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  1. I was sitting here after playing with the guys from Europe their night my afternoon and had those thoughts I posted above and just thought I'd ask. I like the reflective Idea, "When you shoot a friend you freeze" it make the most sense in getting people to pay attention and not just start firing wildly.
  2. We use to have that and rounds were 15 minutes and even with that after 5 round (3 to 2) match it was still taking a hour and a quarter on one map. Right now if everyone on one team dies in the first minute the round is over. What makes sudden death any different if your getting thawed after you suddenly die unless your playing the tie breaker when you die three times you're kicked to the spectator booth? Freeze tag isn't about points it's about freezing more of their team then they have frozen of yours before time runs out. The points show who is the best team supporter by thaw to kill totals and are awarded 10 point for a freeze and 15 points for a thaw and has worked just fine for quit some time now. they did have the thaw points at 25 for a time but everybody became thaw hogs so it was reduce to 15 points and works great. If you want to suddenly die just jump in front of the other team and yell "shoot me" !! ☠️ I'm sure somebody will love the free 10 points. 🙄
  3. I have questions 1) Freeze tag Friendly fire - shoot a team mate - them thaw him - then shoot him again - then thaw him again you have just made 50 points in 5 seconds if you use a flame thrower? ect................................. 2) If you shoot a team mate should you be able to thaw him? 3) Does someone else have to thaw them or do you just not get points for either kill or thaw?. 4) should you have points removed for killing a team mate? 25 sounds right -10 for the kill and -15 for the thaw needed to revive them ? basically amounts to "0" points + or - to their score? 5) when you shoot a team mate should you be the one that is frozen?
  4. Everyone can load Drums and belts for extra ammo, when I run out I do a charge with a knife and try to take someone with me hoping someone will thaw me and Give me the reloads needed. The thing is right now you start a round then a team mate gets frozen and you haven't fired a shot but you run over to thaw them and first thing you get is their weapon and they may have not fired a shot but you end up with an empty weapon. Whats strange is you can drop a sniper rifle pick up your team mates empty weapon and then Hit the use thaw key a second time and pick up your sniper rifle you don't loose a single round try it with any automatic weapon and your out of bullets
  5. Personally I think your doing a great job just typing in all he games for use to play every week. As of yet I have always just down loaded the games as they start, with my new computer is takes just less than a minute to down load any map. BUT with my old computer it would take upwards of 5-8 minutes to down load most maps and the bigger maps took a bit longer. I didn't mind the time to load a map as I play every day and night and he next time I play the map its loaded and ready. Allowing everyone to pre-load Gives all the part time players and people with slower computers like my old one the advantage to load everything for the week so when game time comes they have everything they need to play.👍 Thank You for thinking of others That's what puts an ADMIN up to the top of the list of Good Guys.
  6. Everybody hates it when we start to thaw a team mate and all we do is swap for the weapon at our feet and end up with a empty gun. There has to be away that when were frozen our dropped weapons just disappear so whom ever thaws you doesn't end up with NO BUTTETS. That really sucks and needs to be fixed says EVERYBODY.
  7. I want to change my VOTE to YES then we can Shoot RealEstaufa and maybe he'll learn a little about not being a Team Player. LOL😝
  8. P.S> Political comments or comparisons are not allowed here and can get you banned from XI forever
  9. RealEstaufa the truth is you are in no way a team player and 90% of everyone despises your game play on freeze tag. Granted I am a in no way a Master gamer but I do my best for my team. Your type of game play is fine in DM but when your playing you are out for only you, what happens if No one thaws you from now on? how many kills will you get as an Ice cube we don't have to put up with your one man army game play we can just ignore you and your power gaming ways in team play and leave you frozen forever we have done it to others for their lack of team play so keep it up and change your name to Iceberg if you can't become a real Team Player. Oh and bad mouthing Admin here in the chat wont get you very far except kicked off an other game server.
