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  1. SABRE

    @Lunkster....NM. I called my son into my office to show me where to go to find the invite....im so lost with this new shit on these games!!!
  2. SABRE

    ok...here comes the dumb question....where do i find the invite @Lunkster?
  3. SABRE

    SABRE#9862785 Battle ID is SABRE#11693
  4. SABRE

    Just finished my upgrading my rig. Went with a ROG STRIX B550-F gaming MOBO AMD Ryzen 5 3600x 6-core processor 16GB of ram at 3200 Mhz Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super 1TB Kingston SSD hard drive My wife told me I cannot spend no more money on computer parts!!!
  5. SABRE

    @Sixgun, where have you been? Miss shooting you in the back!!!
  6. SABRE

    As some of you already know, I lost four of my brother on July 18th to an horrific act of stupidity by a drunk driver who drove his vehicle into our bike formation killing three of my brothers instantly and one that later died two weeks later. The pain I feel from that day forward is unbearable and I cannot put it into words. To forever hold onto their memories, I decided to get a tattoo that a bunch of my brothers are getting to keep their memory alive and I wanted to share that will all of you. The tattoo is a Texas rustic looking flag merging into an Illinois flag with the words freedom on that we adopted since the death of my brothers. I hope you like it.
  7. SABRE

    happy birthday to you too brother....now go fuck yourself!!! JK 🙂
  8. SABRE

    thank you everyone
  9. SABRE

    XI family, Please understand this message is a little long and if you do read the entire message, thank you. I want to first start off by saying i am sorry that i have been away from the game for 2 weeks now and neglecting my duties as an admin. As some of you already know, I am big into Harley Davidson motorcycles. I love riding them and feeling the air in my face....it relaxes me after a hard day or hard week at work. Some of you know that I ride for an motorcycle club called Thin Blue Line LEMC, which is a law enforcement motorcycle club. I have been with this family for years in Houston, Texas and then when i moved to Florida, I stated another chapter. Every year in July, we as a family celebrate our birthday in the hill country of Texas, about 80 miles west of San Antonio, TX. during the days of July 15th through the 19th, I rode my back from SW Florida to west Texas to attend our birthday celebration. On Saturday July 18th, 2020 there was a ride of around 35 members who decided to go out and enjoy the nice sunny day and do some sightseeing. I was on this ride in formation (lined up number 4th in the pack) up to about two minutes before my brothers left. For some strange reason, I agreed with a friend of mine from the Louisianan chapter to take a shorter route and go grab some lunch with him and two other members from my Florida Chapter. Why I agreed to jump out of formation and go on a shorter ride I will never know because everyone who knows me, knows I like to ride and the distance never bothers me, but I did jump formation and go on a shorter ride with a few friends of mine. A little after 12pm that day , the larger group was coming back to our camp grounds when an illegal immigrant came in to their lane head on and killing the first three brother of mine on impact and critically injuring 4 other brothers of mine and their wives. For the first time in my life, I was scared to get back on my bike. But i knew I had to because I had to lead my chapter back from west Texas to SW Florida....a 1500 mile trip. one part of my ride back I was going through the state of Louisianan and I stated noticing people driving by my formation honker their horns and waving at us. It brought tears to my eyes as this took place because it gave me hope and it let me know that I had some type of angel watching over me on that Saturday and on my ride back to Florida. Now I am flying to Chicago to bury two of my brothers this coming up week and it is another trip I do not want to make because I have been to too many funerals in my life time with the Marine Corp and now my TBL family. I am hurting, but i know in time I will be OK and I soon will be back on my bike. Some of my family has asked me to not get back on my bike, but i have explained to them that if i should die due to an accident on my bike, just know that I went out a happy person and I was doing the one thing i love most in this world and that is riding my bike. I will try to get back on some time this weekend just to be around some people that i enjoy. I am going to post two article on this message about the accident. One is from fox news (the link) and the other is a tribute from another rider in Atalanta that is on you tube. you can watch them if you want to....that is up to you. https://video.foxnews.com/v/6174675065001#sp=show-clips
  10. @Funstick>XI<, it was good seeing you or should i say killing you in the server the other day. The clan has missed you these past few months. You mentioned to me that you have had a few bad months lately and I just wanted to say I am glad to see you bouncing back. You will always have a friend here to talk to if you ever need one brother. Now get your ass back in the game and get your skills polished up so i can have a fair fight against you....wait, I don't think you never had any skills in this game!!!! 🙂
  11. SABRE

    I just want to give big shout out to @LOCO for helping me get my COD-4 crashing problem solved. This is where I had to go to remove the MOD folder. check here C:\Users\salmo\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\Mods change the salmo to your pc profile name if you follow the path click view and check hidden items
  12. SABRE

    Didnt work. I deleted my entire MOD folder and i am still getting kicked when the server switches to another map
  13. SABRE

  14. SABRE

    Some of you already know that i did a complete sweep on my computer and went with an SSD hard drive. By doing this, I was not able to re-install my COD4 because my desktop does not have a CD ROM to play the disk so I had to use a ISO file to get the game uploaded to the new hard drive. With that being said, Every time the server moves on to a new map, it crashes with a an error stating, "Impure client detected. Invalid. IWD files referenced!" Can anyone help me with this?
  15. SABRE

    OK...so I just installed my new SSD hard drive and I did a complete new install (did not transfer nothing over). I do not have a CD ROM on this computer so there for I cannot just reinstall the game. I do still have my CD key, but can someone tell me how i can install the game onto my computer?
  16. SABRE

    @HELLSPAWN will always be my BITCH!!!! Everyone hates me because they are try to be like me and fail. Everyone needs to learn that being me is a lot of hard work. I mean, just look at me, I look great, I dress great, and I am always GREAT!!! just give up now because if you don't, you will always hate me.
  17. SABRE

    happy birthday
  18. SABRE

    Happy birthday
  19. SABRE

  20. SABRE

    why did you run them off????
  21. SABRE

    I am going to take your points from you
  22. SABRE

    one you can afford that allows you to play this game. What do I know, I am just trying to rack up points!!!!
  23. SABRE

    good to know!!! you cant get the last word in with me!!! just ask @WldPenguin
  24. SABRE

    where has the time gone!!!! right behind you brother...I think i am!!!!
  25. Just turn the damn FF back on. Dont listen to these pussy that cried about FF. It stops assholes like @HELLSPAWN from coming around the corner with guns a blazing to get a kill.



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