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    Collecting arrowheads and Indian artifacts.. softball... bowling.. riding my quad and motorcycles... :) Playing computer games... playing COD with my XI Friends :)

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  1. CrazyGirl

    Awww I want the Ass.... I mean Donkey one...lol.. I will be coming to XIfest .... 😀
  2. CrazyGirl

    I will stick with my Toyota's ...sorry..... !!!!! But nice truck !!!
  3. CrazyGirl

    Awwww she is a very cute doggie!!!!!
  4. CrazyGirl

    Welcome Adalya!!!
  5. CrazyGirl

    Wow... I am glad she is ok !!!!!
  6. Happy Birthday Betty.... sorry I won't be in to stab you tonight..have to work.. but I will be there tomorrow night... Hope you have a great day !!!!!

  7. CrazyGirl

    Thanks all !!!!
  8. CrazyGirl

    Couldn't see it on my work computer..but I see it on my home one ....lol
  9. CrazyGirl

    Well dang.. mine is gone :(
  10. CrazyGirl

    Killer Kitty.. I think I still have mine... you did mine :)
  11. CrazyGirl

    Welcome to >XI< !!!
  12. CrazyGirl

    So sorry for your loss
  13. CrazyGirl

    Happy Birthday Gator Girl !!!!
  14. Meeting XI Raisin tonight :)

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    2. Elvis9


      don't forget to take a pic

    3. KaptCrunch


      in california    lol    

      enjoy the  meet  up   leave  Dallas @  home  for rasin my bolt of the sight  of great mass power,    j.k  bigboy   

    4. GuNFire


      Wow, I just realized that we have the same birthdays.

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