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  1. Wins every map he plays. He has lots of energy and is a very skilled gamer. I even chatted with him once and he seems like a nice guy. Could someone (an admin) ask him to tone it down a little? We just want to have fun playing a game and not be slaughtered.
  2. LOL - I've changed out clocksprings. Never bothered to repair them (solder connections) - the F'Up factor is too high for my time/value ratio.
  3. Thanks! Those are great tips. I ended up re-bending the spring (very tedious). We'll see how long it lasts. I have the new switches in my Amzon cart just in case...
  4. 1-year warranty... Always happens just over 1 year. I'll try re-bending the clips. If that fails, I'll spend $5 and pick up a bunch of new switches and solder them in place. Part of the reason why this happens is that I'm still an avid GTA San Andreas player - to level up heath and bike abilities, you need to click the left button a shitload.
  5. The1

    But you failed to mention what they are driving... I hope it's something 30" or multi-monitor!
  6. Every year or two, I wear out the left click button on my mice - starts double clicking. Really sucks having to fork over another $50-$100 each time. I just googled the problem and apparently the switches can be repaired or replaced! I have a Logitec Laser and a Roccat Kone XTD which experience this problem. Both have Omron D2FC-F-7N switches. The Roccat has the (RT) type, which I think is just the custom build designation for RoccaT. Anyone have any experience fixing or replacing these? The youtube video for bending that copper bracket looks tricky. I might just order some new ones, but Digikey and Mouser don't carry them (only Ebay, which may or may not be genuine Omron)...
  7. The1

    Anyone ever seen The Matrix? At one point in life, I looked like Keanau. "The One" : It's two syllables, pronounced quickly together. For those who are fans of Jet Li, the same pronunciation applies (although I have no connection to his skills or looks). Why does everyone call me THE or THEE? Has anyone ever been referred to as a preposition before? Is that number "1" filtered out in certain character sets or something? I may need to pick an easier name... Like Pat. Yes, call me Pat. Single syllable, very easy to pronounce. I am born and bread in Minnesota, and I am not a Juan. Think about the song: "Who's that? It's Pat!" from SNL fame. But keep in mind that I have emotional problems as a result of that skit due to teasing from my sisters.
  8. The1

    Did somebody say The 1?
  9. The1

    HughesNet is advertising all over my area right now... NO THANKS! I'd rather stick with low-ping cable. As has been said previously, big fancy numbers mean NOTHING - PING is the thing.
  10. Me too... On new maps, and some other maps on occasion... Oh, just wanted to say this:
  11. The1

    This comes into my head every time I play on the WAW DM server and someone gets 30 kills.
  12. FWIW, I love the low-grav server! Awesome change of pace! Get in there, people!
  13. Is there anything we can do to persuade Activision to bring our game back? Servers have been quiet lately, and I fear the death knell may be near... Petition? Perhaps some hax0rs can remove teh l33t codez?
  14. Agreed - getting into the servers has been very problematic and aggravating lately. I'm sure the admins are pulling their hair out over it. (sorry for you fellas - been there, done that) As of this post, they're all down again... Even non-XI servers... I think all the clans need to band together and form a new server farm.
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