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    hey guys sry i have been afk i have been working 12 hours shift for the past 2 weeks so not leaving me much time its over this week though and i will be back on
  3. trip wire has made a post about there update and new maps coming out i have posted it
  4. State Of The Game Hello, Here at Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games, it’s important that our studios continue to keep community interaction to high standards. After all, it’s you the community, who we want to ensure are having an enjoyable experience each time you log in to Vietnam and run through the jungle. First, from everyone at Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games, we would like to thank you for your continued interest and support of our game. As to where we are today, you may have already seen our presence on the Reddit boards, official Tripwire forums and the Steam discussions. That presence will continue each and every day. While we may not be able to respond to every single thread, rest assured... we are reading, reviewing and notating on a daily basis. As such, we'd like to take a few moments to discuss what has occurred since the launch of Vietnam and what we have planned for the future. While there is too much to list on what exactly has been addressed, we do want to call out some of the major issues that you, the community, have provided terrific feedback and bug reports on. First up, let’s discuss what’s occurred since launch, back on May 30th. Since that time, our immediate attention has been focused on resolving top reported community issues and feedback. The top 3 issues consisted of: Game crashes Game launch issues Stuttering and overall performance Creating a multiplayer game, especially a FPS, which runs perfectly on all types of PCs, is one of the most challenging technical aspects of game development. We are happy to report that the above issues have been addressed and are in the current Live build. Community feedback and reception has been very positive. This does not mean that our job is over, however. We will continue to ensure that the overall gaming experience not only meets our expectations, but yours as well. Next, allow us to speak about upcoming content and the future of Vietnam. As previously mentioned, we continue to focus on bugs but we are already underway on additional Summer content along with content for the latter part of this year. Please keep in mind, that the below details are planned 'goals'. Development progress may result in these items coming at a later than originally scheduled time frame. We will of course update you on such changes, to ensure the community has complete visibility. In the short term, over the next few updates we are expecting the following to roll out over a series of updates in the coming weeks and months: Content Have you wanted to play Hue City in Supremacy mode or Song Be in Territories mode? While the development team continues to work hard at bringing you update 1.02, we are also planning to push an interim build to add prototype conversions of the existing TE/SU maps to deliver new experiences on current maps. AMG will continue to work towards bringing completely new content to Vietnam. We will have more to share on that in a future news update! Lastly, two brand new weapons and a variant of an existing one are also in the works. We will be providing more details on this soon! Quality of Life Separate control binding for infantry and vehicle settings Along with official Xbox and Steam Controller Support Scoreboard improvements, such as having the ability to directly select and mute other players Instanced Rendering - new rendering method which offloads work to the GPU allowing for more items on screen (with less objects popping into view) and less CPU hit (potential performance improvement for lower end CPU’s with better GPU combinations) Having the announcer only announce to the players who are affected by Rapid/Ambush Deployment Improvements to the Spawn Selection menu, such as the menu remembering your last selected spawn and being able to ‘Ready Up’ by pressing ‘Enter’ And a lot more that we're not quite ready to share! Bugs The QA team has continued to investigate bugs and looks at community reproductions and believe we have found the root cause of: Rare Player/Server positional desync Several audio sounds being cut-off or not playing at all. Such an example is the Spooky And a whole lot more! We are still investigating and looking for reliable reproduction cases of the following and could use any community input to help us find them: Any video step by step instructions or detailed write ups that can cause hit registration issues to occur 100% of the time, if followed exactly. We have seen the issue happen but have had trouble making it happen ‘on command’ so we can capture the root of the issue and work to resolve it. Over the course of the rest of the year we are working towards our first major content update which is planned to include: Brand New Maps Brand New Weapons Brand New Vehicles And More! All throughout, we will continue to look at top community requested features and quality of life improvements. As such, please keep those suggestions and requests rolling in! And do not forget to check out some of the maps (and mods) that the community has started putting together. To our modding community, there are requested improvements and bug fixes coming as well. One such request is improvement to the upload tool by adding config and localization file support. We are also working directly with Valve to track down why servers are not properly grabbing updated Workshop files. While details for our future new content updates are not yet available, you can keep an eye on the Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Roadmap for a detailed look at our near future changes and a loose look at our long term plans. Please keep in mind, items are subject to change for various reasons (including date shifting or an entire feature being cut). Once again, we thank you for your continued support, patronage and interest in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games See you then. Cheers!
  5. https://youtu.be/RtTviDrcCOE
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  8. verdun ww1 fps

    its a good game sence they have fix alot of things in it
  9. look hmm and it on sale hmm
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  12. yea the new patch come out in aug along with new maps!
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