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  1. Here is a picture of my wife and I
  2. SABRE

    not really a difference that i really notice in the game when it comes to the curve. I like the fact that i can raise the monitor up higher on its stand.
  3. SABRE

    Whats up girl...its about time you get in here!!!! Now we need to have a serious conversation
  4. SABRE

    @Sharpe that link says i am getting 144FPS, 144Hz, 7 pixels per frame, and 960 pixels per second I did fix my graphics in my game and yes it makes a big difference, I can see so much better now.
  5. Dude, is that you???? I pictured you looking so much different. BTW, if you need a haircut, just go to the Barracks because i am sure someone is giving away free haircuts!!!!
  6. SABRE

    @Sharpe Here is my new monitor. Played on it for a little bit and i must say...what a difference a larger 4K 144hrz monitor makes...Just ask @Roxy! I was destroying her today in the server
  7. SABRE

    Welcome to this crazy family.
  8. SABRE

    Tags look good on you brother. But dont forget, I still have a redirect button!!!!
  9. SABRE

    yes it is
  10. SABRE

    So I told my wife today that my monitor was messing up in my game and that I needed a new one. She asked me what was wrong with the one I have and i said it is like 8 to 10 years old and it is starting to flicker while I am in my game (it doesn't!!!) so she told me to buy a new one. I just orders a new 27inch curve 2560x1440 4k 1MS monitor. She gave me a budget, but I went over it. Watch out @Sharpe, I am coming for you now as soon as this new monitor comes in. Now I just need to update my GPU....right now I am running a NVIDIA GTX 970.
  11. SABRE

    Exotic, Please be patient as we research the ban and get back to you.
  12. SABRE

    welcome to this crazy family
  13. SABRE

    welcome to the family!!!
  14. SABRE

    brother, now being a marine, I understand all these exercises, but for these civilians, I suggest you take picture...better yet, post a video of you demonstrating all these exercises. I expect to see a video by 0dark30
  15. SABRE

    Welcome to this idiotic family!!!
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