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  1. Thunder

    R.I.P My friend No more pain, No More Suffering.
  2. Thunder

    That's a lot of cranking amps. That is an SD70m and 16 cylinders
  3. Thunder

    That sucks You were just playing the other day to on the HKS server, What Happened?
  4. Prayers to You Gump. That same day I am having my Endoscopy to check for cancer. So I will Pray for us both.
  5. Thunder

    Good Job on the server and mod Guys Thank you PS FU Dukoo
  6. Thunder

    ! Fu DUKOO
  7. Thunder

    The Maps in the current rotation are downloading at 12KB
  8. Thunder

    I Like the weapons now just need to get more players
  9. Thunder

    Wait Did I make someone Rage quit the clan ? Is there a Medal for that one ?
  10. Thunder

    OMG when is this shit gonna end? There is always someone who bitches about something in the game. What's next The gun's?
  11. Thunder

    sorry to hear that Boom I know how hard it is to lose someone close to you
  12. I agree I do like stock maps but I think 2 weeks in a row may get a bit old but should still have some thrown in from time to time.