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  1. Aracefan

    In real war as well as the game you got to look out for boobie traps. Better make that kill and get the hell out of there.
  2. Aracefan

    Fantastic Scarlett, Welcome.
  3. Aracefan

    Happy Birthday ladies!
  4. Aracefan

    Wife and I stopped in to see the Christmas Story house in Cleveland Ohio today. They put a giant Ralphie blow up by the house. There is the Old mans car and the fire truck that came to help Flick on the frozen pole.
  5. Aracefan

    2 things before you watch. Make note of the fart spray and do not be drinking anything when he shows clips of using this thing. My drink came back out my nose i was laughing so hard at these people. Fart spray, fucking fantastic.
  6. Aracefan

    You people clearly don't have cats!
  7. Aracefan

  8. Aracefan

    Glad to see you on here @Adalya it is me Aracefan. That comes from being A Race Fan. See you in the game.
  9. Please get rid of the Artillery and dogs. I do not think they add any value to the game.
  10. Please take off the Artillery and dogs. they ruin the game.
  11. Aracefan

    Welcome Scardragon. good to see you on the forum. See you shortly in the game.
  12. Aracefan

    Happy 21st Birthday again
  13. Any and all of the new maps are my favorite. After years of all the same same it is good to see anything new.