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  1. Good evening or whatever time of day you are reading this if anyone does read this at all. I have been quiet with much silence lately because I am going through a strong time of mental and spiritual warfare. I have strong Christian morals and values that I am working on and trying to figure them out as well as my spot in this crazy world. I don't like pressing my views and beliefs on others as I feel that is not right. There are topics of jokes and conversations that i hear all the time when gaming online in voice with people that make me uncomfortable and it's not just on this server. Due to some of the stuff i am going through, sexual jokes/chats really get to me and bother me and i know i am guilty of taking part in it at times which i am sorry for because i am not representing my faith properly and being who i want to be as a man of God. I have been debating on stepping away from these types of servers so i can focus on myself more. I don't know if i really fit in anywhere with these servers at all. Sorry if i sound like a "snowflake" or "Bible thumper" as i dont mean to. I know many of you have asked what is going on with my silence and this is the best and only way i can communicate it.
  2. maybe he needs a break from the verbal and text harassments and wants to refresh/relax with time away. Yes some of it may be joking but not everyone is built mentally the same way and we dont know his past and how it affects him. Thats why sometimes i just am more quiet at night or dont join TS.
  3. Nycz


    I have the game but only really use it as a warm up for my aim. Might get back into Warzone if anyone wants to squad up, just let me know. My battlenet ID is DidSomething#1669
  4. Lately I have been having issues with tracking players when aiming down site at them and trying to shoot. Is the red dot in Cod 4 zoomed in? In Cod 5 i dont have this issue. Feels like I am holding the gun with straight arms and my aim bounces around. Any ideas or similar situations?
  5. Nycz


    i get that error at times and just have to restart game
  6. now waiting for Elvis to call us brown noseres again
  7. Nycz

    Aim help

    i have the cooler master mm712. i got it sorted out now. fov needed adjusted and fine tune my sens because the sensor of mouse is higher up than normal.
  8. downloading the maps still doesnt fix game crashes for me at least. some of us get an error called "unhandled exception"
  9. Nycz

    Aim help

    i figured it out. Cod5 is limited to a max fov of 80, not sure if thats horizontal or vertical tho. i set it higher in config but too high the game didnt adjust and kept it at 65 which i am not use to with my sens.
  10. i have it through steam and have that option. just make sure you single left click the game first so select it then right click and go to properties. Also this happens to me too and plenty of others.
  11. Nycz

    Aim help

    set to 0 in both games
  12. Nycz

    Aim help

    cod4 or cod5, really any fps game.
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