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  1. Nycz

    Anyone still playing on the Aces CoD 4 server these days or has everyone moved to a different game/ server?
  2. I am an OSF Home Medical Equipment driver. I deliver and pick up medical supplies to/from patient's homes.
  3. I would love to participate and pay my respects.
  4. Nycz

    ok thank you both. And Budman sorry for our past if you remember it at all. Life is hard and people are always learning to grow up, myself included.
  5. Hey all this is Nycz, how do I change my display name on here? I checked in edit profile but don't see an option for it. I have been away because of work, other games and just life in general. I am going to start play some CoD4 again with you all.
  6. Nycz

    oh okay, thanks.
  7. Nycz

    Hey all its Nycz here. I am trying to get back at playing here some more but my game is running at version 1.8 something and server says i need 1.7. I downloaded the files and tried to run it but no luck. What steps are needed to make this work again?
  8. Nycz

    Found this video online when researching hacks so i know what to look out for. Look at the server this person is on.
  9. Nycz


  10. i think i might have got it fixed. It appeared to be some sort of compatibility issue. I ran a few troubleshoots and that seemed to work for now.
  11. Hi I have windows 8.1 but I don't think that is the problem. ALl my other games work fine but when i play Cod4 my brightness settings have randomly stopped working, and my mouse keeps starting out as a normal icon not game icon unless i leave then come back into game. Any ideas on these issues and how to fix them. I have updated drivers and rolled back drivers, factory reset, uninstalled game.......
  12. Nycz

    I personally like the line of M4s, from MW, MW2,MW3, the are very accurate at close and far range has well as nice damage with good rate of fire.
  13. Nycz

    Hello I have been playind on the Cod 4 server for a few months now, and I have seen many guns used on here and other Cod games. My questions/ discussion is which weapon(gun,knife,claymore....) do you think is the best and why? This is for all the Cod games not just Cod 4.
  14. I feel fine, I think I may go for a walk.

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