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  1. SweeperMan

    so your a real whack job then?!?!!?
  2. SweeperMan

    Hey if that makes a living who am I to judge....lol, just don't piss your profits drown the drain...
  3. SweeperMan

    So you tenderize the hamburger before its hamburger....lol
  4. SweeperMan

    I heard that about u....lol, all that money just slipping through your hands....
  5. XI is requiring all members to fill out the new XI ID 10 T form. Go to admin page look up idiot form and fill out if you are still reading this and believe its true...lol. Which leads us into Sweeperman's Poll of the Day...What do members do in real life...sling rock on street corners, pick up rich people's dog poop, collect my hard earned tax money sitting on your arse, or like me go to the daily grind to chisel a meager living so you can play CODWAW on what little spare time you have on the best custom XI servers in the world. I know a lot of you fit in the latter categories because when I have a sick day and jump on the servers are load!!!! GO GET A J. O. B. If you are one of the lucky ones pulling in some serious coin...do you donate to the servers????? I'll start: been designing street sweepers for a 20 years, before that I designed high speed industrial sewing machines while working part time as a sheriff deputy...what do you do???
  6. Ok clappers...oh I mean clanstirs: the 2019 XI Fest is set for Charlotte North Carolina, Dates will be Sept 12-15...with that in mind who is the oldest continuous clan member of XI? and who is just the oldest player? I'll start with me...56 years young, playing on XI servers for 8 years or more but only a clan member for 2 years I think...I'm old and can't remember chit....Boner....? PS it was hard to get Beers and Nacho to pose for this picture.....
  7. As tempting as that would be...but no
  8. Peekaboo man......don't laugh, I'll have to kill you....
  9. I think he uses some kind of a cheat...need more video, I think he turns it off when we bitch, I watched him jump out after calling him out on it and come back in and then suddenly I could beat him...
  10. SweeperMan

    like "what the F....", Damit, Damit, mother f....lol, I think most of us sound like we have tourettes...
  11. SweeperMan Poll of the Day: *** Who has the best battle cry in COD?!?!? *** Is it Nacho and his booyaka!, Sweeperman and his Boner! Zombie Farts and his Boner...(wait sweeper did it 1st), MOT and his Ohhh... or the guy who always yells YOU! Who's got the best shit kicker cry of death???
  12. Do to the recent March for Lives activities all COD weapons will be confiscated immediately and replaced with whiffle bats and sling shots. Please respect the new policy and turn in your guns....we will allow knives as a primary weapon. Which brings us to SweeperMan's poll of the day: Who is the best knife guy/gal in COD?!?? Who can deliver that icy edge blade to your torso like now one else???? Is it Beers and his long distance noggin splittering throws??? Black Cat and his lighten fast plunge of death or DeadDawns out of nowhere instant bleed out jab???? Lets hear ya.....
  13. Ahhhh our 1st customer...send checks or money orders to xi servers, po box 666, care of booger bag.....