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  1. Thank you for all the birthday messages
  2. Fuck you @FunStick OH come on FunStick....making me an ADM was the best decision the head adms has ever made. They now get an adm who thinks like the other players and will defend all the players, but if you piss me off, I am your worst enemy!!! I know I piss people off....especially the new players that do not know me. I have also pissed salty players off as well, but I don't care. At the end of the day, I do not jump to conclusions without doing my homework first. I have been accused of hacking, I have been called many names, I have been told personally by players that they don't like me for one reason or another (I just laugh at them) but to me, it is part of the game because I am better than most of the players on this server.....JK or am I....I will never tell. Lets just put it this way, I am very laidback in the server when it comes to the bashing of other players because I believe we are all friends (for the most part) so I do not get offended with the bashing nor do I stop it because I believe we should have thick skin while playing on our adult server. There is a mute button for a reason!!! But if you do cross the line (the line that is in my book), I do hold you accountable for your own actions, which can piss people off as well. It is a no win situation for us ADMs, We hear all the time that ADMs do not do their job, but when an ADM does his/her job, then we are bashed for it so like I said, its a no win situation for us and I believe the ADMS of this clan has the thickest skins of them all!!! Love you @FunStick, but FUCK YOU also!!!!
  3. I am scared to say what i actually feel after reading these comments. As an ADM i am going to keep my personal feelings to myself. I just know that i am a player who calls people out all the time. I guess i easily offend people but they never report me because i am a bully and i will kick their ass....JK. Honestly after reading all this I wonder why i have not been report yet...Just saying!!!
  4. sorry you feel that way
  5. Fry I issued a temp ban on you for your action towards me after being kicked by me for being AFK. You were gone for more than a minute. I called you out twice verbally and then called you out the third time through in game typing. you did not respond. once you came back in you asked why i kicked you and I tried to explain to you but you got rude and started calling me a prick. You even stated the server was not full and I tried to explain the server does not need to be full in order to be kicked. You as an XI member knows to not go AFK, no matter how long the time is. You should have gone to spectate and then come back in once you are ready to play. As I stated this is not a perm ban, it is only temp and will be uplifted on 12/14/2020. I am not going to lift this ban at this time due to I researched all complaints from adms and other members on you before issuing the temp ban. This is not the first warning you have received from an adm on calling us names when you disagree with something we have done so therefore the temp ban will stay in play until 12/14/2020.
  6. Some of you that stay in touch with me already knows that I am relocating back to Texas. I am leaving tomorrow 11/3/2020 and I will be away from my computer for a couple of months until i am able to move my family back to Texas.
  7. @Lunkster....NM. I called my son into my office to show me where to go to find the invite....im so lost with this new shit on these games!!!
  8. ok...here comes the dumb question....where do i find the invite @Lunkster?
  9. SABRE#9862785 Battle ID is SABRE#11693
  10. Just finished my upgrading my rig. Went with a ROG STRIX B550-F gaming MOBO AMD Ryzen 5 3600x 6-core processor 16GB of ram at 3200 Mhz Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super 1TB Kingston SSD hard drive My wife told me I cannot spend no more money on computer parts!!!
  11. @Sixgun, where have you been? Miss shooting you in the back!!!
  12. As some of you already know, I lost four of my brother on July 18th to an horrific act of stupidity by a drunk driver who drove his vehicle into our bike formation killing three of my brothers instantly and one that later died two weeks later. The pain I feel from that day forward is unbearable and I cannot put it into words. To forever hold onto their memories, I decided to get a tattoo that a bunch of my brothers are getting to keep their memory alive and I wanted to share that will all of you. The tattoo is a Texas rustic looking flag merging into an Illinois flag with the words freedom on that we adopted since the death of my brothers. I hope you like it.
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