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  1. *fry*

    Don't be a stranger @LilMordjr hope to still see you around on the freeze tag server
  2. *fry*

    This is Charlie my 9 Year old Beagle
  3. Another good one taken from us far too early. Thoughts and prayers go out to Sandra and his family. RIP Dadda you will be greatly missed
  4. *fry*

    Good Luck Mule HE HAW MOFO
  5. *fry*

    Big Congratulations Lilmordjr and good luck in the future,
  6. Just been on and like Bogleg said the download speed is awful.
  7. Also could you remove or at least make small or even re-position the 'TEAMS WILL BE AUTO BALANCED NEXT ROUND' text. I don't know about anyone else but i find it quite annoying when it pops up in the middle of the game especially when your just about to shoot someone and covers your line of sight. Another thing regarding the scoring at the end could the MVP be the one who has the most defrosts as that's what the game is about at the end of the day .
  8. 1. I would like RCs to just be able to defrost only. 2. Weapon can not be used when in the air when Bunny hoppin 3. reduce respawn time after using a perk rather than having 5 seconds maybe cut it down to 2 or 3 seconds
  9. Yeah whatever... they were getting kicked coz they were all hacking SOBs
  10. Sorry to hear that mule, hang in there buddy..... hehaw motherf**ker!!!!!
  11. *fry*

    Personally I don't think that this excuse (if you can call it that) should be accepted. At the end of the day its your PC and you are responsible for who ever uses it. If you don't want people using it lock it with a password or set it up with other users access.
  12. *fry*

    Happy Birthday LilMord ? ?



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