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  1. Aracefan

    Welcome Scardragon. good to see you on the forum. See you shortly in the game.
  2. Aracefan

    Happy 21st Birthday again
  3. Any and all of the new maps are my favorite. After years of all the same same it is good to see anything new.
  4. Aracefan

  5. Keep the new maps coming, even that funky tank manufacturer plant was good despite its flaws.
  6. Aracefan

    See if this works. Open with youtube. . Enjoy https://youtu.be/UVZVsrR0P1I
  7. Aracefan

    That was fantastic.
  8. Aracefan

    hope you recover soon!
  9. Aracefan

    turns out it was my flippen mouse. I replaced it with a corded one and a new mouse pad and no problems since. Well i still suck playing but no lagging
  10. Aracefan

    I was playing a few days after my cuff surgery. It wasn't pretty and i took a beating but you arrange the keyboard the right way and your back in business. Hope it goes well! P.s Dont complain about the pain or you get a crying medal like i got
  11. if i touch any key during the map change it does that to me. i learned not to touch anything till it is done.
  12. Aracefan

    I heard Yanny and the wife at the same time was saying she hears Laurel. Than amazes me how that works
  13. Aracefan

    well i went in and did a clean install of the new driver. Seems to work so far. tomorrow i will give it more game time and get the TV streaming at the same time. Thanks for the info, i didn't think to update the thing i just expect it to work!