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  1. What does a overlay do for you?
  2. I like Marty. Helps pay back the people who knife me!
  3. Use the Mute button to block the cry babies, Enjoy the game and dont worry about the losers.
  4. I should go on disability for my gaming problems
  5. Could life get any better. Screw healthy!
  6. I remember jamming to these guys in high school and still today. RIP!
  7. got 10 right. i lived there 3 years back in the late 80's. the "slang" has changed a lot
  8. 8 yrs Air Force, got out in 91
  9. I get the LG models and love them. The LG6 is out now. Cant go wrong with this phone
  10. Excellent! I think military service is great to get the kids started in life. It did me well.
  11. there is a map maker forum you could post on. I imagine they know what is going on.
  12. I think people left because that map sucks. If people leave because 1 guy shoots them then they are only hurting all the others who want to play a good game. take your death, get thawed and just play. I hear enough Bitching from people at work, i play COD to relax.
  13. Aracefan. I am a NASCAR fan. Not as much as i was when Big Dale #3 was alive but the #18 Kyle Busch keeps me interested now.