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  1. double tap and deep penetration...those are my favs...lol
  2. Perks..what one is your fav and why?? mines double tap....quicker deaths for you Sum of Bs...lol
  3. Who lives in No. Illinois area or S. Wisconsin....south of the Cheddar curtain?

  4. The first couple of years I played on the team death match server...that's where I met Dman...the server dryer up over the years and I've been playing on the free for all server with Beers, Spin and Mot the last couple of years. I play on the freezetag server once in awhile also.
  5. Who's your faverite player on COD WW and why? I like playing Deaddawn, Real estra, AwwtheMurphy and Samhill...they are better players than me but they bring out my best play.....I tend to amp up my play when these guys are hammering me....lol
  6. Sweet set up, the laptop definitely gives you an advantage for a second view in a game....finding campers
  7. Lazslo keep posted on how u like that game....
  8. Any buddy get new games christmas? How good are they? Any worth buying or you would recommend ?
  9. Good to see more of the older players coming backing and playing this server...