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  1. Everyone that tries to join freeze tag get the Message( SERVER AUTHENTICATION FAILURE ) and that's all it does.
  2. there wasn't that big of a problem with (cw_brecourt_storm) it's really dark but when you brighten the gama in your game options it is just fine ! I told All these guys and they just didn't listen ! Their tough luck ! LOL everyone else that listened had a good time>
  3. Great selection of maps this week ; Had a problem at the end of one map (cw_brecourt_storm) when it ended the server froze. I think the problem is the map that follows that would be : mp_cw_hurtgen we had the same trouble last summer with this same map and when it did work everyone hated it !! They removed it last summer and replaced it with ( mp-newhurtgen ) and that ended the lock up problem' Hope this helps
  4. White_Dragon

    Happy Birthday ? Today is your day to EAT, DRINK, and get Stupid ?
  5. Ill be 67 in July an have been a clan member for 6 years. I started playing off and on for 2 years before I was invited to join. The only claim I have is I have the most Hours on XI Servers with 3300 hours or more. I still stink at freeze tag but I have a great time. OH one other player That's not a member of XI but plays often "Cobus" He is said to be 97 years old. should we all get there.
  6. Hello all !! I'm posting this to Apologize to All admins that I pissed off. I saw it as the only way to get something done about a Problem and nothing else seemed to get anyone's attention. Please know I didn't mean any ill will to any of the XI ADMIN. You men and women do a good job and I said what I said to get all ADMINs to think about it and start talking even if it cost me the ability to play on this XI server where I have played over 3300 hours. Again I solely APOLOGIZE to ALL ADMINs.?
  7. Thanks Deerejon for the quick response to this. We normally don't have a ADMIN on for the U.S. east coast from 12:30 to 3:30 while our friends from Europe play Freeze Tag. At that time of day when the game crashes and we have 15 to 20 regulars from Europe and its past 8:00 P.M. for them, they don't want to wait for someone to contact an Admin so the games ends when we do have a Freezes up. I realize you and the rest of admin are at work at that time of day and unable to come to the rescue right away but you do one Heck of a good job trying to maintain and keep the games coming and running every day of every week. Thank you again Deerejon you Rock!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hay deerejon WAW Freeze Tag trouble Little trouble with Map (mp_seelow) it keeps crashing just after the first round ends and round two (2) starts it happened twice tonight. The server just shuts the game off, we have had that problem before with this same map.
  9. White_Dragon

    For he past few years a number of you have suggested I change the Picture on My Signature so Here it is
  10. I was sitting here after playing with the guys from Europe their night my afternoon and had those thoughts I posted above and just thought I'd ask. I like the reflective Idea, "When you shoot a friend you freeze" it make the most sense in getting people to pay attention and not just start firing wildly.
  11. We use to have that and rounds were 15 minutes and even with that after 5 round (3 to 2) match it was still taking a hour and a quarter on one map. Right now if everyone on one team dies in the first minute the round is over. What makes sudden death any different if your getting thawed after you suddenly die unless your playing the tie breaker when you die three times you're kicked to the spectator booth? Freeze tag isn't about points it's about freezing more of their team then they have frozen of yours before time runs out. The points show who is the best team supporter by thaw to kill totals and are awarded 10 point for a freeze and 15 points for a thaw and has worked just fine for quit some time now. they did have the thaw points at 25 for a time but everybody became thaw hogs so it was reduce to 15 points and works great. If you want to suddenly die just jump in front of the other team and yell "shoot me" !! ☠️ I'm sure somebody will love the free 10 points. ?
  12. I have questions 1) Freeze tag Friendly fire - shoot a team mate - them thaw him - then shoot him again - then thaw him again you have just made 50 points in 5 seconds if you use a flame thrower? ect................................. 2) If you shoot a team mate should you be able to thaw him? 3) Does someone else have to thaw them or do you just not get points for either kill or thaw?. 4) should you have points removed for killing a team mate? 25 sounds right -10 for the kill and -15 for the thaw needed to revive them ? basically amounts to "0" points + or - to their score? 5) when you shoot a team mate should you be the one that is frozen?
  13. Everyone can load Drums and belts for extra ammo, when I run out I do a charge with a knife and try to take someone with me hoping someone will thaw me and Give me the reloads needed. The thing is right now you start a round then a team mate gets frozen and you haven't fired a shot but you run over to thaw them and first thing you get is their weapon and they may have not fired a shot but you end up with an empty weapon. Whats strange is you can drop a sniper rifle pick up your team mates empty weapon and then Hit the use thaw key a second time and pick up your sniper rifle you don't loose a single round try it with any automatic weapon and your out of bullets
  14. Personally I think your doing a great job just typing in all he games for use to play every week. As of yet I have always just down loaded the games as they start, with my new computer is takes just less than a minute to down load any map. BUT with my old computer it would take upwards of 5-8 minutes to down load most maps and the bigger maps took a bit longer. I didn't mind the time to load a map as I play every day and night and he next time I play the map its loaded and ready. Allowing everyone to pre-load Gives all the part time players and people with slower computers like my old one the advantage to load everything for the week so when game time comes they have everything they need to play.? Thank You for thinking of others That's what puts an ADMIN up to the top of the list of Good Guys.
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