  10. I understand that Jumping is needed in freeze tag in order to help thawing over walls and past windows, But running and jumping 8-12 feet in the air and landing 15 to 20 feet from where the jump started is a bit insane when at the same time being able to focus guns during the jump leaping over the other team could be considered a bit of a hack especially, when the power gamers are using it to jump over and over while running across a field or threw the buildings and enemy spawn like bunny rabbits making it almost impossible to shoot the jumper. There has to be a jump that knocks the aim off target or disables the firing of weapons while in the air this includes flame throwers. I realize jumping on trucks and on walls to get on a roof is needed but if our aim was knocked off target while flying through the air it would put the game a little closer to being quit a bit more fair. Just once I would like to see a real person with a flame thrower run jump 10 feet high and 12 feet forward while spinning and burning everybody in a 20 to 30 foot circle. Disable the triggers while jumping to bring the game more fair for everybody. Thank You
  11. The Freeze tag server is frozen. Every time the Game (SNR-Freedom-2 ) ends the server freezes up and is frozen now at 7:16 P.M. and has been since 5:50 P.M. today when I joined to find I have a ping of (-1)
  12. " RealEstufa" if you haven't played in tournaments you must have pissed someone off or a number of people for some reason or another for them to start a roomer about you winning tournaments and not being a team player. I want to Apologize to you if this is all false and I've been speaking out turn. The thing that made me believe them is, when you play Freeze tag and Run-n-gun is at the end of the game you have 72+ kills and 10 or less thaws. As for me I have lost 40% of my sight in one eye Do to Agent Orange, lucky for me I do not have a cancer related problem from it so, many times I just don't see my frozen team mates because I see only what's in front of me and when I turn to thaw 99% of the time I end up frozen also. I usually concentrate on the one person I'm trying to shoot or thaw and do the best I can, Thanks to the flame thrower my thawing has improved about 10 fold when I have one on my character. I don't play for my point total I play to see that my team wins and help them when I can, actually I totally suck at all games except when it comes to using the sniper rifle. Once again if the fact is you're just better than almost everyone on Freeze tag and other shooting games then I'm sorry I said anything to upset you and keep up the one man army game play.
  13. Almost everybody hates Dogs and Artillery !!! as for Marty more than 70% are using it now!!! The Dogs are Killing while we are still under Span protection while the Shield is up and you have not yet touched a weapon or become Visible. It happened to me twice in one game. Freeze tag Doesn't need Dogs or Artillery. Freeze Tag is a total different game than Run and Gun free for all. We have People that come in Like Real Estafa (Brags that he is a Professional Power Gamer and has played in and won big money in Las Vegas) he gets 60 to 80 kills every game and calls in dogs or Artillery every few minutes. which adds another 15 or 20 kill to his score. Dogs and Artillery are taking ALL the FUN out of the game. I spent enough time frozen without dogs and artillery and now you can triple that, tonight I spent more than 80 min Frozen in a 4 hour period because of this So called Adding more fun. FUCK THAT !!! I quit playing on more than 20 C.O.D. WaW servers because of artillery and dogs and for the past 8 years I have been on The XI world of War Freeze tag almost every afternoon and night except for when My house got hit by lighting and destroyed 4 Big screen TVs and 3 computers as well as 4 power supply back ups, and I can tell you that No one has been on the server even half as many hours That includes Admin and MODERATORS..
  14. 1) if you make the enemy DOGs a different color so we can tell what team sent the dogs I say keep them in if not loose them. 2) Loose the Artillery!!! In freeze tag I consider it a major HACK if Artillery stays I'll quit XI. I have enough trouble playing the game without it.
  15. I don't know if it's any kind of a record but 45 years ago today (Sept 27 1973) I smoked my first Joint. since then I have smoked at least a joint a day , That's all but maybe 8 days in there I was too sick to smoke any. As a pot head I have owned 5 different businesses and had enough money built up and saved to retire 9 years ago at age 59 and now I get a nice gratuity every month. I Have never had a traffic ticket, never been in an accident and have logged close to 1.5 Million miles driving as a profession. I have never myself been arrested, and have been in the Los Angeles county Jail at least 175 times stoned on weed as a Bounty hunter Booking criminals for the reward. Good old Clear eyes to get the red out. One more thing I just filled my pipe with some great weed and I'm going to the park to chill for a couple hours My motto Has always been "Smoke Dope, Eat Pussy and trip out like a Big Dog" . As a bounty hunter I never shot anybody to where they died from it and only had to shoot two one in the arm and the other in the leg (Felons and stupid) Hell I caught them LOL.