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    Collecting arrowheads and Indian artifacts.. softball... bowling.. riding my quad and motorcycles... :) Playing computer games... playing COD with my XI Friends :) Love the Beach !!!!

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  1. CrazyGirl

    Welcome .. will be shooting you soon …
  2. CrazyGirl

    I work for Molson Coors Brewing Co .... been there for 35 years and plan on retiring in 7 days !!!!
  3. CrazyGirl

    Welcome Back !!!
  4. I actually think we should at least give the best 3 out of 5 rounds a try at 7 mins and make our choice from there...it seems not as many players are coming into the server now.. .not sure if is a coincidence or not...at least some will have the chance to get at least 1 kill...lol just my 2 cents
  5. CrazyGirl

    Welcome Froggy !!!!
  6. CrazyGirl

    SHHHH you are not suppose to tell that story....LOL
  7. CrazyGirl

    I think working at a beer company looks more fun !!!! LOL
  8. CrazyGirl

    RIP 7 Toes ... Prayers to his family and friends
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