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  1. Thanks folks, Good to be 21 again
  2. Great job Gator!
  3. Why is his uniform so clean?
  4. Fast times at Ridgemont high
  5. No VW trucks over here. It looks really tough
  6. New map, Whooo Hoooo! Is there a option to switch uniform types in these maps?
  7. What does a overlay do for you?
  8. I like Marty. Helps pay back the people who knife me!
  9. Use the Mute button to block the cry babies, Enjoy the game and dont worry about the losers.
  10. I should go on disability for my gaming problems
  11. Could life get any better. Screw healthy!
  12. I remember jamming to these guys in high school and still today. RIP!
  13. got 10 right. i lived there 3 years back in the late 80's. the "slang" has changed a lot
  14. 8 yrs Air Force, got out in 91
  15. I get the LG models and love them. The LG6 is out now. Cant go wrong with this phone