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  1. SABRE

    you should have already mastered that in the barracks!!!
  2. SABRE

    welcome to the family.
  3. SABRE

    who ever is celebrating their special day today, I hope its a great one!!!
  4. SABRE

  5. SABRE

    Welcome to the family. If you knife me one more time, I'm going to chunk my computer out the door!!!
  6. SABRE

    Well, I forgot to post this last month when I decided to trade in my Fatboy for my new toy (Street Glide Special)
  7. SABRE

    Thanks for all the comments. Not a Honda and no I will never buy a victory. Only brand in my garage will be a Harley Davidson. Larsin, you are correct, its a 2014 Fatboy Lo...only had 4000 mile on it when I bought it. Already installed new rush pipes and a fast release sissy bar for my wife when she is on it with me. Got a lot more parts coming soon.
  8. SABRE

    SABRE has a new toy to play with.
  9. SABRE

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!!
  10. WTF.....he is an admin again!!! hell just froze over!!! welcome back.
  11. SABRE

    Damn, I just noticed I Have been here for 5 years now....I don't have as many medals as y'all do...WTF!!!!
  12. SABRE

    good luck on receiving medals...ive been here for a couple of years....I've been here for four and a half years...and I dont have that many medals at all. I dont even have my 4 year medal!!!
  13. SABRE

    Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes
  14. SABRE

    Yeah Houston has been getting hit hard as well. Schoold were cancelled on Tuesday. A lot of people were stuck on interstate 10 all through the night and a few were not lucky at all and lost their lives to drowning.
  15. Whats going on with the sniper seerver for COD4? When I join, all it does it stays on a screen with your scores...cant even join the map!!!
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