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  1. I get in cod ww Freeze tag server, I reset my settings to optimal default, I have fast internet service. I have fast internet service. The only thing different is I got a new monitor and it worked fine for awhile. It shows my ping at 37, but still I can't get in the server anymore....any suggestions?
  2. Ghostlupus if I'm ever out your way I will buy you a couple pints...You need to come to freeze tag server and play with us.
  3. the air strike shows unbounded in the icon, just don't know what control button it is to set up
  4. how/what button controls air strikes in Freeze tag? How do you set it up to use it? What's the air strike control button called and where is it? I've asked doing game play but I'm hard of hearing and can't understand sometimes... thanks in advance! SweeperMan
  5. Sorry to hear, what was his COD name?
  6. like sex...you have to know when to pull out....
  7. Bad Monkey!!!! I heard Cartman from South Park say once in an episode...I laughed my arse off.....now you carry the torch
  8. dumb question...how do we find and get into the temp servers?
  10. appreciate the help...now how do I do better...i'm basically chum out there...lol
  11. never mind i figured it out, toggled on mods and start with a new profile...still haven't figured out how to add XI to name
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