be much more enjoyable in my opinion than just giving the win to what ever team has the least amount of frozen players. This would promote less stagnant camping near spawn mid game when people are afraid if they push they might get frozen on the enemy side of the map and lose the match. This is how they do it in the cod4 freez tag mod and it's pretty neat!
  4. Here we go again with the confirmation bias based on silly cherry picked stats. Basing your comment on a single map is again, absurd. There is something called nuance in relation to every map; spawn points, location of enemies on mini map, frozen enemies, location of friendlies, my cover and ability to hold a position based on how few teammates are left standing. The list goes on and on and your usage of the word "fact" is about as credible as Trump proclaiming pussies are not for grabbing =P. Ultimately no one is perfect and if I called out every player on my team that passed over a frozen teammate I'd never have time to actually play the game. As I previously stated this sentiment is generally reserved for people who lack understanding of the many facets that make up a match in real time. I was unaware you are online and in game for literally every match I play. Good to know... You MUST be a Trump supporter, your alternative facts/truth game is off the charts =P
  5. Lol ok man, way to promote silly hypotheticals that have no bearing in truth what so ever... "when Estufa just runs around for kills and score" There is literally no "when" bud, I play to win and don't give two shits about kills and score. It just so happens that my aggressive play style and skills are conducive to high kills. I am one of the most vocal and team oriented players via mic and your comment, "well that ruins the game for most." clearly demonstrates your bias against me while attempting to paint my skill and general play as 'solo run and gun lacking any team play'. Your absurd comment is further proven by your statement: "at the end of a round if Estufa is the only one not frozen well...we lose..." Yeah sorry bud but that is a convenient fiction, nothing more. If I cared about my kills and score I would literally sit back like many of you and just camp a single spot until the match ended; I'd have twice to three times as many kills with almost no deaths. But hey, it's a free country so go ahead and continue to paint me as something factually absurd =P.
  6. DOooooooo itttttt!!!!! We will convert you muahahahahahahaha
  7. Oh I super miss playing with you and the peeps in cod 4 but honestly the mod's atrocious hit detection ended up driving me insane. It's some of the worst oddball gameplay in an FPS I've ever witnessed; reminds me of when battlefield 4 first came out with the terrible net code. I still have memories of sneaking up behind someone and literally unloading a full clip without a single hit marker. Oh and cod4 also erased my profile so everything is all fucked up, can't even find normal servers currently =(
  8. Dang well my bad! Did I pass you in a cross section or something?
  9. For sure, but I'm not afraid to admit they ABSOLUTELY need an improvement. Based on the significantly accelerated speed of the mode and INSANE fire rate + hit of the machine guns/smgs it only makes sense to put them in line with something like pro mod from cod 4. At the very least!!! In other words, remove the sway mechanic entirely!
  10. It's true, but it's ruff considering my play style is highly aggressive. If I have a chance to defrost someone I will, but I'm often alone in the enemy spawn or pushed too far up.
  11. Shotguns in any iteration will always be gimped. What they make up for in crazy close range they absolutely lack in mid to long range engagements. Nerfing them is pointless in my opinion, they are fine where they are; and no I don't use them. That being said, sniper rifles with scopes could really use a buff. I'd argue removing the sway would be a good start.
  12. Wait when did I say I was a "professional power gamer" - I don't even know what that means - or that I won big money in Vegas lol? I think people have been hitting up the rumor mill again. And using the word "brag" lol? Give me a break.... I only ever talked about my past gaming exploits once or twice in defense of people calling me a hacker. I also hardly get 60-80 kills per game and almost none of those are from dogs. To date I have literally never once used arty (no idea how to get it).
  13. Everette is relatively new here, why did he come? I can't presume to know the minds of other people, but I know that for me cod WaW is hands down the best call of duty and shits all over the last 7 years of crappy cods religiously pumped out.