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  1. Cons:This game is garbage. If you are familiar with other first person shooters designed for console and haphazardly ported to PC, expect more of the same. It's clunky and suffers from a severe lack of mechanical depth; if you are coming from CS:GO or cod4 Promod expect an experience profound in only it's homogeneous feel to that of a toddlers aim assisted shooter. Pros:Fun to screw around in the beta weekend for free before heading back to CS:GO/cod4/cod5/whatever other fps you currently play. Ultimately I'd wait for battalion 1944 if you are looking for that classic skill based ww2 PC shooter of old
  2. I kinda spaced on this and thought I posted earlier; if anyone needs a third I'm down. I don't know how to play FPS games but if you are willing to carry a third to victory, I'm your shooter
  3. If anyone needs a third, I'll make a guest appearance =P
  4. Yeah I feel like not a single one of these threads has managed to spell my name correctly Oh man if you guys ever had a Halloween based xi fest or at least a costume party
  5. Dang it Queeny why you got to tell the cod5 fam about my lackluster cod4 skills ><!!!!! True that Athena, and it was a solid win I might add. Always lovely seeing a woman own some cod face, XI certainly has some bad ass fems rockin the cod 4/5 scene!
  6. ::Edited for clarity below:: Suicide Betty - This afternoon I logged onto Cod 5 to play with a friend and have fun. By the third map Real ESTUFA connected and within 1 minute had 35 kills. The entire world disconnected, we all told him to play elsewhere by suggesting he was a hacker. If our clan allows it, I only want to play with people at my skill level, otherwise it's significantly less interesting. Last night on freeze tag I encountered the same situation. I think for the good of the clan we should not support exceptionally skilled players and ban them for a couple months. If they are truly skilled they should go play with players of equal caliber. This is my opinion of course and I respect XI's judgement, long life to clan XI! Now that's out of the way, I feel like I should throw in my two cents in regards to the reality of what occurred. I Logged in and was greeted by a few of the players I enjoy playing against. I then began to receive all sorts of personal attacks and flaming from you. After a few minutes you left, and we ended up having a very good and close round where I won by around 10 kills. The end.
  7. Sorry buddy but I call BS. I'm incredibly pleasant, and polite to everyone that is nice to me. It's really that simple, and for the longest time I took all the shit talking and personal attacks, but I'm only human, and a person has his limits. Also, yes nacho is a dope player, but he hasn't received even a sliver of the fucked up attacks and slader I have. Not a fucking sliver buddy. So nice try when I finally start lashing back at people, to attempt and paint me as an asshole, but it simply doesn't fly. I'm the most vocal when people get good kills, nice shots, and are playing well. I also am a very solid team player on the freeze tag servers.
  8. I guess it's time to add some new hacks to my list I've been accused of. let's see aside from Aimbotting, wallhacking, speed hacking, teleport hacking, I can now add "damage hack", and "not a so called wall hack wall hack". So what you are suggesting, is that your pro gamer friend explained some hacks you haven't thought to accuse me of, and now those are the hacks I JUST MUST BE USING BECAUSE GRRRRRRRR. Or maybe the reality is it's because you can't stand the idea of knowing players like me (and better) are out there creaming you into oblivion, to a degree that compels a harrowing conceptualizing that you will never be able to achieve comparable skill; ever? Pro tip, it's unequivocally the latter. How about we deal with the elephant in the room? The truth is, you are a shit player, with an even shittier attitude. If you spectated me for any length of time you would notice my movement patterns alone are more complex and difficult than anything you could achieve, coupled with the idea that every aspect of my gaming on XI has been scrutinized multiple times, over the course of years. Throw in the idea that some of you have accused me of incredibly fucking blatant hacks that are insanely easy to spot, and just maybe most of you don't have what it takes to discern skill from hacking? Just fucking maybe? And by maybe I mean, absolutely, obviously, without a fucking question of a doubt. What I suggest most of you silly people do as a sort of enlightenment exercise in just how skilled players can be at FPS is, go download cod 4, join a promod server for 30 fucking seconds, and see the kind of skill these players have. You will come back, spectate me, and see that what I do is relatively common amongst good fps players. So yeah, I'll take a hit on the "personal attack front" for this one, because honestly I've been dealing with you people and your personal attacks and general fuckery for an incredibly long time, and I'm done walking on egg shells for you uninspiring derpsticks. If I recorded every time you fuckers called me names and were just all around fuck heads, I'd have gigs of footage by now. Given the context of just how obvious by now it should be that I'm not hacking, it essentially is the definition of a hissy fit. I've never actually seen you go through the proper motions in game of spectating me, /recording it, and attempting to even mildly analyze the footage for some sort of proof. Something I might add, I do instantly when I suspect a hacker.
  9. I'm just now reading this thread, and all I'm thinking is, will no one thank me for actually getting a real hacker banned the other week? If you think I've been hacking for the multiple years I've been playing on XI servers, by all means /record me and send it in. As for toning it down, I have over the years. I used to sustain 50-100 more kills than second place with consistency; now I often only win by 5 to 20 kills. That includes matches tonight. Some of you question why I continue to play on XI servers, and the answer is simple; I friggin love many of the cod 4/5 players that make up the XI community and if real life didn't get in the way, I would still be a member and probably rolling to XI fests like it was 1999. Anyways, I've been meaning to come out with a tips and tricks video guide on how to improve one's FPS skills, I just haven't found the time to truly make something special. It will come eventually.
  10. Ok I just posted the demo. It 100% proves he is using an aimbot. Please ban this loser asap.
  11. demo0002.dm_6
  12. Caught CODWAWPRO aimbotting in custom maps 2 server for world at war. I have a /record file I am posting below.
  13. "kinda" RUFF! JJJJJJKkkkkkkkk I missed you and the cod4 fam mucho. Though I've been on a cod5 kick again lately. Played bf1 into the ground, and the fact that it records stats coupled with the inability to make more than one account/profile to play on made it significantly less fun; felt like I had to always play a carry with my crew and could never deviate. Plus, the game has some major issues that had me returning to decade old fps with open arms! Cold, so cold. We dealt with that racket years ago. We are who we are big daddy BEERS! I'm ready for some Molotov to the face action; your favorite!