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  1. *fry*

    Be careful what you say in this day and age people might interpret you as a music racist 🤣 as it seems the music you seem to dislike all comes from a certain ethnic origin 😆 😆.
  2. its groundhog day again
  3. *fry*

    Congrats @Timmah! looking good. Bit concerned though with you taking these photos in the gents bathrooms, and one looks like you are holding a used kleenex
  4. *fry*

    I hope this name change has nothing to do with or the same reasons as the guy out of CON AIR 'Johnny 23' or you could find yourself behind bars or even worse kicked from the clan ??
  5. WOW never seen the sever so empty..... well done!!!
  6. *fry*

    Jesus Christ we're scrapping the barrel now
  7. Is anybody doing anything about this? as it just seems to be one map (mp_sab) can you just remove the map from rotation until fixed?
  8. *fry*

    Do the people who regularly donate to this server get points for doing so?
  9. *fry*

    Don't be a stranger @LilMordjr hope to still see you around on the freeze tag server
  10. *fry*

    This is Charlie my 9 Year old Beagle
  11. Another good one taken from us far too early. Thoughts and prayers go out to Sandra and his family. RIP Dadda you will be greatly missed
  12. *fry*

    Good Luck Mule HE HAW MOFO



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