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  1. Sounds good!! Can't wait to play you all again. It's been too long.
  2. I would say look at the direct x drivers from your original CD. Or update your graphics card drivers. Email me [email protected] i'll have a look with you if you like over teamviewer. Thanks! Fancytricks
  3. Happy to do a teamviewer session with anyone to fix this issue. It’s super easy to sort. Think it’s option while opening the game and set it to windowed mode. Then when you open next you can see the control panel to enable the mic sound. Email me [email protected]
  4. Awesome to see the XI family get together in the last few days! Big up to you Male, you will be missed, but I can still hear that laugh on the servers after we tripped all those clays... Take care all.
  5. Make sure too that you’re on 12.14.1 too. Happy to do a teamviewer with you to have a look. I’m sure it’s something simple. Email ne on [email protected]
  6. Might be a silly question. But have you made sure mic is on in game?
  7. Ok so you can thank me later.. So while holding Command + Option open Call of duty. Then remove option full screen. Then you will be promoted to allow the mic. Hit ok to that. See this in here now, start the banter. Step 3, send beer
  8. Yeah high ping and slow connection might be a factor. I constantly run at the best 220ping as that is the Min ping speed between US and NZ. https://wondernetwork.com/pings Although I have a 1gbs fibre speed up and down so it doesn't papacy load time or latency too much. Ping is an old way to judge the connection speeds. Some have 10/20ms pings but 2mbs connections.
  9. Yeah i'm the same, deleted it, manually downloaded it and replaced it.. it gets to 225% downloaded every time. Then tries to re-download in a loop. Just an update, i managed to find another copy here which actually worked https://www.1tob.com/dl/cod4_rg/usermaps/mp_streetsofacc/ download all the files and replace the ones in usermaps.
  10. Hey fucker where you been?

    1. J3st3r


      PingLo AKA Yaccster Misses you

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