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    yes it is
  2. SABRE

    So I told my wife today that my monitor was messing up in my game and that I needed a new one. She asked me what was wrong with the one I have and i said it is like 8 to 10 years old and it is starting to flicker while I am in my game (it doesn't!!!) so she told me to buy a new one. I just orders a new 27inch curve 2560x1440 4k 1MS monitor. She gave me a budget, but I went over it. Watch out @Sharpe, I am coming for you now as soon as this new monitor comes in. Now I just need to update my GPU....right now I am running a NVIDIA GTX 970.
  3. SABRE

    Exotic, Please be patient as we research the ban and get back to you.
  4. SABRE

    welcome to this crazy family
  5. SABRE

    welcome to the family!!!
  6. SABRE

    brother, now being a marine, I understand all these exercises, but for these civilians, I suggest you take picture...better yet, post a video of you demonstrating all these exercises. I expect to see a video by 0dark30
  7. SABRE

    Welcome to this idiotic family!!!
  8. wish i could, but i will be traveling that weekend.
  9. I dont manage KIDS...if they want to act like kids then they can find work elsewhere!!!
  10. @Icequeen I don't even see you in the server no more. So i cannot get worse...it is actually getting better!!! JK
  11. Thanks for all the warm welcomes...I really appreciate it.
  12. SABRE

    How late is late? I mean are we talking 8pm because us old people need to get our sleep on.
  13. While I love to game, it is not my first love. My first love is my bike. There is nothing like being out on the open road with the wind hitting your face!!!
  14. SABRE

    I just cleared my schedule for tomorrow. Can I still join the COD4 team? @BlackRose
  15. Time out here. NO NO NO!!!! Do not get rid of the sniper maps or the sniper weapons. I myself love to snipe on these maps. It isn't as easy as you think it is, due to the speed that everyone is running at. I would like to think that sniping is an art. In order for me to hit you as you are running full speed, I have to lead you in your direction and anticipate your movements as I pull my trigger to shoot you. And I am very good at it....scratch that. I am EXCELLENT at it. So do not speak of removing my weapons just to get a leg up on me because we all know you cant beat me in the Ace Mod!!!!
  16. lets not let this server die. I think we need to promote this server by doing some kind of event like who can place in the top three the most out of 10 maps. If we have a tie, the total points accrued will be the tie breaker.
  17. SABRE

    Welcome to the forums
  18. SABRE

    Thanks for all the kind words. And @ANGU5 I have my eye on you brother!!!! Just kidding angus or am I?
  19. SABRE

    @J3st3r...what do you mean now??? @Funstick>XI< has always been a hooker....a cheap one at that!!! I heard he is now accepting food stamps for payments!!!
  20. SABRE

    Welcome to this misfit family that we call Xtreme Idiots!!! The question is, are you an idiot like the rest of us???
  21. SABRE

    Happy birthday to all of you. Hope everyone of you have a great day!!!
  22. SABRE

    @WldPenguin, would you expect anything less from @ANGU5? I mean he is always talking about men's cock in the servers!!!!
  23. We got soaking wet on Saturday riding, but Sunday was a nice day!!!! You have to love the Florida weather!!!
  24. SABRE

    My wife was the one that is the hot chick in the skimpy bikini!!! But I don't share those pictures with ya!!!
  25. SABRE

    That will never happen...she is way under my league!!!!
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