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  1. Thunder

  2. Thunder

    I uninstalled TS. Got tired of being called in by Admins and yelled at.
  3. Thunder

    And that is where I am lost. I have clue how to change the Bios. But if I change it to C will it boot from that drive ?
  4. Thunder

    I bought a New 1TB SSD, to replace my old 128GB SSD for my OS Drive. I got my computer to recognize the Drive and gave it a Drive Letter, But when i use samsungs Data migration program it does not work as my Windows boot drive. Any help is appreciated
  5. Thunder

    Like I had said in my reply to her, I never called him a Hacker, Just called him out of his very questionable actions and as I said in the server to him " Apolo I shot you point blank and you still killed me "you are a sorry sack of shit""
  6. Thunder

    I never called him a HACKER. Please do not put words in my mouth. People get called names everyday, I get called names everyday. You suck it up and deal with it. I will call people on Bullshit when it happens otherwise they get away with stuff and continue to do it more and more unchecked.
  7. Thunder

    So I was just in the server and 4 other players on my team were also saying how this 1 particular player was full of shit, shooting through shit with out having the ability to know where they are. I personally shot Apolo Point blank 3 times and was still killed by him. I proceeded to call him out and in doing so I called him a name "A Sorry sack of shit" and then was told by the admin in the server that was a personal attack and I was had no strikes left ( did not get that fucking Memo ). I said calling someone a name is not a personal attack. Then the Admin who originally on the other team jo
  8. Thunder

    Congrats NG4 Enjoy playing in the server with you
  9. Can't post a recent photo. NASA won't give me access to the Hubble telescope HAHAHAHAHHAHA. !FU ANGUS
  10. Thunder

    That suicide was my brother
  11. Thunder

    For the doubters https://www.gwinnettdailypost.com/local/cities/buford/deceased-man-found-at-buford-house-fire-died-of-self/article_cc4fd1b3-8440-5656-9f02-6fc68616fbbc.html @crimson
  12. Thunder

    cyaaaaaaaaaaaa... no pitty party from me!...u wanna drop ur tags to the greatest gaming clan ever over someone tellin u they dont like u .. then bye felicia.. @FUNky (u know what meme im thinkin of ) but ill see u when u rejoin the clan....fuckin rona got this fucker deep in his feelings peace out



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